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Saturday, October 31, 2015


horse in the street. no big deal.
its actually pretty common to see

Hermana Ritchie <3<3<3
De Argentina!!

we went to the temple because my companion didn't have her endowment


God Works Miracles

October 26, 2015

THIS WEEK was great. so many lessons. two baptisms! finally!! and 6 investigators in the church.

AWWWWWW, it melts my heart that you are praying for the investigators. I love them so much.  OKAY I´LL GIVE YOU THE UPDATE

Greimy (22) - se bautizó!!!!! it was so beautiful. Her brother and sister in law are less actives and they came. and they were all so so happy. and Diego, oh man I was so worried about him, but he passed the interview and se bautizó también! 

Gaston Orozco (19) - He is reading the book of mormon. We taught him Word of Wisdom, no problems. and we brought a recently returned missionary (21) and they became good friends. Gaston played soccer with the young adults. the bishop sent him a text message and asked him if he could play the piano Sunday. and the bishop is going to his house to visit him this Wednesday. We gave him a himnario so he can start practicing. and he came to church Sunday and stayed for the other baptisms. We asked him if he was going to be baptized next sunday and he said no. that he wants to wait until december.  and I told him that we don´t pressure people who aren´t ready to be baptized. but I know that he is prepared. I have prayed about it, about him and about his date. because if it is not the will of God I´m not going to do it. But that I have felt strongly that he is already keeping the commandments, and willing to take upon the name of Christ and that this sunday is right. I asked if he felt like he was prepared to be baptized and he said yes. so we said "pray about this sunday." and he said he would. so yeah, I´m praying that he recieves his answer.

Javier and his cousin who is member fasted together that his mom would soften her heart. and he told us that he thinks she is starting to change!!

We met another kid Nicolas (14) but he is so dang smart and responsible. Seems like he is 23. he came to the appointment right on time, and called us and is very professional. We taught him the restauracion and he understood everything. It was in the house of a family of members. and he accepted bautismal, but not a specific date. We invited him to church and he said that he can´t go. But we explained imagine your life with the help of God who knows everything, is all powerful, and can guide you for the best path possible. Because alone, you can learn alot have a lot of success and be happy. But God knows what is best. and we invited him to try it and see if what we said was true, so he said "okay, i´ll go Sunday" YEAH!!!! and he came and he LOVE LOVE LOVED IT. got a long with the youth. he said he had to leave early but stayed the whole time!

We are working with a lot of youth. because the majority of the referrals come from the youth. the majority of people who do missionary work is the youth. But this week I really want to find a family, or people older and more mature that can be a real strength for the ward in Versalles. I love the people here so much. I love being a missionary. I know that God works miracles. and I am so proud of my family that all you are such strong faithful disciples.

Keep it up <3<3
Hermana Haight

Thursday, October 22, 2015


October 20, 2015

members from boliva. its a tradition the day of transfers that the missionaries go to their house for breakfast.

mucha lluvia

i´m going to miss her

this is for Jordan.


October, 20, 2015

THIS WEEK WAS AMAZING. wowowowowowow. Sunday was incredible. How great that you too had a good sunday. Wow. the release!! but you have Kim to keep you busy!

but wow. Our investigator gaston (19 años, futuro misionero de verdad!!) has been reading a lot of the book of Mormon. He was a referencia from a member of otro barrio. But he had a lot of doubts. he wasn´t so sure about the fecha bautismal for 1 nov. and he didn´t accept another appoint until saturday, so we were doubting too. but Saturday we had an amazing lesson about the plan de salvacion. He never knew his father, and we asked him "why did God let you grow up without a father?" and he said "I always ask myself that". it was a question very inspired! and we said we´re going to teach the plan de salv. and we want you to think about that question. and after he was able to understand that trials help us grow and be humble and that God never gives us what we 
can´t handle, but gives us what we need to reach the celestial kingdom. In his closing prayer he said "bless the hermanas because the message they carry is the most important thing in this world". He came to church Sunday and really got along with all the members. The bishop normally plays the piano and when he found out that Gaston plays too, he said WOW, we really need you! and I know this helped Gaston feel part of the ward and useful, and he loves playing the piano and wanted to learn the hymns. AND AFTER there was a baptismal service that he stayed and watched. He loved it. he said "I almost want to be baptized today!"

