Hermana Courtney Haight is currently serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Most Powerful Tool

May 16, 2016

Okay. sorry I know I haven´t written much the past three weeks.
but today we went to the flea market and bought A TON of stuff to bring back :)
Its so fun shopping with the trio. they´re great girls. Hahaha, hermana Carter is going home in July and said that she would come to California in August for my homecoming hahahha because her mom works for a flight agency and so she can get a free ticket! oooooh!

but this week we found SOLEDAD. wow I was praying that we could find just one more person! and OH YEAH we went crazy with the book of mormon this week. I think we gave away 5 in one day, and well over 20 in the week.  I didn´t bring anything in my bag but pure books of mormon. its the most powerful tool for conversion. What else could I possible be using?!

OH WE DID A MINI MTC. with the stake. It was so fun. the kids are so great.

I love you guys!

Happy Mother's Day

May 9, 2016

That was great. Love you guys!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Great Week

May 2, 2016

THIS WEEK WAS GREAT. my companions are teaching me how to cartwheel, finally!! I just feel like Im reaching all my life goals in the mission. so much funny stuff has happened, I can´t remember any of it.
its like a pig with fur, and duck feet
cooking PDAY
divisions with hermana MYRICK de Sacramento, CA. 
(Hermana Da Silva is training her, so she´s like my granddaughter)

ice cream

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Pivot

April 25, 2016

This week was just one big long miracle.
Hermana Carter is from Saratoga Springs, Utah! if everyone from Utah is like her, i´m totally moving there! I feel like we´re like the same person, except she is more christlike. we have a ton in common.

First of all with three it is wayy too much fun! and we´re all gringas. our lider de distrito said "So its like EFY" and honestly, it kind of is! hahah. my companions are super great. super funny. super loving. super heroes! We did the trust fall in the table of the pension and they actually caught me.and it worked out so well that we decided to do it in the Zone Meeting too. 
We went to the pension of the other Hermanitas and taped pass along card all over their door! and called them at night. they loved it! which is good because they have been struggling a bit with being happy!

With three of us here we started doing something we call "the pivot" where we split up because you always have to be able to see and hear your companion but with three we can be a little bit more spread out and so the person in the middle their job is to pray for the other two companions who are talking to the people. ITS SUPER EFFECTIVE. we were able to talk to a less active hermana, and get an appointment with a new family at the same time! 

Also we are writing a song to get more references (DON´T TELL NICOLE but its to the tune one direction song)

Marina (15) who already finished the book of mormon came to church, and she totally loved it! she is coming to new beginnings this saturday and said the closing prayer in YW. also she took a picture of the theme and said she was going to memorize it for next week.

We were walking to an appointment and I just thought, lets go to Martin´s house right now because he lived super close. Right when we got there he was just about the smoke!! Wow, it was super inspired! poor guy. its not easy to break an addiction. especially when he went from smoking two packs a day along with other drugs, and stopped everything in 5 days. But his son is 9, and we have been talking to him about baptism. and we just found out that the mom is an inactive member who also lives in Tigre! WOW. Lautaro(el hijo) went to the temple saturday.

We have been thinking a lot about personal revelacion lately. So many times we feel like its almost imposible to get an answer to questions that we have, or other times we don´t even bother to ask God to confirm to us basic truths, if Joseph Smith was a profet, or if we´re doing things good. Sometimes we think it is hard to interpret the Spirit, and I know I have felt lost at times even after asking God. But I love that it says in PMG ch 4 that God loves us and wants to communicate with us, and He will help us as we ask, knock, search for personal revelacion. Its very special to have callings, because we learn so much about this process "how to recieve personal revelation, and how the spirit works" which are important lessons to learn in this life.We do not ask enough! Take advantage of this great gift and talk with the heavens! they talk back!

I love being a missionary. I love my Savior. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me a loving family that has helped me so much learn correct principles. I owe everything to you guys!


my cute companions in the flood

Thursday, May 12, 2016


April 19, 2016

We just came from the mission house. We recieved the new missionaries for this transfer. Can you belivee it 5 hermanas and one solo elder! But they're all awesome! we taught them a little about the mission. But wow Hermana Ririe is going to be like a great leader! because she is already doing so much stuff and is only in her training. But we are in a trio now, with HERMANA CARTER de Utah! i'm so so excited.
THIS WEEK. first of all Martin was SO EXCITED for his confirmacion that they called him up and he went straight to the pulpit and started to speak, and they had to direct him the chair to sit down and be confirmed hahahaha.He brought his son (9). We had 10 people in Relief Society including us and the president who gave the lesson.
OH, the english classes pay off! a young man started coming to the ingles clases and he came to church too! HE'S MARRIED!!! not just living together (yessssss!) and they have two kids. THEY are super good people. From Peru!!
I never told you guys but there is a less active family that has reactivated in the last couple of weeks. I remember going to their house and they would yell out from their window, NO WE'RE BUSY RIGHT NOW! COME BACK LATER. and honestly I can't remember anything that we did, only that they felt the Spirit that it was time to come back, and we gave them the kick and persistence that they needed and now the dad paid tithing, and blessed the sacrament Sunday. And yesterday we had lunch with their family, and their house has changed so much. it used to be so dark and heavy and despressive. but now its open, colorful, and they're more happy. He is the only one who is coming to church, but I think his son (17) is ready to come back too. OH we ate liver. I thought of grandpa taylor. I don't know how he could do it everyday.
Everything flooded horribly in Tigre! luckily a member from congress gave me a big pink pancho in my first area. So i pulled out! The members make fun of me, but hey i'm dry!
I know the gopel is true and life is so short there isn't time to be discouraged!


