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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nuevo Districto

Sisters from the old district -- with our Lindors!

February 23, 2015

Hola Familia!!

So you probably weren't expecting a letter from me today, but I got switched to another district so now P-days are on Mondays. Sorry, I know you will probably feel really bad about not writing but it's totally fine, don't worry about it.

Thank you so much for the package!! That was so fun to get! I will try to ration the pick me up letters. and also the candy. but mostly just the letters. Those trail mix packs really came in handy when we did an early morning session at the temple! I was so dang excited to finally get my retainer! Tell angelica and chris thank you!!! That was sooooo sweet of them to be thinking of me, and their note melted my heart. ALSO I have been getting the dear elders, so thank you for that! tell andrew that too. but i don't know his address (email or otherwise) so i can't tell him. If you could I would really like it if you could send me some pictures!! especially if you could find my baptismal one, or of your wedding, because so many times while i'm teaching I wish I could pull them out.

So, I moved from my beginner district into an intermediate Spanish district. At first I felt flattered that I'm so good at spanish and haven't even taken any in school and whatnot. Until, I went to the new class, and IT IS SO HARD. I was like ..wow, this must be how the other people in my last class felt. Everyone in the new class is SO good at Spanish. I am by far the worst one. Yo no se nada! One of the girls took Spanish for 7 years in school!  This is how i felt  --> ._.

However, the Lord provides a way that we may accomplish anything commanded of us. So I try to have faith in Christ because I know he has faith in me! Also, during our lesson I try not to worry so much about the mechanics of my spanish and just think: what do I really want this person to know? speak from the corazon!

My new companion is the other girl from my last district, who I absolutely adore. Honestly if we got to choose our companions on the very first day I would have chosen her. We are very similar and get along so well I don't even think about having a companion, because we're like the same person. She is from Nebraska, going to Colorado. She is so incredibly sweet and also spiritual, and really really good at spanish. She totally carries our lessons. Being in intermediate is nice because I feel like we can work more on becoming better teachers than just the bare bones of being able to communicate.

Everyone in the new district is really nice. and a little more focused than the last, which is good. but less funny. but EVERYONE in the zone goes to choir.... not my favorite. SO i got to go on an exchange with my old companion. and man, it was so refreshing! She is crazy funny. She told me "I discovered a Narnia hole in our room!" The plates around the power outlets are only screwed in on one side so you can flip it up and put stuff in there and also the vents too. We found pumpkin spice gum (which expires next week) and ate it. Also one of those lollipops with a real scorpion in it (and she was like I'M GOING TO EAT IT TONIGHT!!) We wanted to put cookies in the vent so that everytime the next girls in the room turn on the heat they will smell delicious cookies. haha! just kidding ;)  also, she makes me feel so good about my spanish.

Sunday evenings we get to watch a film and last night we watched a talk that Bednar gave at the MTC called "The Character of Christ". it was fantastico! It was all about how Christ turns outward when most of us would turn in and think about ourselves. In the midst of his afflictions after suffering the Garden of Gethsemane and having his three closest apostles let him down, and then is betrayed by another, he still shows kindness and concern for others by healing the ear of a guard that came to take him away. Bednar said we are usually like the cookie monster "I want cookie now!!" and he really did a very good impression. and he said missionaries are like that too "I want baptism now!" it was pretty funny. and true. He said, the mission is not about you! it doesn't matter if you think you should be having more success, or if you want more investigators. You should be more focused on others and lose yourself. I wish you all could hear it! I don't know if you can look it up, but it was muy bien!

It was good to hear for me at that time too. It has been a very humbling experience. and I have already learned so much. I can't wait for 18 months of this!!

Anyway, love you all.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The First Week

February 17, 2015


Holy Canoli, we haven't even been here very long at all. But its already P-day and now I have to try to come up with some good things to say so you all don't think my life is boring. Honestly, I kind of feel pressure to write a good letter.

So, I first got here and they keep you pretty dang busy. The thought did cross my mind a couple times "...what in the world have I gotten myself into?!" All these rules about being with your companion all the time, what you have to wear, and say and do. But its fine. just an adjustment.

My companion is Hermana Winterton. She is just fabulous. She is from Utah, went to BYUi for a year and worked in the temple before the miss. At first I thought she was going to annoy the dickens out of me but it has turned out to be great. She did theater so she is kind of dramatic and is like a stereotypical blonde. But now she just cracks me up all the time! She came in with no background in Spanish whatsoever so that has been really funny. We were bearing our testimonies and she told some elders (who were also going spanish speaking and have been here way longer than us) that she knew the church was "verde" instead of "verdad". Another time in a lesson she said that we have a manzana for you & I whispered "mensaje! hermana, manzana is apple" and I honestly wouldn't have thought twice about it, but the other hermanas in our district got to observe people teaching on the cameras in the classrooms and they tuned in right at that moment. We laughed about it later in our room. Lastly, whenever we sit down to eat people usually close their eyes and say a personal prayer, and that's when Hermana Winterton pounces! She tries to steal food off their plates. So far she has succeeded in snatching croutons and curly fries, but she had to abort mission chicken nuggets. But really, she's great. Keeps everything fun. and she pushes me so much to be more spiritual. She has a beautiful testimony that is so strong. It really inspires me.

Nancy sent me a box of KKreme donuts! It was so incredibly sweet of her to be thinking of me and take the time to do that! please send her my love.

Sunday was SO fun. I finally paused my crazy work-aholic-ness and trying to be productive every second of everyday. And I had a great time. The spirit was so strong! We got to take a walk around the Provo temple & took a ton of pictures with the zone. I decided my motto is : work hard, play hard.

Language-Everything is going really well. I came in really prepared. I'm telling you, duolingo works wonders. In fact, my teacher pulled me and another girl in my district out of class and said he thought we were above beginner level. so we went and took a test to move up to intermediate. We should know in the next couple of days, but then I would have to leave my companion and district and zone :(

Most of the lesson we taught have been pretty rough with our broken spanish, trying to remember what we are saying and figure out what they are saying. But I was praying about how to be better missionaries and I felt like we should also participate in the challenges that we have extended. So before our lesson last night we read JS History. and I was praying really hard that Hna W would be able to understand what they were saying. We also sang a hymn at the beginning and the spirit was so so strong. it was a FANTASTIC LESSON. I really felt it when I explained and testified of Abraham 3:24-25.

The church is true! I love you all!!

Hermana Haight

Hermana Winterton & Hermana Haight

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hola Familia

February 13, 2015

Este es Hermana Haight. I'm here!! yay. The MTC is the greatest! My companion is Hermana Winterton, she is from Utah! So far I am feeling really well prepared for the language classes and understand basically everything they are saying. My companion is a little overwhelmed, so I get to help her. My P-day is Tuesdays so I will write you again but my favorite scripture of the day is Matthew 19:29!

Love you all!!
Viva Argentina
-Hermana H <3 

The MTC Good-bye

Hermana Haight

Ready to Serve!

Proud Parents!

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Trip to Utah

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Feeling the Love

Temple Square

 Sister Arbuckle at the Family History Center. She gave Courtney her scarf!!

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Setting Apart

Hermana Haight with President Carmack
Set apart February 9, 2015


Farewell Fiesta - February 8. 2015

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