Hermana Courtney Haight is currently serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

Monday, April 13, 2015


SURPRISE, we had a flash transfer thursday morning, and now i´m in Congreso with Hermana Lopez!! It is very different from La Boca, much more city and less dogs! but it is still close and i´m in the same zone, and hna Forte y Espinosa are my sister training leaders so I´ll still get to see them. We had church yesterday and I got to meet the ward and WOW, they are FANTASTIC!!!!! I think that was the best fast and testimony meeting of my entire life. There is such power here in the members and I am so excited to work with them!

But wow. mission life is not easy. In the new apartment all the running water is based off one knob, and so if we want to have water in the kitchen you have to go to the bathroom and turn it on. Also our shower doesn´t work, and I want to challenge you guys to try out bathing with a bucket so you can live the mission experience with me :). haha. but i actually really want jordan to try it! (it´s kind of fun..)

We had another baptism Sunday, a little boy named Mauro (his parents aren´t members). The ward mission leader is fantastic, he teaches at the MTC in Buenos Aires, and my companion had him as her teacher!! how funny.

This week we had a great lesson with Augusto! He is 35 years old and we met him on the street my first day in Congreso. We set up an appt to talk to him later, and we came back to teach the Restauracion. It was a powerful lesson! and the member we had with us bore such a great testimony!! she is 19 years old and a convert of only 4 months! She testified of the first vision and after that we committed him to baptism!! wooooooooooo. and we made plans to meet for church and go together. 

When Sunday morning rolled around we called him about 4 times and he never answered and he wasn´t at the meeting spot, so we thought ok chau. and went to the capilla con with our other investagator (i don´t even know how to spell in english anymore) who we committed to baptism since I got here too! and after sacrament meeting WE SEE AUGUSTO!! he came to church by himself. wow. and he stayed for Sunday school and Priesthood. It is so beautiful to see people who really want to change their lives and when they know how to do it, they do it!! As a missionary we don´t even do anything! God has prepared them so well to recieve the gospel, it´s amazing!

The mission is not easy. One of the hermanas that came with my group has gone home. There are times when you are so dang tired. And there is so much expected of you. But I just pray so hard and think of when Jesus had just finished suffering in the Garden He probably felt so done and didn´t want to talk to anyone, or complain or take a nap or just focus on Himself after suffering for all the sins of the entire world and bleeding from every pore. But even then He had the compassion to think of others and heal the ear of the soldier that was there to take Him away. Yes, when it is tough I think of the Savior, and then it is possible.

Thank you for all your letters of support, it is so fun to hear what´s going on back home. Happy spring break! Keep up the good work! you are such great examples. And be nice to the missionaries at home!

Love you so much!
Hermana Haight

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