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Monday, December 7, 2015


"Are you Hermana Haight?! Claudia Auxiere told me to look for you!!"

The choir presentation!  We ran into Hermana Ritchie and also Gaston came!

Its a very merry christmas in the pension!
Thanks mom


First of all. MY COMPANION IS THE BEST. sweeter than dulce de leche. She is so service oriented. She has a really strong testimony, and wants to do her very best for the Lord. She´s an inspiration, and has such love for the people that they can´t help but listen. She has been teaching me so so much this past week.

I think I got like food poisoning or something and threw up 7 times yesterday. haha one time we were in the bus, and I felt the urge, but I was trying really hard to use mental power and tell myself that I didn´t have to barf. I was telling myself FAITH IS MENTAL POWER, YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE. but I guess I had a fault of faith because... well, I was like Hermana! and we got off the bus right then and I threw up in the street. It happened right before we took those photos. But I decided from now on I´m only going to drink filtered water. but its awesome! good stories for the journal right? hahaha, and I feel a lot better after.

In Tigre it is a lot more countryside. There are horses, the road is dirt. and there are millions of dogs and kids in every house/hut/whatever you call them. The people are SUPER receptive its crazy. You spend all day long teaching. but the challenge is getting them to act! We commited 7 people to be baptized this week but none of them came to church :(

The members are fantastic. All of them want to do missionary work, and always give us references. I feel like i´m in a completely different mission from capital where were begging people to listen for 30 seconds. Here the people love to talk! its funny. everyone believes in God. There is a ton of potential here! and With hermana Vasquez I know we can explode Tigre and baptize a ton this transfer.

The biggest miracle we saw this week was Paola. We were talking to a lady who didn´t want to listen and asked if she knew anyone else, she said that a señora named paola who lived across the street and we should go visit her. so we did. and we started to talk, and she said that she felt like God has been trying so many times to reach out to her, but she never acts. and I said "Paola I know that God loves you, and He really really wants you to come closer to Him" and she said "How do you know my name?!" and invited us into her house. She had tried to commit suicide before. But we taught her about Christ and repentance and how she can take away the things that hurt. We taught her about the love of God and the potential He sees in all of us. and She is so excited everytime we come by! and she really feels the Spirit. she´s so sweet she said "i´m really going to miss you when you go back to your houses. but I´m GOING TO KEEP GOING!" Her oldest son is 15, and they both accepted to be baptized. But Sunday we went by and they weren´t home! nooooooooo. we´re going to see what happened. but ya

Oh, and the mission has a choir. And my companion is in the choir. its amazing. they sing a bunch of songs about Christmas and do a little devotional. Its super powerful, and a great tool to invite investigators to feel the spirit. I love music. It brings the Spirit so much!

Anyway, Tigre is awesome. The mision is the best thing anyone can do wiht their lives. and INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS!

Hermana Haight

another missionary sent me this, I think its fantastic!

``Few men on earth, either in or out of the Church, have caught the vision of what the Book of Mormon is all about. Few are they among men who know the part it has played and will yet play in preparing the way for the coming of Him of whom it is a new witness.…´´

What kind of people are we? Do we truly understand the importance of the Book of Mormon and what it signifies? The Book of Mormon is SO important and we HAVE to have a a testimony of this holy book because it is the keystone of our religion. If the Book of Mormon is false so is everything else! If you have not gained a firm testimony in the Book of Mormon I would like to invite you to read, ponder, and pray about it. If you know the importance of it I would like to invite you to still read it every day so that you can continue to gain more knowledge and wisdom. 

~Bruce R Mcconkie

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Good-byes & Hellos


chau versalles!
I will miss you wayyyyyyyyy too much!

Ultima noche juntas!!

vamos Brasil!

the plaque attack.

