Hermana Courtney Haight is currently serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

Monday, March 28, 2016


March 7, 2016

It is a battle field. between training someone that doesn`t speak spanish, planning the zone meetings, trying to help the hermanas with really low numbers, teaching english classes :), meetings with Presidente, & trying to find the people prepared for baptism.  i wrote a list of all the things I needed to do and when I was going to do it to help me. One night I started praying around 10:30 and didn`t stop until 12. 

BUT THERE ARE MIRACLES. Sunday morning we didn`t have plans to go get any investigators because the members were going to get them. but the zone leaders sent out a mesage giving us a challenge to pass by for someone that wasn`t expecting us. so okay! we did it! we went to the house of Angela and knocked on her door (someone that we hadn`t even seen during the week but a couple weeks back we gave her a book of mormon). and Angela was sleeping with bedhair and everything. she said maybe she`d come a little later. I thought "yeah right",  and we went to church. There at church was MARTA!!! with her book of mormon and everything! I told my companion "she is going to be your first baptism :D"

at the end of the testimony meeting ANGELA CAME IN SOLO! and two other investigators. And the family that got baptized  three weeks ago but hadn`t come since su confirmation also came! God is so merciful. Marta aceptò una fecha bautismal! and after the church in the afternoon we found another investigator that accepted to be baptizedl! I could feel so much the love of God for me, for my companion, and for His children witnessing everything that happened. It is beautiful the work of the Lord. Never get discouraged. There are ALWAYS blessings for doing what is right. even when it doesn`t seem like anything immediate comes of it.

Thanks for being the best parents in the world. like seriously. I`ve seen people grow up in horrible homes, and I am eternally grateful for everything you sacrificed to give us what we have.

I love you!! Herman Haight

The only pictures I have this week are the green kitchen

and the rent receipt

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hermana Ririe

February 29, 2016

Joseph smith is a great example! This week we saw super miracles because of the Faith of Hermana Ririe. it made me think "WHY CAN´T WE BAPTIZE 20 PEOPLE?! WHY NOT PUT BAPTISMAL DATE EVERYDAY? The Lord is hastening His work. We are preparing for the second coming of Jesus Christ! there are miracles happening. It has helped me a lot to raise my expectations and vision. It all depends on our faith. And Faith is ACCION! oh, by the way ELDER BEDNAR came to talk to the mission. it was fantastic. talked a lot about agency. and action.  A less active came to church sunday. I think she can reactivate now. she's really ready. AND THERE ARE FOUR GRINGOS IN TIGRE with the elders so we are going to teach english classes!
ok love you all. have to go bye!
Hermana Ririe

ELDER BEDNAR: with all the missions in buenos AIRES

dulce de leche ice cream.

-First Saturday night in Argentina (busting out the jello and joseph smith movie)

TIGRE! matching clothes

Tourist fun

hair braiding.

little puppy

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Transfers and Training

February 23, 2016

Dear Mom and Dad,
Today is transfers. and I had to say goodbye to Hermana Vasquez. Honestly she changed completely who I am. I will never forget her or what she taught me or the miracles we saw together. I will never forget my summer in Tigre. The best summer of my life. The song we sang in Sacrament Meeting "I testify of Jesus Chirst" there is a part (in spanish but in english basically it says this): With flames God engraved His name in my heart. I see that happening everyday here in Tigre.


but yeah. I´m going to train again. and be hermana entrainer

"losing ourselves" and throwing it in the river

..well probably there will be more. but last foto como compañeras

We killed the cockroach. all by ourselves

Monday, March 14, 2016

Saving People

February 15, 2016

augh. its so true about the less actives. because you go to their houses and they cancel the appointments. or aren`t home, or don`t treat you well. I feel like in the mission I have never been treated so badly by people I don`t know, but on the other hand, never in my life have I seen someone stop everything that they`re doing, and offer me something to drink, and bread to eat, and take the pillows off their bed to put on the ground for me to sit just because I knocked on their door. (happened just this week with a little grandpa named Pancho)

Wow. the mission is the best thing ever. There is absolutely nothing better someone could be doing. There is such purpose! WE ARE SAVING PEOPLE HERE. Before the mission I didn`t know anything. But in this year just wow. 

