Hermana Courtney Haight is currently serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

Friday, July 31, 2015


July 28, 2015

Well first things first:
I AM GOING TO TRAIN A BRAND NEW MISSIONARY!!!!! AHHHHHHHH. HOW EXCITING! I still don´t know who yet, we are going to meet them in a couple hours! but there are four new hermanas coming (two from brasil, one from argentina, and one from Peru) sooo you´ll have to wait until next week to find out who I got! It is going to be so fun!

We finished the BoM challenge this week. The entire mission came to the chapel and we read the last chapter together. I love the book of mormon and while I was reading it I just thought WOW there is so much I am learning that I never saw before! I really think being a missionary helps you have a stronger spirit and learn even faster!

This sunday I got to take the Sacrament from my convert, David. What a beautiful moment.

Hermano Chavez, the little grandpa that I told you about is FANTASTIC. he is honestly one of the biggest tender mercies God has sent me. It is literally impossible to not be happy when you are with him. He is so cute. He really wanted to go to lunch with me and my companion and so he told us we have four options and my companion was saying "yeah, whatever is fine" and he said noope. and pulled out a bag where he wrote the name of every restaurant four times on pieces of paper and put it in the bag and said that we are going to draw to see where we are going to go. I thought it was so cute that he had planned this all out so well. and all three of us had to draw and which ever on appeared more than once we would go there.  HAHAHAHa something that I still laugh about.. He was walking with us and it was really cold that day, hermano chavez said "ay que frio!" and my companion said "here take my gloves" and he said "WOW. HERMANA MUCHAS GRACIAS. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU AND ALWAYS USE THESE GLOVES" hahahaha. she was just offering to let him borrow them, but what can you do. and hna lopez is tiny so they were so small on his hands, and they are that fuzzy sock material. Everything about the situation cracked me up. the next day he told us that he slept with the gloves on. haha.

When we finally went to the lunch with him and pulled out a papers that said "Senorita Misionara Courtney Elizabeth Haight. What are the top three qualities, attributes and virtues that you most admire in your compañera hna Lopez.( I know there are many more than just three)" and there smileyfaces to write each point.  and another for hno chavez. and he gave my compañera one to write about me and him too. It was so sweet and so fun. we all wrote them and read them together. We left that day feeling so good and so happy. He is the mood lifter I need in the perfect moment.

We ate dinner with a family from the US. we had french toast with SYRUP!! and no bake cookies. aHHH the picture won´t send, but they live in the nicest place ever (google porta madero). you can see all the city and it is just gorgeous at night with all the lights and the bridge.

In noche de hogar we talked about how hno de Jared saw the finger of God, and how we too can see the hand of God in our own lives. We can see him guiding us, or putting specific things or people in our lives, or tender mercies. I invite you to read ether ch 3 and think about what brother of Jared did to beable to see God doing this miracle.

Hermana Haight

fuimos al templo!

Buenos Aires Templo

uno mas con plakita

Hermana downs cumplió un año en la misión 

basically we have connections. one of our investigators works in the building Congreso so we got a tour!

in the library of Congreso

con Juankarlo one of our converts

Argentina bon bons

Claudia Auxier's mom arrived from Argentina with some goodies for us!! Sooo sweet and kind of her to think of us. I took this picture to show Courtney and this is what she said, "all the candy that we eat here everyday!!! wow <3<3 That makes me so happy. One of our members always brings us each a bon o bon.

Scriptures and FHE

July 20, 2015

Our bishop yesterday gave an incredible talk. He said basically how it is his deepest desire that every single of 147 members en the directory would read their scriptures everyday. and monday night every single family would have FHE. and just his sentimientos como obispo. era tan tierno y yo sentía como there are so many people to help and good works to do. how can I ever be so preocupied with my little trails or weaknesses. I should just let those go and go to work helping others!

