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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


April 27, 2015

This week we had entravistas (interviews con presidente). que increíble! I don´t know if I have met such a Christ-like person in all of my life. I feel like he´s my dad (of course no one could replace Dad! and President Ayre probably isn´t as good at dancing. but I don´t know. His Spanish is pretty good..) And his wife is the cutest! her spanish is really actually pretty good even though she didn´t know it before. They always remind me of my parents being strong leaders in the church and taking care of everyone. Talking with the President you just feel like the most important person in the world! and that he has all the time in the world. (even though he doesn´t and he has to interview 200 other missionaries and is probably hungry and tired of smiling so much). But I am so impressed with them. they do so much to make the missionaries feel comfortable and like we are part of their family. They even include a tiny picture of every single missionary in their christmas card! how cute! ANYWAY the most impressive thing to me was that he saw all my potential and all the good qualities. he said "you have such a vision for the future. don´t lose that." he didn´t look at all the faults, or point out things to work on. but after, I just felt like "wow, I want to do better!" and I know when people feel the love of Christ, that will change them more than telling them to change.

All my life I have thought life was easy. You just keep the commandments. You just don´t do the things you aren´t supposed to do. simple. And that´s true. in theory it is rather easy. But I have seen so much, and have changed my mind. Life is so dang hard. There is so much heart break, disappointment, and broken dreams. My companion was in a motorcycle accident and was told she couldn´t serve a mission. and took months of recovering before she could even walk again. We met a family and the mom just cried and said how she is so scared her 13 year old son is going to get involved with drugs. Cinthia, who is so poor she lives in a ricketty old room that you have to climb broken stairs and you can hear everything your noisy neighbors are doing; she just wanted a house for her kids. Julio, who lives alone in a house that is infested with cochroches, and he tries so hard but just can´t break his addiction to alcohol. Hermana Valle, a strong woman who lost a baby and burst into tears when I thanked her for the example of her family in the ward. 

There is so much hurt. But this week especially I have felt that through the atonement everything can be okay. We can have hope again. I have felt heavy heavy burdens been made light. Everyone is different and has unique challenges but as I listen I am so excited to tell them that I have a solution. And even then life isn´t easy. And accepting it is so hard too. ayy la vida de missionaras. We see so many people who can´t accept it. But I know, I know that when people are striving to be like Christ and ask for forgiveness of their siblings for the harsh words that slipped there will be more peace in your home. When turn outward and help our mom complete the million tasks she has we will feel more love. When a family prays together they are arming their children with spiritual protection to resist the drugs and immorality of the world. Happiness comes through obedience. And I know that when we turn to Christ our hearts are changed and we recieve hope for a better life.

I love being a missionary. I know that my time to wear this nematic is so short so I sleep with it on now! Please do all you can to help the missionaries, because they are people too, and I see the members have so much potential but don´t use it!

So many good things are happening. the Lord is hastening the work!! This week my goal is to put more of my heart into the work!

Que buenas ejemplos son ustedes!
keep it up

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