OKAY THIS WEEK. FERNANDO Se bautizó! Saturday, and then sunday was confirmed with his wife! There is a light in Daiana. when I looked over at her in the baptismal service, she just looked so peaceful and I could see the light in her face. Even with four kids running around crazy, there was a inner peace. Fernando was SOOO HAPPY.  And even the baby 8months is so much more smiley.OH and julia (5 años) went to primary and stayed the whole time! 
wow. and the members are too good. The president of rama called us to tell us he was taking food over to their house.
OH YEAH. like tuesday when we visited them diana said she couldn`t believe how fast the blessings were coming. A neighbor gifted them a stove, so now they have a kitchen!

and Rodrigo (15)!!! the son of a recent convert . We went to their house and taught a lesson and he was drawing, He`s very talented artist. He was drawing like graffiti stuff and we said "wow, you`re really good! you should draw the temple!" and he liked the lesson and we came back the other day. and He wanted to show us something, it was a picture he drew of Christ, and it was big too. like bigger than 81/2x11 and it was GOOD. and it was so cute that he was drawing Jesus, and the lesson WAS INCREDIBLE. we were on divisions so I had to tell my companion all about it when she came back! but You could SEE the spirit working in him when we explained the three kingdoms. We explained baptism very clearly. and when I said the words to extend the invitation I COULD FEEL THE POWER. like wow. and he said yes!!! and said the closing prayer in front of his mom, brother, neighbor, and brother`s friend. and the appointment before he refused to say it only in front of us. AND he came to the baptism saturday!

okay and PANCHO. from the moment we met him he was so sweet. and his wife too. they`re going to celebrate their 50th anneversary this year. But Sunday we went to get him to go to church. as we were walking we asked him how he would know if this was the true church. and he said with my thoughts and feelings! and we entered and sat down he said "wow, what peace!" . and after 5 minutes of the first talk about Christ he said "This is the true church" awwwwww.

Valentine's day

Sunday, March 13, 2016


crepes with dulce de leche
and Caballito

Hermana Vasquez <3

Con las hermanas

let me take you to RIO RIO

Familia sosa. they´re so great. we have recieved a reference from every single person 
in the family since i´ve been here in tigre

A horse (they´re always in the streets)

the bus!

Diana got Baptized

February 8, 2016

FAMILY. awww, que lindo el temple. BRIAN IS ALMOST GOING HOME. WOW. how fast the mission. This week, I will pass the one year mark! danggggggg. 

El Presidente de rama is so young. He´s 26 and his wife 25. They´re so so funny. I feel like I´m at BYU when we talk to them. I need to send you a picture. Yesterday we have fast and testimony meeting and there is a convert who is a little tiny bit different. He´s 70 years old, and he said"in the name of jesus Christ Amen...OH I almost forgot! do you know the street Santa Maria? where it turns into the other street Maipu, and there is a bridge. yeah. right there they have lotions, and perfumes, body creams. Bags of them! super cheap for no reason! and....."  (Presidente gets up and thanks him for his testimony)

This week. wow. DIANA GOT BAPTIZED!!!! wow. it was so lindo! She was so happy. Her husband was so happy. I was so happy. and surely God was happy. They are an incredible family. They don't have much of anything (money, clothes, food,). The only exception is faith. They have a whole lot of faith, and really it makes up for the rest. We were a bit worried because the Sacrament Meeting started and they weren´t there yet. and we thought that maybe we needed to explain more about being autosufficient or the importance of church. and then they arrived all sweaty and tired. They told us that didn´t have anything on their sube so they walked. WOW. THEY LIVE IN THE LIMIT farthest point of our area. They walked for two and a half hours in the burning sun, with four kids less than 5 years old. What faith. Never have I seen such great faith, not in all of Buenos Aires.

and there´s more. The father of the family, Fernando, is going to be baptized this Sunday that is coming. and we asked him who he wanted to perform the ordinance. When we first met him he told us that he had a friend that was member of the church but in Lopez Camelo. We asked what if his friend could baptize him! He really liked that idea and asked his friend. but Alfredo is less active and said that he couldn´t. But it had such an impact on him that he started to change! Alfredo went to his ward yesterday, bore his testimony, had an interview with the bishop, and recieved permision to baptize fernando this week!!!!!! aww. God has a perfect plan that we can all help each other reactivate, baptize, serve, and grow together!