Last week in my interview with President Ayre he told me about the hermanas serving in Buenos Aires. He said when he got the call to be Mission President he got the feeling that the Lord wanted more sisters in BsAs. At the time there was about 20 total. But he talked to the current mission president at the time and asked about that and he said because they didn´t think it was safe for the sisters. But he told Pres Ayre that if he felt something that he shouldn´t ignore the promptings of the Lord, but should wait a couple months and see if he still thought there should be more sisters. When President Ayre because the President for a couple months he told me "when I started to see all the crime and the robberies, I thought there is no way I am going to bring more daughters down here" But he kept feeling that the Lord wanted more sisters to serve, so he made the change. and he said that "things have totally changed for the better with more sisters and you´re a big part of that"    and I know that God is protecting us everyday. I know that in my setting apart blessing that I am promised that I can have a feeling of security in every situation. that is suffcient for me. And I have never been scared because I always remember that.

Man this week was crazy. First off one time we were walking around a building and I was holding a bag of Lays chips (my companion bought them, ok) and I asked a little boy that was outside what his parents are called (so we could go look for them and baptize them ;))  but I said "papás" for parents. But papas also means potatoes. haha and this little boy said "papitas Lays!"  and I just laughed

David recibió el sacerdocio y es un genio! He asked the bishop What else can I do to help? so the bishop said "okay. you can bring the sacrament bread next week" He is the dream convert of every missionary. When we went to visit him when he was sick he was all bundled up watching documentary of the book of Mormon. haha.

We taught Miguel the law of Chastity, and we knew it was going to be the hardest commandment for him. But HE ACCEPTED TO LIVE IT WOOOO. also he came to church, FHE last week and we helped him move tuesday. so everything is real good.

And just right before I am writing this we had a lesson. We took sometime from Pday to teach this lady named Rosario. AND IT WAS A GREAT LESSON. she is so receptive, listens very well, and is so nice! She said she was going to read the Book of Mormon and pray tonight. So we´re pretty stolked. 

The temple in Buenos Aires is the most beautiful temple I have ever seen (i don´t know if I´m biased, or I´m not used to buildings that are so clean, or what because it was absolutely incredible) 

Reading the Book of Mormon has been amazing. I just love love love it. and Pioneer day is friday, we're going to have an actividad con toda la mision! WOO. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

district meeting!! with Hermana Mendez the sister training leader

Remember when I told you about the sweet old man who LOVES missionary work and has been a member for 420 months. This is Hermano Chavez. He asked me what my first name is because he was going to the temple the next day and wanted to put my name in

I honestly think this is the cutest baby I have ever seen! she´s the bishops daughter! and is always so happy! and the girl that is holding her is Karina!

We had a ward activity! Locro! its a famous soup native to Argentina

it was delicious! and we had two investigators come! after we played soccer and volleyball HOW FUN. i just love the members.

okay this picture is from a couple months ago. But yesterday I remembered something so funny I wanted to share it. We were walking around with the member on the right with the big beard. and talking to someone we explained that we are missionaries and share a message about Jesus Christ. and this person said "and who´s he? the prophet?" and I just thought that was sooooooo funny. He could be with a beard like that, right?

Thanks for the letter! wooo AMERICA! USAUSAUSA

Tearing it up in Congreso

Okay, want to hear the weird things first? We were walking in between appointments And I saw a youth walking alone and he was crying. and I told my companion "we´re going to go talk to him because he´s sad!" but man he was booking it! we finally chased him down after two blocks, and talked with him, asked what was wrong, told him that God loved him. Then we were wrapping it up and he said (sobbingly) THANK YOU SO MUCH. and group hugged us both. and then kissed us.(but here everyone kisses to salud a person so it wasn´t that crazy. but we´re missionaries.) and it was like AHHHHHHHHHHHH WHATS HAPPENING NOOOOOOOOOOO. and the member that was with us had his eyes HUGE. but it happened so fast and we couldn´t escape and he was crying. ay ay ay. I don´t know.

