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Friday, June 17, 2016


June 6, 2016

How weird because i´m just reading about abinadi too!!! I love that. when Noah came there was a lot of wickedness in the city and their hearts were set on riches, they were lazy, focused on their own desire more than will of God. How many people do we know like this in our lives? and what did God do about it? He sent Abinadi to help them understand what they were doing wasn´t going to get them anywhere. and it makes me think God sends us to these same types of people so that we can help them.

THIS WEEK WAS SO CRAZY. the first night here in Chacabuco my companion woke up at 2 AM, crying saying that she didn´t have any strength in her arms and felt a lot of pressure in her head. We called the mission president´s wife (poor thing) and she told us to go to the hospital. so we went and they hooked her up to an IV. and everything calmed down. She´s fine now, still a little delicate. But she's great, a super hard worker, a pesar de todo (i can´t remember how to say that in english). She is super positive too. super funny. and we get along great. She is one of the best missionaries I have ever seen.

The ward is HUGE. its AWESOME. there are 8 missionaries. us and 3 sets of elders. The attendance this week was 180! the stake president is all about missionary work. He makes the bishops teach gospel principles (the class was awesome!). the lider misional is unlike anything I have ever seen. he is on top of EVERYTHING. and when the missionaries don´t bring the reports or don´t do what they are supposed to he lays down the law! The days of begging the mission leaders to meet with us are over!!!! The members are so fantastic. we just visited a family yesterday and they asked us if we could do practices of inviting people to church because they want to do it but are a little nervous. uh OF COURSE!!!!

We saw so many miracles. I can´t believe it. Hermana Conrad (the missionary that was here before me and just went home) told me, that in the area they were teaching a lot of people who just weren´t quite ready to be baptized so they dropped them. but she said that she felt like I was going to be her next companion and whenever she was talking to someone who needed more time she said she thought of me. and thought Hermana Haight is going to baptize them!  Then hermana gonzales got there, and now me :) and she told me that. I just want to cry writing it. I know that God has so many people prepared for us to help. and I am so excited, I am going to give it my all

And wow. Saturday we were visiting an hermana who can totally be baptized she´s awesome the only thing shes missing is going to church! We went to visit her and when we were talking she said "It seems like it took 4 missionaries talking to me, and then came hermana haight and now I get it" and I thought about what hermana Conrad told me.
We passed by an old investigator who couldn´t be baptized because she wasn´t married and she told us that they separated a week ago. She came to church yesterday with her 10 year old son, and loved it! and accepted a baptismal date WOW.

There is another 14 year old girl who comes to all the activities, YW, church, but we just need permission from her parents and she could be baptized as soon as this week.

I love missionary work. I love my Savior. I know that God prepares people.

Hermana Haight

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