Hermana Courtney Haight is currently serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

Friday, August 19, 2016

Last Week

August 17, 2016

Well, this is it.

The last letter. as Hermana Haight in Buenos Aires.The last week being an official representative of the Iglesia de JesuCristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Días. Of having the mantel, having the purpose, the power and authority to baptize. I remember a year ago showering in a cold bucket of water in winter and thinking about wanting so bad to be home. Now I think about home, but I don`t want to go. haha Its funny how time goes by so fast. And weird how much we can change and learn.Y bueno. You will just see for yourselves the changes in me. God has been so merciful. So paciente with me. 

THE MIRACLES CONTINUE. Etson is going to be baptized Saturday!! We also have a baptismal date for the Family Alvarez! (the mom is less active, her husband and three kids aren`t members) two of them are preparing for the 3 of September. Also there are two more señoras who aren`t married but came to church. THEY LOVED IT. one of them said next week she is going to bring her boyfriend and their 13 year old son. The other lady brought her 10yr son who LOVES PRIMARY. Miguel is a really tough one though. He came to church sunday and already has all the lessons and all the attendance and his whole family is members, but he just doesn`t want to put a date.

BUT THERE IS SO MUCH HAPPENING, we are sooooo busy, I LOVE IT. I know that Chacabuco is about to explode with a ton of baptisms! i`m so excited.

Etson told us last week "I don`t have a goal. my brother wanted to be on the soccer team of some club, and he got in. My dad had a goal to work for some company and he did it." and so we told him the best goal he could put would be an eternal family in the temple and teach his children the gospel.    Then Sunday at church we were with the other youth (his church friends) and I asked etson "did you already tell them?" "about what?"  "the decision that you made!" I said (thinking about baptism Saturday).  and he said "Oh, yes. I decided that I want to become an hermano and go the temple and have a family and follow God."   AWWWWWWWW. and the other YSA were like "wow. thats a great goal" it was so sweet.

Y así es. Anyway. Its been a real adventura. I love Argentina. I love not eating vegetables. haha. I love dog poop in every block and the camping bathrooms. I love that everyone tells us not to be out this hour because its dangerous. I love the people. I love the loving culture and the feeling a family. That when you get to church you go to every single person and give them a kiss. Ï love the Gospel. and how it works for everyone! I love my God and my Savior and everything they have done for me. Estamos en la verdad, y cada día me confirme más esto. Yo sé todo eso y estoy animada verles pronto :)

Con mucho amor
Hermana Haight


Monday, August 8, 2016

Work Work Work till the END

August 8, 2016

Yes. the mission is coming to a close. but we are still seeing  soooooo many miracles. Just last night we were waiting for a member whowas making visits with because he needed to grab something from his house (we didn`t know what)

I don`t know why but we told him we would wait in the corner. as we were there, a smoking homeless person that kept looking at us so I decided to cross the street. i looked at the house and remembered about a month ago a member told us her mom Ana (also member was living here) so we started to call her name (because they don`t have doorbells or anything). and a young lady came down and said äre youlooking for me?¨ I said no, we`re looking for Ana. it turns out that Ana is her mom and she is also named Ana. and She was the one who introduced her mom and sister to the church (members) but she never got baptized because she wasn`t married. Now she has been separated about a year and has a 9 year old son. and We are going to help her move rigth now in like 10 minutes.

If Christ hadn`t endured to the end everything that he did would have been invalid, in vain. Everything that I teach to my converts is to be obedient until the end!

I don`t want to leave. of course not. but I am so incredibly grateful that I could even come here. that God could trust me so much to represent Him. to help others. He has blessed me so much with the best companion ever, best zone ever, and the best ward. and miracles everyday. Honestly I could not possible ask for more.

the zone. LAST ZONE MEETING :´(

big old blood blister that I had in divisions!! noooooo.
but a member popped it with a pin and now its all better

Hermana Urruchua
de Argentina!

divisiones con Hermana Vallejos tambien
de chile

Pday fun!

we rented bike things with the zone.
sosososo fun.
its HERMANA COLLADO´S birthday

The Work of the Lord Never Stops

August 1, 2016

THIS WEEK WAS SO full of miracles.

So much funny stuff too.
So, we were in the house of a member. and she asks Do you like drinkable yogurt_ and we say YES OF COURSE. so she pours us to great big glasses and puts them in front of us.  Ohh how delicious.. -I take a swig- and think it tastes kind of weird.. I think its gone bad and put it down on the table. hahahah meanwhile my companion is chugging away. she takes another gulp and then the member says HERMANAS DON`T DRINK THAT. My companion says Too late. She looks at the date: July 3. hahahaha. hermana collado already finished half the glass. and she said I was wondering what flavor it was.. hahahahahhahaha. we had a great laugh. Her stomach hurt the next day, but now its fine.