Also, there is one member who LOVES california. All he talks about is the United States (specifically Cali) and how he is going to go there someday and he practices english. He was waiting for his mission call and he said, 
"I´m going to serve in the ward of your dad!!! my calling is going to say, ´California, where hna haight lives´ and when you come back from the mission you´ll be the member that helps us." jaja. But he got the call, and will be serving Argentina further south. But i´m sure it will be great there too!

They treat us so good here. The members are incredible. We visited Julio and he bought pizza for us and he asked his daughter "where is the best pizza?". It´s not like a whatever thing. People are always looking for the best. We had lunch yesterday with a family and they bought special soda that is only made in Peru and is really expensive here so that we could try it. Also, Luis (I don´t know if you remember him) bought me and my companion bracelets. and they are really nice too. A cute little grandma told us to reserve August 14 on the lunch calendar because its my birthday. HOW SWEET. (..i hope I don´t get transfered)Congreso is the best!

OHHHHH one more thing, this lady (she reminded me a lot of nancy) and her two kids were visiting. They lived in Utah for a couple years but Brasil before that and speak spanish. and I sat next to her in R.S. and we had so much fun laughing at how different things are here. There was one senora that always wanted to talk and the teacher said "Someone besides Sandra!" and a while later sandra started to comment and the teacher said "...Sandra..." and did the zip-the-lip motion. We started laughing and said "this would never happen in Utah. everything is so politically correct" hahahah

Wow but this week everything is really booming. We met this one guy, Miguel and I just know he is going to be baptized! He came to the activity and LOVED it. he stayed from 2pm until 6pm he told us. He also read the pamphlet we gave him and had good questions. He is very receptive and liked the plan of salvation.

We had interviews with Mission President. he said "WOW you guys are totally tearing it up in Congreso!" The bishop said he is going to ordain Julio, Juankarlo, y David to the priesthood next sunday and he is really excited to have more priesthood holders.

President Ayre is just a man that commands the Spirit. Seriously. It is so powerful. and he told me that he was talking with Elder Holland and said "he <elder holland> told me he is living below his priviledges of the Spirit and is missing out on so many promptings and revelation he could have. I was like don´t tell me that, you´re elder Holland! What does that mean I´m doing?"  and I thought "don´t tell me that. your President Ayre!!"  Wow. I know there is so much more I could do if my Mission President is so great and he feels like there is more.

We get to go to the temple this Wednesday! woo. it is going to be interesting in Spanish!

Everything is just so great. I don´t even know why missions have transfers. I could stay here with Hermana Lopez forever!

Les amo!
Hermana Haight

Snapshots of Missionary Life

Dayena! Recent Convert 13 years old. she´s crazy. haha

un investigador tiene parrots!

HERMANA LOPEZ CUMPLIO UN AÑO en la mision! I made french toast! and decorated

We had lunch with a little grandma and after we had a little cake thing and hot chocolate stuff (malta)

It was Julio´s birthday!!

Hermana lopez y Luis Inoñan (one of my alltime favorites here in Argentina. he is so funny! and so passionate about the obra misional. He always gives us his friends to teach, and goes and brings our investigators to church on Sundays)

We watched the game with menos activos that we have been having family home evening with. and as we were all excited and watching the game, the mom said "HERMANAS we are going to go to Church tomorrow!" and i thought GOOOOOOOOOALL! in all of my 4 months in Congreso they have never been to church! but they came yesterday!!!!!!!! woooo. That was definitely the best part of the game for me :)

And THE BAPTISMS again! wow. what a week.

y Pedro!

Monday, July 6, 2015

fannnnnnTASTIC week

Well, As you can see this week was fannnnnnTASTIC. Started out with Noche de Hogar. In the house of menos activos and we invited some members and investigators. The Dad of the family taught the lesson. And honestly, it was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had on the mission. Everyone went around to introduce themselves but it turned into everyone saying their conversion story. EVERY SINGLE PERSON THERE WAS A CONVERT except me and my companion, so they had AMAZING stories.They all shared how their lives are so different and happier now and it is such a testimony builder to hear so many other stories that I just feel like this is so real! the gospel really can change lives! because here are 10 examples. I shared that for me my missionaries were my parents because they were the ones who taught me everything about the gospel (and organized my baptism). 

