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Sunday, April 5, 2015

First Week in Argentina

March 30, 2015

WOOOO I´M IN ARGENTINA! viva la boca! honestly, a lot of things are different but I feel like I don´t even notice how weird things are. My companions are always the ones to be like ´that was really weird" First of all, there are dogs. everywhere. they don´t really bother you, but it´s just so different to be walking down a street and pass like 10 dogs in two minutes. Second of all the drivers are CRAZY! and people cross the street whenever they feel like it, so they just dodge the cars and the cars dodge people. And i´m always scared i´m going to die everytime we cross. Also, there are like no vegetables. But the bread y facturas (donuts/churros/pastries) are so dang good. way better than estados unidos (US). Dulce de leche is way good too. And the meat. Honestly the food is fantastic.

In Argentina I just feel free. Like you can just do whatever you want. The United States I just feel like we are bound by unspoken rules of how to act and people are very aware of how they are being perceived by others, but here you just do what you gotta do. People are hanging out outside or walking around town all the time, which is great for missionary work. Oh, but there are quiet a few cat callers. At first I was so excited that someone wanted to talk to me, and I thought it was because they were just feeling the Spirit draw them to the truth! But nah. Sometimes they can say like "i love you"  or "beautiful" in english. haha. it´s whatever.

I just love it here! La Boca especially is amazing. Very beautiful! and the ward is HUGE and the members are absolutely fabulous. We go out with a member every single day! and this week one of the members that was with us said she had a friend we could talk to! so we went over and Melanie is her name, and boy is she FANTASTIC. she is 17 years old and very receptive! she reads Everything we give her, and understands it too, when we come back and ask questions she always knows the answers! and she came to church sunday. WOO church was crazy, ahhahah. a lot like the El Camino Ward, but with more people so it´s louder. and they were having problems with the microphone and so every once in a while it would shriek and everyone in the congregation would scream. I just loved it and thought it was hilarious. They´re trying their best. My companions said it is usually more reverant.

Oh side note, on the plane ride over we sat next to an 8 year old boy named griffin. There was only the three of us in our row and we had plenty of time, so we taught him the Restoration.

The Spanish is coming. It really is. con tiempo. But I can communicate alright. mas o menos. But still I definitely feel like I´m not contributing evenly to the companionship, but of course, what can you expect when you´ve been here for 4 days. a veces I feel like it doesn´t matter who does the missionary work and worry if I (Hermana Haight) am really making a difference. Which is silly I know. It hasn´t even been a week. HOWEVER, one person I am really proud of is Alberto! We passed him on our way to teach Lara, a young girl who got confirmed yesterday in church. And we have to teach Lara outside because her parents, and I said to my companion "do we just want to invite him to come listen?" because I just felt like he would really pay attention because he wasn´t in a rush to go anywhere. So we did! and he was eating it up!! every word! and when we talked about how Jose Smith was confused and didn´t know which church is true he was like "YEAH HOW DO YOU KNOW WHICH ONE IS?! there´s so many!" And I recited the first vision (booyaa) and he just really loved the message. and we taught him he could pray to know if it was real. And I asked him if he wanted to pray right now. and he said something is spanish, and asked my companion "huh¨" and she said that he said no, that he wants to pray but is embarrassed. But I said "no you can do it alberto!! God loves you and wants to hear from you! c´mon!" SO HE DID. And he was so happy afterwards, and I asked how he felt and he said good! He doesn´t live in our area, but we got the address and sent in a referencia. but wow. ya. How great. The first time that I felt "wow. I, ME, Hermana Haight as an individual, just helped someone come unto Christ. and it probably wouldn´t have happened at that time if I wasn´t here" Que copado. (how cool)

Anyway love you all. I can´t send all the pictures because it will take too long, but i´ll just send my card home later. And my shoes aren´t even hurting my feet! I was kind of worried about that, but it´s been fine!
Hope all is well <3

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