Love from Hermana Haight :)

Sister Training Leader

QUE SEMANA TAN LOCA. hubo cambios. wow, sometimes its just easier to speak spanish.
Anyway. There were transfers. and President called... I´M A SISTER TRAINING LEADER AHHHHHHHHH!
wow. I am just so excited. I have so many ideas, and I don´t know hardly anything but I know that the Lord always provides the way.
Oh, I got lice. hahaha. and you need to have someone take them out, but my companion was totally freaked out. But it turned out perfect because I called an hermana and she was like "OH I LOVE KILLING LICE. COME OVER!" and she was very experienced, and enjoyed doing it too:)

This week We had a meeting with all the missionaries. and they talked about how we all went to the temple with one days notice. and President was thinking about things to do to help us reach this goal of 1600 baptisms. and we have been doing a lot of different things to create more excitement and energy! (and for that i´m super excited to work more closely w/president and help us reach the goal as a leader in the mission) and one of the assistants was like "Why don't we all go to the temple?" and president thought no way! with 200 people. you need to plan months in advance. you need to bring the names, and tell the temple presidency, and there are a lot of details. But he thought about it more, and asked the secretary to call the temple and ask if it could be possible that we go tomorrow. And they said yes! and they opened the temple early just for us! and it was beautiful to be with President and his wife waiting there at the veil.

But much later he found out that just that week a stake from South in Argentina had been preparing a temple trip for a looooooong time, preparing their names and everything to travel up to BsAs. And when they got there, they had all their names, but not enough people to do the ordanances! and the very next day came the whole mission BsAs North! and not only did it help us feel inspired to work, but one of the temple workers that opened early to help us heard a voice that said "I needed them (the names that we did)" I know that God is working in ways so much greater than what we think. We are all working together! and I just think about all the good those 200 more missionaires in the spirit world are doing! 

This week it hit me so hard, one of the clearest revelacions I have every recieved in my life. It was like a major epiphany! That I need to learn empathy. to mourn with those that mourn, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort. Because without charity we are nothing. I kind of have the attitude "Suck it up" or "welcome to the real world". and this week when my companion was really disappointed about something I was tempted to think those phrases. and that´s when it hit me. God gave me this moment to practice my Godly attributes. To become better, more patient, more charity. and with that I thought "wow, I can´t believe I didn´t see it before.  She has done more for my eternal progression than probably the majority of people I have met in my life. She is helping me so much become the person God wants me to be." and when I thought that I prayed to have another transfer with her. so that I could keep learning, and could master these Christlike attributes. And I thought God knows exactly what we need to reach the Celestial Kingdom. He is so merciful. Hermana Ritchie doesn´t do some of the things I do. But it doesn´t mean she isn´t going to el Reino Celestial. She doesn´t need to do some of those things. But me on the other hand, this is what I need to do to enter. I don{t know if this makes sense to you guys but whatever.

I love the mission. I love Buenos Aires. because it has taught me to love God. There´s nothing I wouldn´t do for Him. I´m honored to be in a position to help more of his children.

Thanks for you examples and all you're doing in the other side of the vineyard :)
Love Hermana Haight!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Baptism Pictures!

Gaston se bautizó! after mucha lucha! He had so many dudas, and didn´t feel ready for baptism, but sacamos todas las dudas, and the service was incredible. I have no doubt that he is going to be a firm member. He already plays futbol with JAS everyweek, the bishop asked him to play the piano, and the ward just loves him already. He is going to be an amazing missionary because he always wants evidence! I´ve never looked up so many scriptures in the Bible in all my mission. After the baptism he sang "Mas Cerca Dios de Ti" and it was so beautiful. Someone right out of the waters of baptism, someone who just made a promise to God singing about wanting to be closer to Him. The Spirit was so strong.

With the bishop!

right before the ordanance. they said "DO SOMETHING CRAZY THIS IS GOING ON FACEBOOK!"

 btw Gaston is the one in the middle. 

I changed my toothbrush after 9 months. don´t tell doctor Norling

I washed my clothes finally...

