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Monday, February 29, 2016

Going the extra mile

January 18, 2016

honestly there has never been a better time in all of my mission. my companion is the best. God is blessing too much. We are always laughing and having fun, and then we enter the lesson and BOOM teach with such power and they accept baptism! And the members are too great. One family went on vacation and brought us back bracelet souveniers (who thinks of buying the missionaries stuff on vacation?!) Another hermana sent us a text "Hermanas, I want to give you some fresh baked empanadas that i´m making right now, i´ll drop them off at your apartment" YESSS!!

We were sitting in the parada esperando colectivo. y empezamos a hablar con dos hombres. invitamos a la iglesia uno dijo "sí. voy." His mom passed away 8 months ago. At first he was mad at God but it didn´t take long for him to realize that he was mistaken. He and his wife (married one year ago, after living together for 7 woohoo) were looking for a place to raise their kids, and find God. So we wrote down his address and went by the next day. BUT WOW it was in the very corner limit of our area, past all the country and farms. and we almost couldn´t find it and gave up. and if we turned back at that point we would have never returned because it was so far away from everything. But we were guided by the hand of God. They are SUPER PREPARED. The wife said "I feel peaceful talking to you" and asked if we could visit when her husband is home so they can listen together. They accepted baptism. 

To go to church we told them we would pass by to get them at 8:15. and Sunday morning we got to their house and saludamos el esposo. he looked really tired and said "one moment" and came back with his wife and she had just gotten up and she told us "uh... we were confused. we thought you meant 8 in the night!" nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I thought. awww. we apologized for not being so clear but the husband said "We´ll change right now and my wife will go with the kids" WOW INVESTIGATORS DON´T JUST DO THAT. and they started to wake up the four babies. and the dad said he needed to go to work because he was taking care of a house and he left it unlocked so he needed to go or else people are going to rob. and we said ahh yah, we understand. but how sad because you need three church attendence to baptize. and he said "okay, i´ll go for the first part!" WOWOWOWO and then the little kids came out in little dresses and collared shirts. SO CUTE. and then Fernando (the dad) said that his dad has a car and could drive us!! woohoo! because we were super far from the church. AND THE BROTHER OF FERNANDO (14) WANTED TO COME TO CHURCH TOO. so we all piled in the car, and the windows were open all night so it was FULL of mosquitos, it was awesome. and Fernando´s dad looks like bob marley, no joke. he has dread locks and little circle sunglasses and smokes cigars, but he drove us. and he started up the car and adel was playing "WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL" and we were speeding down the bumpy farm roads of Argentina, crammed in with as many children and mosquitos as possible, going with a family to change their lives in the church. 

I was so happy. you should have seen the smile on my face. hahaha. And They loved the church. I could have died of happiness.

This week we had super success. We put 6 baptismal dates. Do you know why?! i´ll tell you why. First of all I love hermana Vasquez, I love that we can set goals and plan. She is super smart. And we have been reading the book of mormon for the challenge before conference! and we have been super impressed with the example of Nephi. We have a such power in agency to choose how we see the world, and our circumstances. Just look at the difference between Nephi and Laman/Lemuel.

 And so great were the blessings of the Lord upon us, that while we did live upon raw meat in the wilderness, our women did give plenty of suck for their children, and were strong, yea, even like unto the men; and they began to bear their journeyings without murmurings.

20 And thou art like unto our father, led away by the foolish imaginations of his heart; yea, he hath led us out of the land of Jerusalem, and we have wandered in the wilderness for these many years; and our women have toiled, being big with child; and they have borne children in the wilderness and suffered all things, save it were death; and it would have been better that they had died before they came out of Jerusalem than to have suffered these afflictions.

We have been super thankful and looking for all the blessings of the Lord. and this week we have seen Him guiding us. from the bus stop to the members we eat with that offer to go with us to the appointment. God is in this work. If you look for Him, He will open your eyes to just how much He is doing and preparing backstage. It has helped us A TON this week!

LOVE Herman Haight

PS don´t tell Nicole, but we wrote a song about the branch to the tune of One direction What Makes you Beautiful
Oh, oh oh! Vientecinco (25) bau-tis-mo OH OH Tigre es un ba-rri-o!
(because the goal this year for the branch is be come a ward, and 25 baptisms)

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