I don`t know if I told you guys about Yenica. She is an eternal investigator that doesn`t keep her commitments. But is such a great person and her sister is member and reactivated recently. Since december the hermanas have been visiting her off and on. We watched the Joseph Smith video with their two families and almost everyone was crying and Yenica said ´I would like to be able to believe this`. BELIEVE IT. and I thought well, I don`t know what else we could possibly do. so we said okay let her go. Thats the back story. and anyway sunday SHE COMES WALTZIN ON IN THE SACRAMENT MEETING WITH HER NINE YEAR OLD SON. whaaaaaaaat. This is the first time she has ever come to church. what a MIRACLE.

Also, a member brought her cousin and we got to ride in the back of the truck of the stake patriarch, who brought us, the member, the cousin, and another investigator to church and his wife and daughter in law. woo hoo.

It was raining a ton, and in lunch my companion starting raising her arms like the conductor of the choir when its starts getting louder. and it STARTED RAINING EVEN HARDER. ahahah. we told her STOP nooo. there`s lightning too. the members are like satan they all want us to stay inside and not do missionary work. but we told them NO. THE WORK OF THE LORD NEVER STOPS.

anyway. Love you guys lots.
Nos veremos pronto
Hermana Haight

and the district



Inline image 1

July 25, 2016

 This week has been so milagrosa! honestly it was a little bit hard. We were tried and tested, and there was a big temptation to get discouraged when we couldn`t see Claudio (I) at all this week because his mom (MA) doesn`t want him to get confused, so she doesn`t want him to listen to us. One night at 8:40 I was feeling a bit of frustration because nothing was working out. I told my companion how I felt and she said she felt the same and suggested that we say a prayer. Claudio came to both our minds. so we decided to go with the little time left of the day. IT WAS A MIRACLE. HIS MOM ANSWERED THE DOOR. In all my time in Chacabuco I have never met his mom. and the next day Claudio came to church with his sister. He is really excited and he is going to ask his mom if he can listen to us, now that she knows us it will be a lot better I hope.

We visited a less active family this week. The dad was in the Bishopric in Paraguay but they inactivated. He came to church sunday with his family!!!!!! he asked us who the bishop was, and when we pointed him out, he went up to introduce himself and said "I would love to have an interview with you!" It made me sooooooo happy to hear that.

Other super miracle, NELCY and her son EMANUEL came to church! earlier this week she refused to sign the permission form so that her son could be baptized (her older son is member but she isn`t, neither the younger). She told us that the church is boring. But when she came yesterday she LOVED IT. she said she especially liked the music and that they are coming back next week. WOWOWOW!!!!!!!

God is so merciful! I can`t believe all the miracles we are seeing. He is preparing so many people!

el obelisco!
Hermana Collado is so funny! she opened the door to our apartment building and there was a girl walking by and she thought that she was going to enter. so she asked "Do you want to go in?" and the lady said no, and kept walking.
hahahah I was laughing so much that she is invited random people from the street in our apartment

Stand In Holy Places

July 18, 2016

wow. I cannot even imagine swimming right now. I am so dang cold. Even right now in the little internet place my hands are so cold.
my companion is so cool. I love her. Shes sooooooo funny. we are just laughing all the time, and she has so much faith. we`ve seen so many miracles this week! In the nights its hard to sleep on time because we just talk alllllllllll night long.
weird things happen too. Just yesterday there was a couple who where yelling at each other in the street (like they do in the dramatic latino TV shows) and the lady yelled "NO I`M NOT GOING WITH YOU" and left her baby in the stroller right there on the sidewalk of a big street and starting running away. and this guy was like "Look at the way she treats my baby! Shes crazy. Can you take care of the baby?" and he ran across the street after her. they were like "YOU ALWAYS DO THIS" and well she wasn`t running very fast so he caught up to her. and grabbed her jacket, and she was screaming and took her jacket off. There were a ton of people there too. and they started yelling "LEAVE HER ALONE" and anyway, then the bus came so I didn`t get to see the end! but that was exciting and weird. The people these days..
Then we got off the bus and we going to the lunch appointment and there was a youth sitting on the curb, crying. It was right in the entrance of the villa (dangerous part of town). And I saw him, and I just couldn`t leave. and when we went over to talk to him he was crying really hard and like desperate. His hands were shaking so much, he didn`t have control (drugs). He told us he didn`t want to live. When we stopped other people started to come and said "what, did he get robbed?" or "Did he come from the villa?" all these things that happen all too frequently and that is the first thing that they think.
a couple weeks ago, an investigator came to church (not in my ward) and stayed the three hours and after everyone left pulled out a gun and robbed the bishop.
now that I write this it seems kinda bad. but the point I want to make is that the world is sick. There are so much things that shouldn`t be happening. Satan has great power over the children of men. Where can one find refuge?
I also saw a police man beat up a homeless man for no evident reason. Is there a safe place in the world?
We talk to these people all day long and they are scared, they see the world as bad, they don`t want these things to happen. And we have the answer. Stand in Holy places! Establish Zion in your home and in your heart! Repent and find relief in the promises of the Lord. He will never leave you alone. It doesn`t have to be like this.
I just wish they could see that..