Mosiah 24:13

This week we had a zone meeting, and it required a lot of participation. and Hermana Ritchie doesn´t like to participate. in one workshop there were four missionaries and our zone leader, and she got up in the middle and left, and was like "hermana!!!!!!" and I talked her into coming back. but after the meeting everyone was thanking me so much and telling me to keep it up! and telling me that I have so much patience. but it was weird because I don´t feel like it´s even hard. I didn´t even think that it takes patience or that what I was doing was incredible. God has blessed me so abundantly that it made me think of one of my favorite scriptures 

"I will also ease the burdens which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs" (mosiah 24:13)

I know that this is so true, with whatever it is that we are going through, honestly God makes it so easy when we turn to Him. His yoke is easy and burden is light. He makes it feel like literally nothing.

The hermana entrenadoras came to the apartment this week to talk to Hermana Ritchie about her attitude. because they saw in the practicas that she wasn´t doing so good. But it´s always like that. Hermana Ritchie is very special. and she is very insecure, and can´t read social cues well. She gets really stressed out when she needs to share a scripture. Everything is hard.  For example, everyday we do a practice of putting a baptismal date. and she has already done the practices and one time she even did it in a lesson. and I said "okay hermana! we´re going to do the practice now". and She got really stressed out and had to read the whole section in PME about bautismo, and I had to explain how to do it over again. She has a hard time analyzing, and so setting goals is a struggle. But she directed el area, y asked to say the oracion en every leccion Sabado. 

But really she is progressing. I think that the reunion de zona shocked the hermanas because they didn´t know how things were. But Hermana Ritchie is very special and needs a lot of help. because she is like a little kid. But I know that the mission is going to help her so much develop these skills for all her life. and I have learned so much, and am very grateful to be her companion.

I have always wanted to have a family before the mission, but honestly I don´t like kids that much. they´re ungrateful, illogical, and above all a lot of work. and I saw that and thought augh. But it hit me this week: I don´t really like cooking breakfast everyday, or teaching english for an hour, or letting people use my shoes, or explaining things 50 times. But to do it for Hermana Ritchie, there is something deeper and greater inside of me that gives the patience and energy to keep doing it. And honestly a lot of the time I feel like a real mom. But it has changed my perspective about kids. because I see that love is a powerful motivation to do it. Love for Hermana Ritchie, and what motivates me even more is love for God. and I love it. I love training.

Javier´s mom said he couldn´t be baptized :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
and our district leader asked us if we were going to drop him. we said yes. so we haven´t visited him.
Augh but it makes me so sad. and Sunday he came to church on his own, even though his cousin had her quinceñera until 6am. with suit and tie! The YM president said he wants to visit the mom with us this week, but :( i don´t know. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Snaps of the Mission

HERMANA CUADRA. de chile. wow we had divisiones and it was SO FUN. we got along so so well. She is training too, so we just get each other. in one day we commited 5 people to baptism! BOOYAA.

LAS HERMANAS in the zone de chile, españa, columbia, argentina, CALIFORNIA and utah

The bishops daughter painted this that says "for the missionary from the United States" haha i guess she doesn`t know my name

Our member found $50 pesos on the ground when we were walking and so we all bought icecream! yeah!!!!

My 9 month presents. ITS LIKE CHRISTMAS

9 months! i opened my clothes up. WOW I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THAT SHIRT AND ITS SO COMFY

20year old hermana haight wishing you a happy birthday

yeah. I was thinking of you!

Will You Be Baptized?

November 16, 2015

Well the work goes on. it is absolutely fantastic. This week especially.

Last monday we went to Congreso because if the Argentines don´t vote they get a ticket, and my companion is Argentine and we had to go take care of that. As we were walking by all the places I walked by everyday in Congreso it was nice. and in the camino we ran into an old investigator that I taught his first lessons. and he said "DO YOU REMEMBER ME?" and I said OF COURSE! and he got baptized and next week is going to receive  the preisthood and has changed so much. He looked so happy, and he was saying how he loves the book of mormon and wants to baptize his neice and nephew. and really he changed so much. 

We were working to reach the goal 1600 baptisms and honestly I was like "VAMOS. STOP WASTING TIME GO GO GO. HEY YOU! WILL YOU BE BAPTIZED?" and I was kind of stressed out. and right that moment we recieved a message from the zone leaders saying that "the whole mission is going to go to the temple tomorrow" WHAAAAT? how crazy. It was just what we needed to be reminded of how spiritual this work is. And that We`re not alone, God is working with us. It was so beautiful. Honestly I learned more that session than any other. And President and his wife were the couple. And they were waiting for us in the Celestial room. and it was so beautiful. And I thought. This is going to happen again someday. Augh. I can`t describe it. God is too merciful.

