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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week 3

March 2, 2015

This week has been so funny. Two times I was laughing so much and really did not think I would ever be able to stop. AND ONE OF THOSE TIMES WAS DURING A LESSON! We love our "investigators" so much. They're hilarious. But anyway, when I think back at all the jokes, I realize you all will probably think that my sense of humor has plummeted because they're really not funny. Maybe the MTC is driving us all crazy. and mostly its because of the people, but just know you had to be there. 

Here are two examples of our stale humor:
Elder Mella said "estoy un poco casado" instead of cansado! (I'm a little bit married. instead of tired) and we are NEVER going to let him live that down. Also, we played this game where we write a place on the board and one person can't see it. The other students in class have to use future conjugation to say what you will be doing at that place in order to get them to guess the right location. We wrote "un cumpleanos fiesta por su pero" a birthday party for your dog. And the girl that was guessing knew it was a b-day party, and we told her it was a special kind of party! and kept giving hints. eventually she guessed "al baƱo?". and we laughed so much! YES A BIRTHDAY PARTY IN THE BATHROOM!

Our investigator, Jared, is so so funny! quite possibly my favorite person in the entire CCM. One day we were talking about how much we love those delicious cadbury eggs with the chocolate inside. YUM. and at our last lesson he brought us a ziploc of them. HOW SWEET! ;) haha get it?

We had a fabulous devotional Tuesday night about being humble in order to be a good missionary. And if we are humble that is when the Lord can work through you. It's actually not you at all, so get over yourself. and I was like "okay!! i'm going to do it!"  So prayed really hard to be humble and repented a lot. and really expressed my pure desire to be a good missionary and just an instrument in the hands of God. We practice teaching our teachers and so we had a lesson with our "investigator"/maestro, Jaime. We were planning on teaching about Christ because he really doesn't know too much about Him. But we didn't have much time and he didn't pray like we challenged him to, so instead we just talked about prayer the whole time. After the lesson our teacher came up to us and said [i paraphrase because it was in spanish] "never in my career at the CCM has anyone ever cared so much about following up on a compromiso". He said it was so powerful that it made him excited to pray, and he's a member.

Things have gotten so much better. I finally feel like I maybe, kind of, a little bit know what I am doing now. Our lessons have gotten a lot more focused on the person rather than doctrine. And we learn so much every single day! My testimony of this gospel has grown in ways it absolutely would have never been able to if I was not on a mission. There is honestly nothing else I could be doing right now that would be more important or be of more value. I am so grateful for this opportunity. It just makes me so happy! I love the Lord. I love this Gospel. I love the MTC!


P.S. the most repeated commandment in the scriptures is to ask! hmm, most be important or something!

My companion's mom is counting down, but thinks it's too depressing to count by the days, so instead she is counting the fast sundays. So we only have 17 fast sundays left on the mission. WOW. doesn't that sound so short?! It's scary, I'm not ready to go home!

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