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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fecha Bautismal

December 28, 2015

Awh, it was so fun to skype you guys! what a bummer that Andrew and 1/2 of Nicole weren`t there! but it was awesome. you guys are so funny. can`t wait for eternity. hahaha ... anyways

It was crazy with the activity, dinner, skyping and christmas. But it was a really rewarding week. We had an antiguo investigator come to church! Before he worked Sundays so couldn`t progress, but now has changed his work and we found him! so woohoo! He really really liked the church. He said he loved the ambiente, and that it was very positive and the people too were good. After the meetings, we showed him the pila bautismal and talked about baptism. He accepted a fecha bautismal!!!! and basically we`re stolked. OH ALSO, during weekly planning we were thinking about how to work more with the members, and an idea that we had earlier that we talked to our Mission Leader was to do a Sacrament meeting with missionary work theme. but this was like 5 weeks ago that we talked about this and nothing had gotten done. but in Weekly planning (saturday) we talked about it again and decided to call the Branch President. and he said "Hermanas no problem. when do you want to do it? Tomorrow?" and we said .. YEAH. so we with the elderes of the ward each gave a talk. and extended the challenge to give a BoM after we stood at the door and passed out Books of Mormon. It went well and we recieved some referencias! 

My companion had a great idea. we were talking about how the children of Mosiah suffered hunger, thirst, and all manner of affliction, and she told me to tape a lice (how do you say lice singular?) in my scriptures where it says that!

Merry Christmas to all. and Happy New Year!!!
Hermana Haight

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