We hadn´t seen the other gaston this whole week because he went on vacation. but yesterday we ran into him in the street and he said "i´m reading the Book of Mormon and yesterday I went to church with my mother-in-law during vacation. and I want to be baptized before the end of this year" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo.

Greimy didn´t come to church Sunday!!!! nooooo. her aunt doesn´t like the church and has been saying stuff to her about tithing and Joseph Smith to make her doubt. and Saturday she went out with her Aunt until 3am and didn´t wake up for church. Her baptism is this sunday, but she really needs your prayers!

Javier! un chico de 16 años. and he has been progressing so much. He wanted to hear the voice of the Lord and so I looked up all the scriptures that talk about the voice of the Lord and a question for every scripture. He loved it! and he drew a chart for hermanas and Javier, and he gets a point if he reads the boM and we get a point if he doesn´t. and he came up with the idea himself!! hahaha. He wants to be baptized. But we talked to his mom and she said not until he´s 18. but he came to church after that and stayed for the baptismal service and someone sang (oh how lovely was the morning... to the tune of come thou fount) it was so beautiful. and Javier said "hermana I felt something very strong in my heart when she was singing." and he said "I feel like I am coming closer to God everyday!"  man. I love this kid so much. I want him to be baptized so bad. and he´s ready. but His mom won´t give permission. We have fasted and prayed and talked to her, and she really really likes us. but says he shouldn´t take a decision really fast and later change his mind. Please pray for him.

Diego also has a baptismal date for this sunday. And we recieved another reference from a member who is so excited she said "Baptize him!! My first convert!!!"  Oh, and also someone else brought a friend to church!! YEAHHH.

Also! I am going to train. I think its because God wants me to keep learning the basics because I didn´t learn enough when I was in training. But there is one from spain, mexico, 2 from the states, 2 argentines. We´ll see!

I love Argentina. I love the mission. I love my Savior. and this Gospel is true. Makes people happier than any other thing!

Pray for our investigators! and Share the gospel!!
<3<3Hermana Haight

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


we wrote a little note for the son of Gaston

this is the front side

This is our messy desk so you can imagine my life a little better

I love Hermana Da Silva so much. she is the best of the best.

she's so funny!

 bathroom selfies in the church

Hermana Da Silva decorated her scripture covers with a picture of me hahaha

A cute little grandma that speaks perfect english with a british accent.


I am going to start training a new missionary next week. It´s very humbling to be chosen as a trainer. and honestly I LOVE it. The new missionaries are so fun and learn so fast, and have such faith.

This week has been probably the best week of my entire mission. We have a goal to baptize 1600 in the year 2015. And this past weekend we fasted as a mission to reach the goal. and there were so many miracles. 5 investigators that we weren't expecting and had never met before came to the church. Gracias a los miembros! the members brought their friends which makes them so much more receptive when they have a friend that is bringing them the gospel. 

But we saw the power of God manifested. 
We had an investigator Greimy. and she is wayyyyyyyy prepared to hear the gospel. her brother and his wife are members. and she just came to Argentina last monday from Peru. and she left her one year old baby with her mom there so she could come here to work and study. But she misses them so much! She's incredible, accepts EVERYTHING. reads Book of Mormon and she is really smart, understands the leccions very well. and is a great miracle. and Sunday we went by her house to bring her to church. BUT NO ONE ANSWERed. and we thought, no no nonononononono! and we rang the door bell 150 times. and we said a prayer and rang again. nothing. we woke her neighbors up and asked if they could go get her but they didn't help us at all. and Finally we went to church. I thought I´m not going to church without bringing someone (and i invited a Jehovas Witness but nothing) after we took the sacrament, we decided to go to her house again. (we called too but her phone was off). I thought man! she's sleeping! and we rang the door bell. and her mother-in-law answered and told us that she left. we said "Where did she go?!" "to church"     "..huh?"

and we found out that she went to another building! and the missionaries of that ward called us and told us that our investigator was confused and came to their ward. hahaha. phewwwwww.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Mis brazilian babies

Having Order

Wednesday night we were going to do an activity in Mutual for the youth but last minute they canceled on us at (6pm!!) I was like what the heckkkk we already bought the balloons to fill the baptismal font. But ok, Because we had time we called a member who we passed earlier in the week and said she would love to accompany us when we teach. Then we called Gaston. Gaston was a referencia with a very complicated schedule so we hadn´t had a chance to teach him. His wife was member but passed away 5 months ago leaving him to raise Ciro (5) all alone. After his wife passed away he had to change his job to spend more time with Ciro, start cooking, and ironing, and doing everything mom-y by himself! and now that list includes driving Ciro to his appointments with the psychologist for the passing away of Andrea. But we had an opening in our plans so we tried our luck with Gaston. 

