Hermana Courtney Haight is currently serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

Monday, December 7, 2015


First of all. MY COMPANION IS THE BEST. sweeter than dulce de leche. She is so service oriented. She has a really strong testimony, and wants to do her very best for the Lord. She´s an inspiration, and has such love for the people that they can´t help but listen. She has been teaching me so so much this past week.

I think I got like food poisoning or something and threw up 7 times yesterday. haha one time we were in the bus, and I felt the urge, but I was trying really hard to use mental power and tell myself that I didn´t have to barf. I was telling myself FAITH IS MENTAL POWER, YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE. but I guess I had a fault of faith because... well, I was like Hermana! and we got off the bus right then and I threw up in the street. It happened right before we took those photos. But I decided from now on I´m only going to drink filtered water. but its awesome! good stories for the journal right? hahaha, and I feel a lot better after.

In Tigre it is a lot more countryside. There are horses, the road is dirt. and there are millions of dogs and kids in every house/hut/whatever you call them. The people are SUPER receptive its crazy. You spend all day long teaching. but the challenge is getting them to act! We commited 7 people to be baptized this week but none of them came to church :(

The members are fantastic. All of them want to do missionary work, and always give us references. I feel like i´m in a completely different mission from capital where were begging people to listen for 30 seconds. Here the people love to talk! its funny. everyone believes in God. There is a ton of potential here! and With hermana Vasquez I know we can explode Tigre and baptize a ton this transfer.

The biggest miracle we saw this week was Paola. We were talking to a lady who didn´t want to listen and asked if she knew anyone else, she said that a seƱora named paola who lived across the street and we should go visit her. so we did. and we started to talk, and she said that she felt like God has been trying so many times to reach out to her, but she never acts. and I said "Paola I know that God loves you, and He really really wants you to come closer to Him" and she said "How do you know my name?!" and invited us into her house. She had tried to commit suicide before. But we taught her about Christ and repentance and how she can take away the things that hurt. We taught her about the love of God and the potential He sees in all of us. and She is so excited everytime we come by! and she really feels the Spirit. she´s so sweet she said "i´m really going to miss you when you go back to your houses. but I´m GOING TO KEEP GOING!" Her oldest son is 15, and they both accepted to be baptized. But Sunday we went by and they weren´t home! nooooooooo. we´re going to see what happened. but ya

Oh, and the mission has a choir. And my companion is in the choir. its amazing. they sing a bunch of songs about Christmas and do a little devotional. Its super powerful, and a great tool to invite investigators to feel the spirit. I love music. It brings the Spirit so much!

Anyway, Tigre is awesome. The mision is the best thing anyone can do wiht their lives. and INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS!

Hermana Haight

another missionary sent me this, I think its fantastic!

``Few men on earth, either in or out of the Church, have caught the vision of what the Book of Mormon is all about. Few are they among men who know the part it has played and will yet play in preparing the way for the coming of Him of whom it is a new witness.…´´

What kind of people are we? Do we truly understand the importance of the Book of Mormon and what it signifies? The Book of Mormon is SO important and we HAVE to have a a testimony of this holy book because it is the keystone of our religion. If the Book of Mormon is false so is everything else! If you have not gained a firm testimony in the Book of Mormon I would like to invite you to read, ponder, and pray about it. If you know the importance of it I would like to invite you to still read it every day so that you can continue to gain more knowledge and wisdom. 

~Bruce R Mcconkie

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