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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


So this week I made it my goal to be so excited and have so much energy about everything. and guess what?! IT WORKED. We were so so excited for everything (exercising in the morning, eating beans, walking really far or taking the bus) Everything we did was the coolest thing ever. and its funny how people work because it totally rubs off on others. starting with my companion, and then the members, and just everyone in the streets too!

We also got crafty with it! which made us more excited to give our crafts :) people told me I should be a kindergarten teacher. haha. But WOW Congreso has changed so much. I remember all of last transfer with NO ONE TO TEACH. and no one would even talk to us. and now we had a baptism Sunday. 10 investigators in the church (and most stayed to watch to baptism). and for the mission our lessons we teach don´t count unless we have a member with us and sometimes its really stressful to try and find because everyone is busy and has their own lives, but one day THREE different members ASKED us if they could come with us.

Another day three different investigators asked us "What is baptism like?" the same day and we were so excited because Julio´s baptism was in four days and we invited them to it! So many investigators came to church, the lesson in gospel principles was about Baptism. It 
couldn´t have been more perfect! During the lesson on baptism a girl that just showed up at the church that no one knew before whispered to me "I´m not baptized" and I asked "Do you want to be?" and she said YES and stayed to watch Julio.

Wow. I´m telling you. ATTITUDE can change everything!

President Ayre is so fantastic. We had a big soccer tornament with ALL THE MISSION! and then we watched meet the mormons.It was so fun to see everyone from the MTC. I LOVE SOCCER!!!

Congreso is incredible. I never want to leave. And I am so grateful for the lessons it has taught me already and for the things I still am learning. After the baptism of Julio I don´t think I will ever look at missionary work the same. To see this change in someones life. Someone who was a drunk and that had no purpose in his life and that even his children and grandchildren were sick of. and Now HE IS SO HAPPY. when we left the church after his baptism his smile was so big. This is real. I know what we are doing really can offer more peace and happiness because I have seen the gospel change lives. We worked so hard to help Julio (so many prayers and fasts and discouraging days). and at times I really didn´t think he would ever be able to change. But seeing him now, it was so worth it. There is such power in the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is real peace in repentance and obedience. I know God loves us and wants us to be as happy as possible, and we can only achieve it through this gospel.

I am just so so happy. I want to invite you to try to have a good attitude. BECAUSE LOOK AT ALL THE MIRACLES. and missionary work depends on the agency of the people, the will of God, and also the faith of His servants. 

Happiness is a choice and it is so contagious! Thank you for all your prayers and letters. oh BTW GOT YOUR LETTER. i´m saving it to open when I am sad but now the problem is I was too happy all week long so I don´t know what it says! But you are all awesome! Thank you for your examples to me


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