I know it was inspiried because he was free! and we had a member to enter his house, and everything about the appointment was so perfect. Gaston is a very humble man who loved his wife dearly. Their house is filled to the max with pictures of them together from wedding, vacations, and with Ciro. He is trying to be so strong for his son but it´s hard for both of them. We shared about how one day they are going to be reunited. and he is going to hold her in his arms and telling her everything that she missed about Ciro growing up and he started to cry. He came to the conference yesterday, and i´ve never seen anyone pay so much attention. His son is crazy and can´t sit still but luckily my companion drew some pictures that he could color in. but he finished coloring everything we prepared for him before the opening prayer and so the rest of the conference we were trying to draw pictures faster than he could color them in. But his dad was glued to the screen. and after he met the counselor of the bishop and a returned missionary and they really got along fantastically. The zone leaders had a baptism in between the conferences and Gaston stayed and watched. He said now he has more desire to be baptized! As we were leaving my companion said to him "you´re wife is so proud of what you are doing" and he began to cry and said "I know she is". WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW QUE BUENO. estamos muy muy felices. Gracias a nuestro Padre Celestial.

I have really been learning to appreciate having order. Before as a young single adult you just do whatever you want whenever you want. (or wait for you mom to do it) But I am starting to learn to appreciate cooking, cleaning, planning things out. God is a god of order and it makes you feel so much more relaxed when you think ahead for the little details.

Ahhh something funny! we were looking for a old investigator and we knocked on the door but there was just a little 4 year old girl in the entryway that was talking to us. we waited a bit to see if Ramon was going to come, but nothing. my companion asked the little 4 yearold girl "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone who has the authority of God?" really really fast in Spanish. and this little girl said "But I don´t speak english!"
Anyway. The mission is awesome. I´m so grateful that God loves us enough to care about our eternal progression than making us happy in the moment.

<3<3Hermana Haight

I did my scripture of the week too!! its about working hard and never stopping Moroni 9:6
 Conference was fabulous. I just leave wanting to be a much better person.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Look for the Good!

September 28, 2015

WOW. we just watched the women´s conference! it was amazing! I felt like a major theme in the conference was happiness. Even with the dificulties of life learning how to see the positive in everything like the grandma rosa. And they don't say that they lived happily ever after in the secound act! it{s not until the third. 
This time is the time of trial and we are being tested but we need to look for the good! It hit me that my companions from Brasil really have been fabulous examples of this. They have taught me so much about being happy in any situation.

We have to go now. sorry we don't have time to write

but this week we had Beatriz in church!!! she isn't married but her boyfriend is a member and I reallly hope that they can progress!

please pray for us :) you guys are the best and have so much faith.


September 21, 2015

The Youth Challenge.

Hermana Jacques made an ayuno sign to put on the kitchen door to remind us. and after we had a candle lit break-the-fast

Actividad hna Discacciati y Sanchez
last p day we cooked beans from brasil and I made cookies with the pres. RS

Happy is a Choice

September 21, 2015

WOOHOO. this week was awesome! I am absolutely loving Hermana Da Silva. She is so positive and supportive and we have the same vision which makes everything great!. not to mention she always has jokes. I call her Hermana da chiste. oh, btw she has two last names and she bought two placques that say Jacques, but she lost them both in one day. I don´t know how. so now she is hermana da silva.

We worked really hard this week. a lot of appointments! and also we met with the Presidents of young men and women, and later the bishop. We really want to work with the members a lot.and we had 4 investigators that were set to come to church. We went early Sunday for ward counsel and introduced our idea to do an activity about how to do missionary work as a ward. They agreed and gave us the ok!! and we left to look for our investigators! BUT NO ONE CAME. and we were fasting that day too. and we went to church sad and took the sacrament (which I really needed this week). and I was really thinking about a talk the sister trainer leaders printed out for us about being a consecrated missionary. and the talk says that A consecrated missionary has a smile 24/7. Never is sad because Jesus has overcome the world. Knows that God has a plan, and is here to take whatever it is that God gives them to do. and i thought about that and thought YEAHHH! I looked at my companion and said "We going to go look for more investigators!" so we left sacrament meeting and passed by for some more people that said they would go. but still NO ONE. and we were walking back to church hungry (ayuno) and tired (early meetings) and then A BIRD POOPED ON ME. but you know what. I was happy. I knew that I was doing what the Lord asked of me. Of course I wanted these people to come to church, but I didn´t come to Argentina to do what I want. I came to be an instrument in the hands of God. The gospel is true, and I am choosing to have faith unbreakable! When I think that I am doing the will of God it gives me more motivation to keep going!