Anyway, don`t worry about my safety. if anything you can pray for the Elders. haha. but we have a ton of possibilities! One is 15 year old Claudio, his older sister (24) is super activa and other familiares are members too. It was really such a miracle! Saturday night the last hour of the day and we didn`t know where to go. But the Lord led us to CLAUDIO. His older sister has been really aprehensive because she always tells us that her parents don`t like it. But as we were talking to them in the door, the dad came back from walking the dog and said "Why don`t you let them come in? Its cold outside!!" YESSSSSS. so we were able to teach lesson 1. It was fantastic, with a kneeling prayer in the end. Claudio came to church the next day and even stayed for the baptism after the meetings! He`s pretty shy but he said that he liked it. We are going to see if we can have the chance to talk to his mom this week.

my beautiful companion!

Sweet News

July 17, 2016

We ran into your daughters at church today. We are picking up our son and met them. They look happy and healthy. It is the two of them and my wife the redhead. 

Brigham Wilcox

The Bomba

July 12, 2016

Well, Hermana Gonzalez is off to Perú.

This week was so great. We discovered a new game its called "THE BOMBA" Little Gabriel showed us. its basically like hot potato, and you count backwards from 10, and whoever has the ball of socks when we reach 0 loses. So we have been playing it in almost all of our appointments now. and it is magical! there was a family of members that didn´t really like the missionaries so much and we played it with them and THEY TOTALLY LOVED IT. and there is another family that has a son who isn´t baptized and when we played the bomba with them the kids loved it.  it was so funny.

Sunday we had four people who were coming to church. and in the morning we went to their houses and one by one they all canceled, or weren´t home! and I thought nooooooo! so I said a prayer telling God that I just wanted to help the people who needed help right now. When we showed up to church, there was a man who came all by himself that the members (who are so awesome) already taught lesson 1 and gave him a baptismal date! WHAT A MIRACLE.

ohh. another miracle. so the familia Suarez came from Perú two months ago. and Harold the 13year old son loves cats, but he had to leave his cats in Perú. we asked his mom if we could give them a cat. she said yes. and just yesterday we were visiting a part member family who the 9 year old son is SO EXCITED. (i don´t look to baptize only the niños, but this is God´s work and whatever He needs we will do) and right then the family was trying to return a two month old kitten, that they couldn´t keep anymore. So we were able to teach  A GREAT lesson with them, they committed to come to church Sunday, and they gave us the kitten. We named it Moroni and gave it to Harold. i´ll send you some pictures

i´m so excited for this transfer with Hermana Collado! I know that the Lord has so many things prepared for us! I love Chacabuco. and I love the mission!

Keep hanging in there. I admire each one of you. I know that God has a plan. He tries our faith, but in Conference they said that in the end everything works out. and if he isn´t working out it´s because it´s not the end yet.

I love you
Hermana Haight


This is the first day of my LAST TRANSFER. AHHHH.
42 days left of mission.
MY COMPANION IS FROM SPAIN. HERMANA COLLADO. she is totally great. with a ton of energy and super funny. Honestly, its a tender mercy from God,I had been praying alot for my next companion.

Mi nueva compi
Hermana Collado
tiene 9 meses en la misión. (she came with Hermana Ritchie from the MTC)
is super fun, and energetic! and is going to be a great sister training leader!

Awwww, goodbye to Hermana Carter! A great missionary
She told me she is coming to my homecoming!

Mosiah 18:10

July 4, 2016

Last Week with Presidente Ayre

June 27, 2016

Little Gabriel!

The trio!
Divisions with Parque Patricios

This was the last week of Presidente Ayre!!! tomorrow comes Presidente Smith!