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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 4

March 9, 2015

Hola! <3

Life in el CCM is a roller coaster. The highest highs, the lowest lows, and always high speed!

First off, the funnies!
There is a totally hilarious elder, pennington, (who is actually the zone leader) and he only brought three shirts on the mission! one mission. two years. three shirts. we thought that was funny. Yesterday while we were eating lunch he said "I wonder if when we yawn deaf people think we are yelling." haha! Also, in class our teacher was teaching us the difference between por y para and Elder Mella was like "por y para, if you say it fast it sounds like portapotty." Lastly, this story is for Jordan, this one missionary in our zone is from tennesee and from the stories he tells it sounds pretty hick town/country-ish. His mom makes squirrel for dinner! and he was telling us about this one time when he was in his yard he made eye contact with a raccoon, and they had a stare down for a while. and then the raccoon jumped out and he "drop-kicked" it and it flew like 15 feet in the air! sooo funny!

Anyway, planning lessons can get kind of stressful, I don't know why, but we're worried about what to teach and what the person needs, and the order of our points, which scriptures, whose going to say what. all of that stuff. and a lot of the time I think "auggg, we HAVE TO teach two lessons today.." But this Tuesday I had a bit of change of heart. During the lesson I just started to get so excited about what we were teaching, and what the means for our investigator! At the beginning he was really not too interested. But we spoke with passion about the restoration and all the opportunities that are now available to us because of it! I had memorized the first vision in spanish and got to use it this lesson! Jeepers/Golly/Boy [i don't know what word is most missionary appropriate] was it powerful! When I finished the investigator fue como "what! What did José do for that to happen?" it really had captured his attention. Our next lesson with him on Friday, he was totally changed! He told us he had read the scriptures and prayed! estoy entusiasmada para el.

Wednesday was a low point on the roller coaster ride. We got new missionaries coming in the CCM and my companion got homesick. Our investigators that day were really not having it either. It was hard. I just felt like an ineffective missionary. The next day our maestro gave us feedback on how we're doing and could tell that our spirits were down. He took us to the computer and read us some of the notes investagadores wrote after our lecciones. They said things like "I am the worst person ever for not reading the scriptures they told me to!" & "I like those girls, they always make me feel good" & "I want my daughter to grow up to be like them"

All of our lecciones since then have been so dang powerful. I just feel like I'm Clay Thompson! They can't stop me. We're on fire. Every situation we have been in I just feel the Spirit testify through me and see it affect the recipients. Even when we go wayyyy off the planned lesson, we aren't nervous, and it turns out fantastic. I feel like this can't go on forever, and there has to be some bad lessons occasionally. I'm so scared that I'm going to lose the Spirit! So I need to remember to be humble! (so I guess I mean the Spirit is Clay Thompson). But I finally felt like a real missionary. I cannot believe it has already been a month.

The MTC is a beautiful place. You feel you are of such worth here because everyone is so accepting and we are constantly reminded about God's love for us. It scares me to think in two short weeks from today I will be headed to ARGENTINA.

OH. p.s. One more thing I am unstoppable at: street contacting. I just think it's so fun. (in the MTC at least, hahaha) And i don't mind talking to strangers, infact I love it. especially in spanish. My companion and I are practicing intriguing hooks


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