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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Trying to Converse in English

May 11, 2015

I hope that makes up for all the times I didn´t send pictures! WOW how fun to talk to you!! I feel like I didn´t tell you anything! I couldn´t think on the spot. especially in english! we don´t have much time because we had to go to the mission home to do interviews because TEMPLE DEDICATION is next week.

This week has been incredible. we basically had like three rows of new people at church. our whole zone fasted that we could have people in the church. and oh how are prayers were answered. The other set of sisters in our ward invited someone in the bus on the way to church and he came! The Lord is really hastening his work and I know with the temple dedication things have really been picking up!

My companion and I have had SO MUCH SUCCESS LATELY. we can´t even sleep because we are so excited. I just absolutely love the mission. and Argentina. and this gospel. 

 hahah and yesterday one of our investagators that has been to church about 3 times said to a new investigator "your first time in the church they call you an investigator" and i laughed and said "Julio! you´re still an investigator!" and he said "when will I stop being an investigator!?" and we told him when he´s baptized! and he has a date for the 24th of May 

We don´t have enough hours in the day to visit all of our investigators, so we are so so excited to have noche de hogar (FHE) were we can see them all together!! Tonight we are going to teach how to read the scriptures and apply to our lives :)
WOOOO. okay! Love ya Chao!

p.S. Tell Claudia that I would LOVE TO SEE HER. and that after the mission I want to live in Argentina! and she´ll have to show me where to buy the ingredients in the US

<3 Hermana Haight

P.S. President Ayre had some friends visiting from Salt Lake and they asked me what my name is and I said COURTNEY! ahhhhh. because no one ever asks me what my name is in english, and it just slipped out!!

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