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Thursday, April 23, 2015

One Month in BsAs

April 20, 2015

Sorry, I can´t send any pictures this week. the computers aren´t so good. this is like the one we had before the DELL and fat mac. haha. 

I can´t believe i´ve been in Argentina for a basically a month. I feel like i have changed more this past week than my entire 19 years of life. On the mission you really learn a lot about yourself, I don´t know why maybe because we have more time to reflect. But I am so grateful for a patient and loving companion. I´m trying to teach her english too. little by little. I taught her how to say "NAAAAAILED IT!" haha, I don´t know if I ever told you but one of the members and I were on a split and she told me to say "che que lindo moco" to my companions when we met back up. she told me moco meant face, ahahhah but later I found out it means BOOGER! translation: "hey what a beautiful booger". So many argentine´s wear shirts with english words on them, and I always ask if they know what it means, and they never do. OH also, I heard one direction playing when we met up with a member at McDonalds. A glorious and savored moment :)

De verdad (means really/truthfully and is probably my favorite thing to say), this week contained the highest highs and the lowest lows. First off, we had no one to teach, which makes for long, unsatisfying days. And you also think "what am I doing wrong?" But this is God´s work. and there is a strategically organized plan that we are fulfilling everyday. I just love reading about Joseph and the early saints in Our Heritage and I imagine all the little tiny things that I would be complaining about if I were in there place. But they were still so happy and kept the faith and perservered. and i think "dang. okay. i can do better!"  

And we saw miracles. Literally no one would talk to us or even accept our little cards. no quierria nada! And one day I knelt down while my companion was in the shower and prayed. For forgiveness for being so prideful. and thinking that I´m the best and I can convince anyone of this gospel. And that next day, every single person we talked to wanted to go to church and wanted to learn more. It was crazy! Even when we would go to a house and they weren´t home, we would talk to someone outside or a neighbor, and wow. We would ask if they knew anyone else interested and they would give us referals. One person even came up to us and said "are you missionaries?" and wanted to talk. It was a day of fuego! gracias a Señor.

two killer people;
CINDY-- 22 moved to BsAs to study and lives with a girl who is a member but hasn´t been active in yearsssssss. And they both are so interested in connecting/reconnecting with God. and they read the BoM together and are in Mosiah already. They have such good questions about understanding what are the small plates and plates of brass. We only just met them yesterday but we were in the plaza and there was a big political campaign -- stuff going on, so we called the bishop (who lived just around the corner) and actually taught the first lesson in his house with his wife and family. It was so great! and so great for the family to see the missionary work, and I think they´ll be so much more excited to give us referencias!

&& Yuli. wow. Yuli and her husband have two sons 13 and 4. and I just love their family so much. More than anyone I have met in the mission. They are such good people and really want to change. Her husband is really involved in the family too which is beautiful to see. They are worried about their teenager feeling like he belongs without getting into trouble. And they said on Sunday bryan was like "We need to go to church!! come on!" and that he has been read the BoM we gave them. and asking questions about why are we called Mormons. and there is just such a beautiful spirit in their home and I know they can be even happier with this Gospel.

We were so blessed this week. and learned a good lesson about patience. Keep up the good work back home! Oh, and if you have any good ideas for FHE games and lessons let me know :) I´m thinking we´re going to make titles of liberty tonight.

Hermana Haight

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