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Monday, June 8, 2015

Awesome Week

THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME! Julio was confirmed and the lesson in gospel principles was about ESPIRITU SANTO! how perfect! AHH I don´t have much time but this new family came to the ward and we had lunch with them yesterday. We were talking about our experiences in the mission and everything and the husband started to explain how he was baptized and then started to have SOOO many challenges so he went inactive for a while, but now he is a returned missionary and married.

I don´t know if I told you but Melody our investigator who is INCREDIBLE. she read the Book of Mormon and was telling us about how there is Laman and Lemuel and Nefi and they had to take all their gold to try to get the records but two of them didn´t want to. and their dad had a dream about a tree. and she remembered everything! their names y todo. and she told her nephew and he remembered everything too! que capa. And Melody wants to be baptized, but her mom said when she is baptized she is going to have a lot of trials. 

So the new member in the ward has the same story that is the fear of the mama!! He said he would come with us to visit them and share his experiences. We are praying that her mom will accept her decision and support her in her baptism. I don´t know if that makes any sense pero MILAGROS A FUL. (tons of miracles). 

Hermana Haight

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