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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Temple Dedication

May 18, 2015

Wow I love what Elder Bednar said! It´s so true but the scary thing is we will miss "the one" or even not realize the miracle the we just did if we don´t pay attention. Even as a missionary its hard because we talk to so so many people it is hard to recognize the divine guidance. But what really helps me is to write in my journal!! I can remember things and see my progress and connect things that I didn´t see before!

Also, Speaking of Elder Bednar, President Utchdorf came to dedicate the temple in Córdoba. We watched the transmission and it was so beautiful!! He said "today is the day we dedicate this temple, but also the day we rededicate ourselves to following Jesus"  Also he left us with an apostolic blessing; of desire to walk before God with all our hearts, and also courage, love, and joy. que linda. ALSO he invited us to write our experience down! (hmm, maybe journals are kind of important)

AHHH. what a fantastic week. Our Noche de Hogar fue de diez. muy bien!! we had so many investigators. My companion and I brought a container of vanilla and asked if anyone wanted to drink it. We told them it was going to help heal them and any problems they have with the stomach will be gone and stuff like that. One of our investigators (Julio) who has sooooo much faith and believes everything the missionaries say said he wanted to try it. (I was a little bit worried that he was taking our demonstration too literal hahaha). So he drank it and we explained that we put coke in it instead of vanilla. Everyone wanted coke, but because it was in a weird container many people wouldn´t try it. Related it to reading the scriptures. and a lot of the time missionaries say that they should read the scriptures they will find answers, and joy, and feel the spirit, but it is very different and a bit weird for our investigators who have never heard of it before. And we did a workshop on how to apply/study the scriptures. AHHHH. IT WAS SO GOOD. After every single person said they liked it and wanted to read the scriptures everyday! and ahhh I was so happy.

And one more story. Dolores Peyrera. A menos activa who just left her boyfriend because she wants to come back to church and he didn´t want to get married. She really has changed so many things in her life to be in line with the teachings of the gospel. She has so much desire to help others now. But she was very sad and had a lot of guilt weighing her down because of her past. She started getting emotional and told us that she feels like she has wasted so much time in her life that she could have been helping others. We read a scripture about Emma smith that says "your sins are forgiven and you are an elect lady" and she just cried. We told her that she did not waste time but that she was gaining more experience so that she can help others in the future with the same situation she was in. I know that that is the truth. And God gives us trials to learn and grow for ourselves but also to help others. this has given me such a different perspective on life when I think every difficult situation is to help someone else. It gives me more desires to find out how to overcome this obstacle so I can tell whoever needs my help a way that works. Mosiah 24:14 says exactly that and has brought me so much strength and comfort.

ah. I´m so happy. I hope you are too. In the mission you learn so much because you can focus better. You are always reflecting and applying. and with a lot of reflection you can see what was effective in the past and connect events and remember promises or counsel. In the real world there are so many things I wouldn´t think twice about because it´s just so fast and there are so many other things to do. But what a great opportunity!

Hermana Haight

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