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Friday, June 17, 2016


May 31, 2016

I have just been learning so much. everything that ever happens to us is to help us become more like Christ. Augh. I´m so far away. BUT THANKS MOM for sending me that talk about the enabling power of the atonement. it helps us put off the natural man and become a Saint. that is helping me a lot!

Life is just so simple, we can ask God for help with anything! We are loving the Conference talks too!

We made a video in Tigre. If you add maybe stefi villalva on Facebook you can see it. also, Paola maldonaldo said she added me, but i didn´t accept haha.

You are just a fantastic little President, and Woodland park is so lucky to have you! keep up the good work. :) I love hearing how christlike you are in every situation. whether its giving service, and responding to the grumbles! I´m proud to call you my mom!

This week. I honestly can´t even remember what happened. awww it was so hard to say goodbye, I really didn´t want to change from Tigre or my companions. but now,
All I know is that I´m totally excited to be here. But I´m definitely not in Tigre anymore. Chacabuco is capital, a lot more city. I am going to miss all the dogs in the streets, and dirt roads, and that everyone lets you in to their house.

Okay. there are two more transfers left. SO NOW ITS WORK WORK WORK. I don´t know how many minutes I have left! but i{m going to take advantage of every single one of them. I made a new life goal: never be mad every again. hahahaha.

I had to say goodbye to Tigre

my new companion. HERMANA GONZALES de Lima, Peru!
we´re in CHACABUCO!

familia Acosta (cristina, zamira, dani, marcos, jere) 
all with thier little missionary plaques that we made!

The last night trio sleepover party with a kilo of ice cream!

Daiana Segovia and all the babies (poor thing, we asked her if she needed anything and she said they don´t have a heater)

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