I love you so much. You have been the best mom anyone could ever ask for. With all the little things cutesy and crafty I do for Hermana Ritchie, one hermana was like WOW. did your trainer do that stuff for you. and I said No, my mom(: you have taught me so much and were always a great example of faith and putting God first. I have to go. but you`re the best mom ever.
happy birthday!

Hermana Haight <3


Chinatown in Argentina


Meditating Chicken

 This famous flower thing

The obelisco

we bought ICE CREAM!!!!!

 Happy Halloween. Thanks for the package :)

look at my pumpkins!

We ran into Miguel my convert from Congreso!

Everyday we put a new english word in the purple box

JAVIER. this kid is so great. His mom won´t let him be baptized but he said that he has a friend that he wants to introduce us. tonight we are going to meet his friend. I made little placques to give to the members that are great missionaries!

also Javier asked if there are any service projects that he can do. And we just met a inactive familia and their grandpa just died so they are going to clean their house and get rid of a lot of things, and i thought PERFECT. but I asked Javier why he wanted to do service so bad, if he needed hours or something and he said "no. we´re boyscouts and we always need to be ready to serve or help people cross the street and that kind of stuff"


D&C 24:12

November 9, 2015

This week we are really trying to reach our goal as a mission 1600 baptisms this year. So we´ve been stepping on it. this week we taught 10 more lessons than usual! And we've really seen miracles.

The biggest miracle. was Greimy. She started working and gets home at 9pm, the time when we have to be back in the apartment. so we couldn´t see her at all this week! which leaves a BIG WIDE OPENING for Satan. and she should have been confirmed last week but we went to her house and she wasn´t ready, so we got to church late, after they confirmed Diego. so I was so so so worried all week long. I called the members and asked them to visit her after 9pm. and some members sent her text messages so she felt like there were people who care about her. and we called her Saturday night. no answer. Sunday morning. nothing. and I thought. well...
We called the member that baptized her and he said he´d go to her house right then and take them to church! (wow. what an awesome member). And I was fasting for her confirmacion, and praying a lot this week. and I remember Saturday night I was already laying in bed so tired, and I still hadn´t said my prayers. and I thought, i'm just going to say them lying down. but then I thought of Greimy and how much we desperately need the help of the Lord. How am I going to expect a miracle when i'm asking for it lying in bed with my eyes closed and the blankets on? So I got up and kneeled.

and Sunday morning we recieved a message from our member that went to get griemy and it said 
"greimy and her family are already in the Chapel :D" at 9:25. five minutes early! I started to cry. How is it that God is so merciful. Normally when you don´t visit an investigator for so long they don´t come to church. I was so relieved. so happy. and the confirmacion was so beautiful.

WOW. this week, we worked our butts off. Every night that we came home, I was like I don´t think i´ll be able to get up tomorrow. so dead. so tired. But somehow every morning I felt like a whole new person and left the apartment happy and ready for another day! I thought, wow this is not normal. Only the work of salvacion you can give it your all and keep going. it made me think of the scripture in D&C24:12
12 And at all times, and in all places, he shall open his mouth and declare my gospel as with the voice of a trump, both day and night. And I will give unto him strength such as is not known among men.

Also, nine months this week. I am finally going to change my toothbrush! (because I only brought two) and i'm going to open all the clothes we wrapped up, and I´m going to do my laundry finally. i´ll send  you pictures of the water.

Monday, November 2, 2015


porta madero.

I already decided I´m going to Argentina for my honeymoon
Buenos Aires <3

Selfie for the week! Yeah!

