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Monday, August 8, 2016

Day of Miracles

June 13, 2016

Wow this week was so full of miracles. I don`t know where it start. first of all, it was super hard. I felt super discouarged for no reason. My companion is so cute and so full of love. the members here are so great! but I just felt a little depressed or a weight because we weren`t finding anyone to teach! and the feelings were so strong. I studied about the enabling power of the atonement, the talk that mom sent me. it was great. and another talk in the Liahona about perfectionism. WOW also great. and a prayed a lot (always great). but still I felt a little heavy. And I knew it was Satan, there is no reason to be feeling like everything was going so bad, when its not  even. Then I woke up Sunday morning and thought about the scripture "satan had no power over the children of men" something like that in ether 8 I think. and i DECIDED to be happy and excited. WOW WHAT A DAY OF MIRACLES. 3 people came to church, we ate lunch with a family and put a baptismal date with the son. what a beautiful class in RS about "What is greatness?" that day we comitted 4 people to be baptized and another to be married to be baptized.

I know there is power in the Atonement of Christ and that He will help us, when we try our best efforts to do what is right.

Love ya!
Hermana Haight

smiley ice cream
The last Consejo de Lideres con Presidente Ayre!!!
Comida Peruana with a new less active family that moved it. Their son isn`t a member!!

there is a pigeon that lives outside our window and poops on everything

Buenos Aires Chacabuco

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