Monday, May 9, 2016

Martin's Baptism

April 11, 2016

MARTIN SE BAUTIZĂ“. He was so excited. The first baptism de Hermana Ririe!! and it was HERMOSO. beautiful. after the service he sent us a mesage and said "Hermanas! I feel so good!" The branch president went with us to visit him, and told him that they are going to ask his help for a youth activity to teach the boys how to make empanadas. and we went with the Quorum president too. they stayed their talking for two hours, and in the meantime we went out preaching:D 

My companion is the best person in the whole world. WOW she is so patient, and helps me so much with the zone meetings, divisions and everything else you can imagine. She is very humble, and comes from a fantastic family. I have a lot to learn. God knows exactly what we need and who can teach us the most.

Mercedes will be baptized next week. don`t worry :)

Sunday, May 8, 2016


April 4, 2016

Dear mom.

This week was awesome! Martin is progresing a ton! he bought a white shirt to go to church. and is stopping smoking and the drugs. He is so cute, like a 40 year old little kid. He saw our scriptures and said "Hermanas can i ask a question?" Yes martin. "Can I mark my book of mormon with colors like that?" of course!!
Mercedes is doing well she loves God so much and wants to be baptized because she feels like God has given her so much and its the least she can do. they loved the conference. But her husband Jorge is a little bit more difficult. He keeps saying  "One has to be SUPER prepared to be baptized. I take these things seriously!" and doesn't listen to what we say so much. But he LOVED conference too.
If all goes well Mercedes and Martin will be baptized this Sunday.
We challenged the jovenes, to share the gospel more, Post on facebook a quote about the conference, una foto, or something, and to pray that someone who needs the gospel will like the post. This will help them know who, because a lot of people think that they don't have anyone to share the gospel with, but have 1000 nonmember friends on facebook! that's actually how we found martin!
Tenemos otro chico who came the conference (he's 17) and his sister is member less active. this poor little family. their dad committed suicide three years ago. and in their house everyone yells at each other and tells each that they're useless, and I just think, that is not the plan God has for his children. But Ramon really really liked the conference. He wants to come to church next week.

we went FISHING for p day!

my companion caught a snake!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


March 28, 2016


This week was full a miracles. after what happened last week with putting the goal of people in the church we started this week and said we´re going to have 5 investigators. and let me tell you. there are always trials of faith before the miracle.

 first of all. it flooded in Tigre again. and I don´t know why but we got off a bus stop early and we passed by a man, and I kind of felt like talking to him but I thought nahh. and then we tried to cross the street but it was mid-calf deep river (we had boots, but still..) so we decided to turn around and take another street. and we passed by him again and he started talking to us about the weather and the floods. and he and his wife live three blocks from the church. and we told them that we are the missionaries and they said "OH we´ve always seen that church! can we go to it?" "OF COURSE :)" they are like 65years old and they have seen a lot of bad things in the world. we entered into their house and shared the restoration. when we were leaving the wife (Mercedes) said "its true what you girls said". The both of them with their grandaughter came to church! and they all really liked it. they have baptismal date for April 10.

Also MARTIN. Another person super prepared by God to meet us. a year and a half ago he was a drinker, drugger, and lived the worldly life. But he wanted to change so he started going to church. He´s about 40, and kindof evangilist-y but he is SO EXCITED about the gospel. When we came back for the appointment he had the table all set up with chairs, and juice and crackers, with his Book of Mormon and the first thing he said to us "I was reading!! what is says here is very good. It called my attention alot." and he said we´ll see if I go to church tomorrow. so we talked a little bit more about going to church, and he said himself "I commit to going to church tomorrow" and shook both our hands in the middle of the lesson. haha and we didn´t even ask him, he comitted himself. God does all the work here. HE LOVED THE CHURCh and is super excited for the english classes and for his baptism.

we found another family with 5 kids, oh and a girlfriend of a member and there are just a ton a people and FIREEE. But we ended up having 7 people come to church.

I´m so proud of you giving away cards! we´re doing the same exact thing but thousands of miles apart and in different languages! but God is the same.

I know that this Gospel is true. and that Christ will come sooner than we think!
I love my Savior, and I know He loves us!

keep up the good work!

Hannalore Dietrich sent me a letter!

BOWLING with the zone

picnic with RUBEN. hes so funny.

Divisions with ESCOLAR

con la hermana Collado de SPAIN

happy easter with my little companera
here they make chocolate eggs and fill them with candy

okay in the right corner where theres a blue thing. thats a monkey!

the familia acosta.