Tuesday WOW fantastic también. there is this cute little old man that told us that he can go do visits with us on Tuesday. okay great! so we called him up. My companion asked him how long he has been a member and he said "420 months" and we said ...what?  "35 years but its more sweet when you count it by the months" and he IS SO PASSIONATE about the gospel. He LOVES everything about the gospel. He treats the missionaries like we are literally angels of God and not humans. And he is always so grateful and so excited and has so much faith. We went to an appointment that honestly I thought she wasn´t going to be there BUT SHE WAS. and as we were talking to her I thought "wow, Hermano Chavez is SOOO excited that God gave this tender mercy to have the opportunity to teach and bear testimony". The lesson was so POWERFUL. Carmen felt the spirit so much! There is nothing more beautiful than kneeling in a one room house in Argentina and hearing the words "Padre Celestial" coming for the first time from someone who is starting to turn to God and change their lives. Oh, just typing this makes me want to cry! Carmen said Thank thee for my family....las hermanas... other things. and "the only thing I am giong to ask, is that I can be closer to you. -started crying- I have been so far away for so long." wow. What a miracle. She has been reading the Libro de Mormon.

AYYYYYY y los bautismos también. It was so lindo. David shared his testimony and feelings after the ordinance with everyone. He shared how he didn´t have peace in his life before. and now he feels like 1500 Kilos have just been lifted off his shoulders. He shared how he met the missionaries, and how after the prayer he could sleep again. and how he prayed to know if baptism was correct and then found out that two of his sons are members! He said that he went to the Jehovah Witnesses and felt better, but nothing like here and that "I don´t have any doubts that this is the true Church" and WOW i´m telling you, that sentence hit so hard. lleno del Espiritu Santo. I was so impressed. I know he is going to be such a great bishop one day. :)

Missionary work is incredible. There is nothing like getting to bear your testimony everyday! The Lord has people that are sooooo prepared and ready and just waiting!! I love the plan of salvation. I am so grateful for the restauracion.

Thank you for your letters. and great examples. 
Hermana Haight

Friday, July 3, 2015

Goodies and Goodness

June 29, 2015

I had a little bit of stomach problems. and was up all night Thursday. Here´s a photo of the last meal I ate before throwing up! but it was so delicious...

se llama facturas! son riquísimos. better than donuts! Especially the churros with dulce de leche inside!

Correlation meeting

(working hard or hardly working?)

Our ward mission leader gave me the updates on the Warriors. He is such a sweet man. He is a convert of about 1 year. and he is always so nervous and shy everytime he has to conduct the baptismal services, but HE DOES AN AWESOME JOB  EVERYTIME. The past two meetings he made apple pie for us!!

The senior missionaries in our ward. They are so nice to invite us over. and they fixed SO MANY VEGETABLES. it was incredible! AND DESSERT was to die for. Blueberry cake with lemon stuff and yogurty goodness. AHHH i haven´t had anything like it here in Argentina!

ahahha, we had dinner with senior missionaries and my companion really wanted to see how her weight has changed in the mission. One is in kilos and otro in lbs. In case your wondering I think I weigh about the same :)

Instruments in the Lord's Hands

June 29, 2015

I feel like I´m learning so much and have changed a lot, but I still feel like there´s so much more that I need to change that is holding me back. I still feel like I don´t know how to be a missionary. In fact, this week I felt like a bad missionary. I got sick this week and we had to stay in one day. So I had a lot of time to reflect. I worry that I don´t put all my heart into the work and the area and that I lack love. The next day I told my companion that I felt like a bad missionary! I prayed in our companionship prayer before we left that we could feel like we were doing the will of God and feel like useful instruments.

