Hermana Courtney Haight is currently serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

Monday, April 18, 2016

We Can Be His Hands

March 21, 2016

This was one of the craziest weeks of all the mission.

One of the missionaries I trained was having problems. and she and her companion were at the mission home to try to solucion out some things. and President was praying and praying trying to think what should be done. And it just so happened that my district had interviews with president that day, so we got there and he told me the situation and he said that he couldn`t figure it out, but then it came to him. He felt that God put us all there together for a reason, so that I could talk to them. I thought O_O uh, ok. haha. But it went really well.and when my hijita said the closing prayer she cried and asked God to help her change.

Sunday we went by for the investigators and NO ONE.. y dije a mi compaƱera, no vamos a la iglesia hasta que tenemos un investigador! and I started to invite some people in the street haha. but we made our way to the church and still didn`t have an investigator and we were walking with a member at this point and he went in but we told him that we weren`t going in until we had an investigator. he said uhh good luck. It was about 8:50, We were outside about 5 minutes when a youth came out and went to the bus stop. I had seen him a couple of times at church but didn`t know him, so we asked him where he was going. He said "home". He explained to us that he woke up early to come to church but his friend wasn`t there and he was tired and was going to go sleep. We asked him why he goes to church and he said to feel good. Normally in the mission I pray that the buses will come faster, but this time it was the opposite. I was praying that we would have enough time to help him decide to stay. Finally thanks to the Spirit he decided to go back in, and I asked him How long he has been a member, he said that he wasn`t a member. WOW OUR INVESTIGATOR!!! so in the end we entered the church with an investigator.

  I felt so strongly God`s love for His children this week. if we hadn`t been waiting outside we would have never crossed paths with this jovencito (15). God loved so much that sister missionary, so He put us together so that she could recieve the help that she needed. 

Another kid named Jonathan, we were in his house teaching him for the first time and he told us that last night he prayed to God for guidance, and the next day we arrived. God loves Jonathan too, He gives His children the help that they need. It is so special to take part in this work. 

A inactive hermano came to church too. and there he told us "Thank you so much hermanas. I wanted to come back. but I needed a kick." its so rewarding.

God loves His children, and we can be His hands!
<3 HH

Monday, April 11, 2016

Tigre Pictures

March 14, 2016


March 14, 2016

WOW MOM: thanks for the prayers! they worked!! This week we were planning on doing division with sisters that are really struggling and haven´t had a baptism in their area for 6 months. normally one sister comes here and one stays in the area and we work the day, plan, eat, sleep, study, separate. But the night before the divisions I was saying my nightly prayer, asking how I could help them, and it just came to my mind. that the two of them come to tigre to sleep and study so that we could talk about the area with all four of us. It was thanks to your prayers now that I think about it!

I organized a branch picture. (Like they did in dad´s ward) hahahaha I can´t believe they actually did it. but man, it was like hearding cats. but it turned out SO SO SO SO SO SO SO GOOD. I will have to send it to you.

The english classes are so-so. We didn´t have the keys to the church friday so we had to teach outside... but that´s okay! i taught all the little 10 year olds how to count to ten. but they couldn´t pronounce eight. so I told them, just say my last name! "six, seven, haight, nine..." 

Pray for my companion. Being new is really hard, especially when you don´t speak the language. but we had the new missionary meeting with President this week which really helped her. but it was so weird because there are only two new missionaries (one elder, one sister) so it was just the four of us. President said the first thing he is going to eat when he finished the mission is Cafe Rio.

Last night we had a super miracle!! we went to go see an investigator that didn´t come to church to see how he was and why he didn´t come all that stuff. and He said that his ex girlfriend was coming right then to bring his daughter, when she got  there, he said "Talk to them for a little bit, I have to go to the store real quick" so he left us there with Pamela (her name). and so we started talking to her, and SHE IS SUPER PREPARED BY GOD TO MEET US. poor little thing has two kids and is single and now she´s looking for work. and its like the people in alma 32 that were humbled and ready to listen. She needs to know that there is a person who loves her infinitely and is aware of all her trials, that´s she´s not alone. she accepted a baptismal date in the moment for April 3. CONFERENCE WEEKEND NOW THAT I´M THINKING ABOUT IT. hmm. but it was so interesting how God led us to meet Pamela. She said the closing prayer and then just sat there thinking for like 30 seconds and said that she felt really good. 

Thanks for thinking about me! and remembering me in your prayers. I know that this work is the work of salvation. I know that God has a plan, and if we can just trust Him enough to turn it over, that we never need to be stressed about anything.

I love Tigre and I love the mission.
I´m never coming home.
Hermana Haight



my companion trying blood sausage

we bought matching coconut rings. but mine looks like a hamster face.so it makes me think of Bricks