I made my companion breakfast for halloween (:

President Gonzales

This week was incredible. Thanks for all your prayers. It really really helped us. The companionship has gotten a lot better :)

We had a conference with all the mission!! It was AMAZING AMAZING. President Gonzales! general authority 70 de South America. He and his wife came to speak. It has changed my mission. His wife talked about teaching the pure doctrine of Christ. You don´t have to change anything or try to trick people into it. The Spirit is real and touches the heart. It has made me a much bolder missionary. 

And it was so marvelous. I had an experience that I will never forget, and will probably always cry when I think about it. President Gonzales talked about having the faith to see miracles. He read a quote from Gordon B. Hinckley. I was looking down at my notebook or something, and in that moment wasn`t making eye contact with him. But I heard the voice of Gordon B Hinckley. I was so sure of it, and it took me so much by surprise that I thought they must have had a recording playing because it was in english too. I looked up right away and around the room but there wasn´t anything. I know that the quote from Gordon B Hinckley is true that really "i´m not being unreasonable when I say that we can double the number of baptisms.."  I know that it´s true and I know that`s what God wants from me. That`s why he gave me this experiance so amazing.

I don´t have anymore time because our zone is doing an activity together. but I will send lots of pictures next week! (Gaston came to church this week too!)

and we did Mutual activity with the youth. so fun!!

Hermana Haight

Saturday, October 31, 2015


horse in the street. no big deal.
its actually pretty common to see

Hermana Ritchie <3<3<3
De Argentina!!

we went to the temple because my companion didn't have her endowment


God Works Miracles

October 26, 2015

THIS WEEK was great. so many lessons. two baptisms! finally!! and 6 investigators in the church.

AWWWWWW, it melts my heart that you are praying for the investigators. I love them so much.  OKAY I´LL GIVE YOU THE UPDATE

Greimy (22) - se bautizó!!!!! it was so beautiful. Her brother and sister in law are less actives and they came. and they were all so so happy. and Diego, oh man I was so worried about him, but he passed the interview and se bautizó también! 

Gaston Orozco (19) - He is reading the book of mormon. We taught him Word of Wisdom, no problems. and we brought a recently returned missionary (21) and they became good friends. Gaston played soccer with the young adults. the bishop sent him a text message and asked him if he could play the piano Sunday. and the bishop is going to his house to visit him this Wednesday. We gave him a himnario so he can start practicing. and he came to church Sunday and stayed for the other baptisms. We asked him if he was going to be baptized next sunday and he said no. that he wants to wait until december.  and I told him that we don´t pressure people who aren´t ready to be baptized. but I know that he is prepared. I have prayed about it, about him and about his date. because if it is not the will of God I´m not going to do it. But that I have felt strongly that he is already keeping the commandments, and willing to take upon the name of Christ and that this sunday is right. I asked if he felt like he was prepared to be baptized and he said yes. so we said "pray about this sunday." and he said he would. so yeah, I´m praying that he recieves his answer.

Javier and his cousin who is member fasted together that his mom would soften her heart. and he told us that he thinks she is starting to change!!

We met another kid Nicolas (14) but he is so dang smart and responsible. Seems like he is 23. he came to the appointment right on time, and called us and is very professional. We taught him the restauracion and he understood everything. It was in the house of a family of members. and he accepted bautismal, but not a specific date. We invited him to church and he said that he can´t go. But we explained imagine your life with the help of God who knows everything, is all powerful, and can guide you for the best path possible. Because alone, you can learn alot have a lot of success and be happy. But God knows what is best. and we invited him to try it and see if what we said was true, so he said "okay, i´ll go Sunday" YEAH!!!! and he came and he LOVE LOVE LOVED IT. got a long with the youth. he said he had to leave early but stayed the whole time!

We are working with a lot of youth. because the majority of the referrals come from the youth. the majority of people who do missionary work is the youth. But this week I really want to find a family, or people older and more mature that can be a real strength for the ward in Versalles. I love the people here so much. I love being a missionary. I know that God works miracles. and I am so proud of my family that all you are such strong faithful disciples.

Keep it up <3<3
Hermana Haight

Thursday, October 22, 2015


October 20, 2015

members from boliva. its a tradition the day of transfers that the missionaries go to their house for breakfast.

mucha lluvia

i´m going to miss her

this is for Jordan.