Thursday, March 10, 2016

La Familia Segovia

February 1, 2016

This week was so GREATTT GREAT GREAT.
Wow, the family Segovia! they have just grown and changed so much. They are so special. it feels exactly like the Robles family in the videos from the District. We came to the appointment the day we did divisions this week and said that we wanted to talk a little about the law of chastity. We had left the pamphlet with them the day before so they could study and see if they have any questions or whatever. and the Wife said "I don´t agree with this" before we even started the lesson. and I was like ..uh wow. (Diana is super smart. and you would never guess because they are a very humble family, and normally like all the kids are naked and they don´t have running water)  But we said okay we´re going to explain it and see if we can clarify some things and answer your questions and concerns. so we taught and talked and, it breaks my heart, but it came out that she was abused, and lost her first baby when she was 16. She misunderstood and thought that she had to repent for what had happened. I thought ohhh, you poor thing. and told her of course not, God is very just and fair and she had done nothing wrong. With that out of the way they readily accepted to live the law of chastity! and stayed to watch a baptismal service yesterday. WooHoo.

We are missing one full tithe payer to meet the requirements to be a ward here in Tigre!!

Thanks for everything. Love ya!
Hermana Haight

van a bautizar this sunday! 
but need lots of prayers because the dad is still struggling with smoking
They are so special.

divisions with Hermana Vallejos de Chile!

The perfect praying position when you get back to the apartment after a day full of miracles

Monday, March 7, 2016

Singing a Solo

January 25, 2016

OKAY you are never going to believe it. but i´m singing a solo in Sacrament Meeting next next sunday (and it actually sounds kind of good), I ate hot dogs for lunch (with mayo), and I killed a cucaracha all by myself without dad (The size of my thumb). The mission really changes a person. Its the best thing anyone can do.

I hope you all are reading the Book of Mormon before Conference. Because I am and it has been AMAZING. just this week I had been searching for an answer. I read 2Ne32 that says the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do. that night when I was saying my prayers a thought came to mind that I should read my patriarchal blessing. and When I read it, it was so clear to me what I needed to do!

We did two divisions this week. and It was great. We have the best missionaries in the world here in Buenos Aires! I learned so much from their examples of diligence and faith and consecration.

Awww, the family that we are teaching!! we taught the word of Wisdom to the dad. and in that lesson he reached in his pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarrettes and handed it to us. He said with God anything is posible. His Faith. is incredible. also ealier this week we asked if he believed the Book of Mormon was true. and he said "No earthly being could write what is on the pages of this book". The spirit was so strong, and I was so impressed that he has these truths engraven in his heart so quickly after hearing them for the first time. 

The Goal for Tigre is to become a ward, and we have really seen that God is hastening His work here. it makes me feel like when Joseph Smith needed to pay for the temple grounds, and Boom they baptized the person that was rich and could pay for it. The Lord provides for the needs. and right now, me and Hermana Vasquez are doing the EXACT same thing here! its so exciting. seeing that God needs more priesthood holders here, and we are finding those that he has prepared.

RELIEF SOCIETY about the talk by P. Utchdorf was so so good. read it de nuevo!

I know this gospel is true! 

divisiones con Hermana OLMOS de Argentina y Gonzales de Peru:)

Sunday, March 6, 2016


<3 Argentina

Missionaries of TIGRE!

my companion LOVE LOVE LOVES cats. everytime she sees a cat she always pets it. 
I feel like its rubbing off on me, i´m becoming a cat person!

This is where we teach fernando and diana! and their kids are always running around

Hermana Vargas returns to Ecuador