But we got back to church and went to YMYW and introduced the competition of who can invite more friends. Then in primary they had us come in and teach how to sing I am a Child of God in english and portugués. it was so fun, the kids are so cute.

OHHHHHHHHHH i almost forgot the miracle part. hahah. while we were working sunday in the afternoon we got a phone call from a member. He said that he knows someone that wants to take the lessons! The wife of the referal was member and his kids are too, and recently his wife passed away and so he is a lot more prepared and ready to listen. I was soooooo happy. and I felt like everything was worth it!

Anyway. I love you all. Stay firm. Have faith unbreakable! because honestly being happy is a choice. you don´t have to let bad things give you a bad attitude. I know that God loves us so much.

<3<3Hermana Haight

Argentina is great. I decided i´m going to visit Brasil. Hermana Jacques and Ramos live in the same city!


September 14, 2015

Corelation Meeting! held in McDonalds (in Congreso)

Herman Jacques made this thing from brasil. it was good

The members here are so great! we told everyone we wanted to baptize 20 this transfer and that we REALLY NEED THEIR HELP, because we can´t do it alone. and they´re all super excited

hahahahhaha. we were searching for people to be baptized :) and looking for old investigators, and I went up and was knocking on the door, and I turned around and Hermana Jacques was looking in the garbage! 
what the heckkkkk

She is good at taking random pictures, too!

Hermana Jacques

September 14, 2015

Hermana Jacques is totally crazy. But the good kind of crazy. And we get along fabulously, honestly i´ve never felt so much unity. She is absolutely hilarious and she has gives such life to the missionary work. She is super focused, and an incredible teacher (which is amazing because she only has one transfer in the mission). But together we are so so good at gaining the confidence of the people.

She is BOLD. way bold. super direct. We went to teach a lesson to a recent convert, but it was her birthday and alll of the family was gathered together for cake. It was like our family reunions but they´re not members. and hermana Jacques asked the member if we could talk to all the family and that we had a message for them. WOW. honestly if she wasn´t my companion I would have never done it, but they gathered up all the family (the room was full) and we talked about how it feels so good to see your family after a long time and that God doesn´t want us to make these relationships here on Earth and then end when we die.

For excercise in the mornings it always turns into a dance party. Oh but also I taught her yoga, and we do arm exercises with our scriptures as weights.

The biggest problem that we have is that we don´t know the area. We were trying to get to the stake center and taking the buses, but we don´t know where we´re going or the street names, or what is close by, or how to speak Spanish. And we went to take the bus but the bus driver told us that we were going the wrong way and we should get off at the next stop and take a different bus, and everyone like EVERYONE on the bus was all involved in trying to give us directions. But they told us like three different things. but anyway we finally found out where we wanted to go, and the driver told us "chicas! this is your stop" and someone right by the exit started trying to give us directions again and he asked "where do you want to go?" and Hermana Jacques said "I don´t know. I´m going to see" and got off the bus. and it was so funny.

Good-bye Congreso!

September 9, 2015

subway in congreso

The District

Hermana Ramos has beautiful beautiful hair, and she showed me how! we put this cream in our hair and then put plastic bags over


ROSA. and whenever we visit all the kids run to us and say "Hermanita!!"

My last noche de hogar en Congreso!!! <3

Hermana Ramos started to cry when we were saying goodbye. awwwwwww mi corazon. she was the best companion ever. So so sweet, so supportive, so good natured. I am going to miss her so much.

Hermana Jacques

Month of Attendance

September 8, 2015

WOW this week. FULL of miracles. honestly I can´t believe it. oh but transfers!
I´m in VERSALLES now, finishing the training of Hermana JACQUES!!!! wooo hoo. I know its going to be an adventura.