That day was incredible! Un menos activo (Omar, quien recién volvío) nos acompanó y su testimonio es tannnnnn poderoso. because he left the truth for a while, it is so much sweeter now that he has it back and he can compare the two different lifestyles. En una leccion con David they started sharing their stories. Omar was baptized at 16 and was an excellent member (leader of YSA y todo) until 19. He started taking some other decisiones, then some bad decisiones and then stopped going to church and fell away. He said the missionaries visited and invited him to come to church but he said no. With tears in his eyes he told us that he felt like God didn´t love him at that time, and that he couldn´t come back. Then one day he met Hermana López y yo. We set up a cita and passed by to visit. He remembered very clearly the words we said that night that "It is never too late. God always loves you and will always forgive us whenever we sincerely repent" These words were clave. The Spirit carried them to his heart and he agreed to come with us Sunday. The next Tuesday he had an interview with the bishop. He was so happy to be back and to feel like love of God in his life again and to taste His mercy. When he finished sharing he expressed how grateful he was because other missionaries tried but it wasn´t until he met us that he had the courage to volver. I felt so humbled to be such a powerful tool in the hands of the Lord. Before Omar shared his testimony I never knew how much we had helped in his process! 

David también compartió como conocieron uno y otro y los milagros que pasaron. He was so so thankful for us as well. It was such an answer to my prayer and a testimony builder to have this neat experiencia. I could see that we were helping people and I thought how ridiculous it would seem to them if they knew I was thinking that morning that I wasn´t doing a good job as a missionary. 

A Week in Argentina

June 22, 2015

Muchas palomas aca en Congreso


they´re incredible!

Melody (convert) y Hermana Sommers (from MTC) at the despedida

en casa de menos activos y fue marvillosa!

Manzanilla por el frio

EMPANADAS y hermana vallejos (de chile)

Feliz Dia del Padre

Exciting Week

June 22, 2014

Well this week has been super exciting. We played soccer today! My goal is to practice with the Argentinos and get really good! And we ate empanadas! que ricas!!  Feliz día del Padre!

Wow we had two confirmation Sunday (and a baby blessing). It was so beautiful. all three talked about the temple. And the confirmations said how God is happy with the decisions they are making and is proud of them :):)  I just love my converts. They are all so cute! There are so many really really good people here in Congreso! and in Sacrament meeting someone gave a talk about some experiences from his mission and he said, "I served in the hermosa tierra de Paraguay" and ever since that I always look at the ground and think WOW I JUST LOVE THIS TIERRA (land or also means dirt). because its Argentina. I love everything about Argentina. REALLY YOU GUYS NEED TO EXPERIENCE THIS.

Update on David. He is doing really well. He saw the baptismal service of Melody and Juankarlo and liked it and felt good about everything but still wanted to be sure. So he prayed and asked God if baptism was really the right thing for him or if not give him a sign and tell him in someway. The next day he was chatting with his aunt and found out that his son (10 years old) who lives with his mom (they´re seperated) is a member of the church!! and He said "I took that as my sign/answer. that I know baptism is what God wants for me"  wowwwwwww. what great faith. I know that God hears and answers our prayers and questions!! All we need to do is ask more!

Also we got a HUGE book of Mormon for one of our investigators who can´t read because he can´t see very well. We are so excited that he can start reading. and it made us value the Book of Mormon even more because we were searching for one with big letters for so long. and carried it around all day. and with a little more sacrifice made it so much sweeter when we could actually give it and explain how important and special this book is.   And our last lesson with him, his niece and nephew (21 años) came home and joined us. IT WAS AWESOME. We had a great lesson. They understood everything and had good questions. With the whole family together there was such a neat atmosphere of unity and also fun (they had good jokes and related things well to our lives). We have an appointment with them tomorrow and WE´RE STOKED. can´t wait.

ohhhhh, also DAVID investigator fed the missionaries saturday. haha, it was so fun and he was so so excited!