Hermana Courtney Haight is currently serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

Saturday, January 23, 2016


December 21, 2015


Hermana Prestwich

During divisions we challenged the girl in the middle to be baptized and she accepted!!

also had divisiones with a new missionary from Oregon, so she still has PB and was willing to share

these aren`t very good representation, but TIGRE

everyone in Argentina does this with their hands

We did divisions with Hermana Green (we were in the MTC together!)

I love the buses here! my companion and two members who went to the choir performance

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


December 14, 2015

our hermanas bought us bracelets because we´re their sister leaders. how cute! 
I never did anything like that for my leaders

My cute companion

Here I am. Count Dracula. I didn´t know this foto was going to turn out so creepy. but okay. I have never seen so many baby animals in my life: they¨re super cute: lots of little kitties and puppies.

wittle kitty :) awwww


December 14, 2015

It doesn`t feel like Christmas at all. because its like 90 degrees and super humid. But I guess that`s a good thing right, because I`m not homesick in the slightest. AND HOW CAN YOU BE WHEN YOU ARE LIVING IN TIGRE?! remember when i had farm dreams? They`ve come true! ahh, I need to take some pictures and send them because its totally awesome here!

Ah this week was AWESOME. and sooooo so so hot. Its like you`re sweating at 8AM, but i´m getting a really nice farmers tan to complete the farm dreams :) We had a meeting with President Ayre, stake President, and the zone leaders Thursday. Its fantastic to work so closely with Presidente. He is IMPRESSIVE. very powerful and important, but so humble and is worried about every little missionary. 

a crazy story-- this week we recieved a reference and went to their house to contact them. and here in provincia there are ditches where all the rain water collects and there are like tadpoles, and human waste, and beer bottles and all sorts of other stuff in there. but they`re pretty nasty. ANYWAY we asked for the person we were looking for and they said no and they were leaving but just then my companion was walking backwards and STEPPED IN THE SANJA!! noooooooooo. and it was deep too. up to her knee. and the guy was like "OH No! MOOOOOOOM! Help this girl! she stepped in the sanja!" so out came the mom and she put my companion´s shoe in the washer and squirted off her leg, and we got to talking. they were very friendly, and we watched the video about A savior is born, and they said they would come to church!!! 

I love you! don´t eat all the peppermint whipped cream, or whatever it is that you`re making.Tell Pres Carmack thanks for the letter! and we´re giong to talk with a family in the ward to find out what time we will be calling. But write some good questions of what you want to know. Oh, and send me your skype name too in case I forget! and yeah.