But back in Congreso, Rosa-(foto)- una jovencita con 4 hijos. We have been teaching her and she has been excited to start her life over because she recently moved to congreso, and it is perfect timing to accept the gospel and make some changes in her life. But when we went to the appointment Thursday she forgot that we were coming, didn´t read the book of mormon, and said that she was going to move. and it was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. and I wanted to cry, because I just love this girl so much and I know that the gospel is the best thing she can do for her kids. In her house they don´t even have chairs or a table. Their fruit is on the ground in a corner of her house. and I talked to mission leader and I carried a chair all the way to her house (15 blocks) to give her. So I was pretty heartbroken when I saw she wasn´t going to progress. And we stopped by Saturday to invite her to church but I had already lost hope. Sunday morning we did divisions with some members to pass by for all the people that we arranged to go to church. and no one that I went for could come -.- so we went to the church. it starts at 9:30 and I was looking around to see my companion but she wasn´t there!!! and she only has a month of being missionary and still doesn´t know the area that well and I started to get really nervous at 10am. but after the sacrament she came in with A WHOLE PARADE OF INVESTIGATORS. seriously. Rosa and her four kids came, and two others. In testimony meeting (it was my last sunday) and David went up and talked about his life before and then how two angels came to his house and everything changed when he got baptized. It was so sweet to hear, and Rosa commented about it later when we asked how she felt about baptism. BUT ROSA LOVED LOVED THE CHURCH. her kids LOVED primary. and in Relief Society they talked about how to raise kids and all about the family and she really liked it. When we visited her monday she said "we´re going to go every sunday" and she was sooooooooooooooooo happy. She found a job and her kids were really well behaved, and just so many blessings after going to the church. She was so happy. Seriously you should have seen the light, and it was so different than the depression before. We set another appointment and she said that she is going to cook dinner (peruvian food!!!!) for the appoinment. We told her that we´re going to bring a table to her apartment because some members have been looking for furniture for her! I´M SO HAPPY. but a little sad that I can´t watch her get baptized (or eat her cooking haha). But seriously, I totally thought she was a lost cause, but the church changed everything.

September is month of attendence! and we are really trying to focus on getting people to church!
in relief society people kept pulling us out because more investigators arrived and were looking for us. it happened twice. AND ANOTHER investigator came with a menos activa and I didn´t even know that she came until after the three hours of church! we had a ton a people!  Melody-the convert has had such fire. two weeks ago she brought a friend to church. and this week she brought two different friends. I´m hoping that next week she´ll bring three haha!

Crazy story---- we went to the farewell of the missionaries, but its about an hour and a half by train, so the last day of transfers you can get back to the apartment later, because it takes time to travel from the despedida. and we went it was great, I always cry because I think about the end of the mission and don´t want to leave. But anyway we got back to the apartment at like 10:30. and super tired we went to sleep. BUT I TOTALLY FORGOT TO SEND THE MESSAGE THAT WE GOT HOME TO THE LIDER DE DISTRICTO. because it wasn´t a normal night, so it slipped my mind. and we went to sleep. but I couldn´t sleep. I was tossing and turning. but I couldn´t fall asleep. and I thought "Why can´t I sleep?" and I heard the door bell buzz. and I thought "what in the world..? who is ringing the doorbell at this hour?" and my first thought was this crazy investigator that we met and I got scared that he knows where we live. and I thought I´m not going to answer. and then I heard very faintly the cellphone vibrating in the other room. and I realized that we had left it on the kitchen table. and I went to see what was up. it was 12am. and we had 40 MISSED CALLS AND A MILLION MESSAGES. from the bishop, from all the members, mission leader, converts, from our leaders de zona, district, the other hermanas. and I thought NOOOOO I FORGOT TO SEND THAT WE GOT HOME. everyone thought that something had happened and were crazyyyy. the bishop was outside ringing our doorbell at midnight to see if we were okay. and I felt so bad. but its good to know that we have tight security here. But it was a miracle that I couldn´t sleep because I would have never heard the doorbell or the phone vibrating.

Hermana Jacques-My new companion. I´m going to finish her training. Man, I've heard such CRAZY CRAZY stories about her. how she always has so much attitude, how the teachers in the MTC would get mad a her. In the meeting of new missionaries, President asked everyone to say what they have learned in their first 2 weeks in the mission (I was there with Hermana Ramos). everyone said beautiful things really spiritual and deep. and hermana Jacques stood up and said "I learned that Pday is really short" and I thought noooooooooo, I can´t believe we´re companions, hahahha, but she is sooooo funny. Its going to be awesome.