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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fantastic Week

May 5, 2015

I have discovered that I absolutely love empanadas! wow and in argentina they are pastries se llama facturas. churros, crossants, donuts, danish type things. BUT THEY ARE SO SO DELICOUS. there are some donuts with dulce de leche. ahhhh. yum! OH i had asado for the first time. fue riquísimo. comparable to the $100 steak I had in San Francisco that one time. I wanted to mail it home to you guys! it was that good. ALSO i tried blood sausage, because I know everyone always asks what´s the weirdest thing you´ve eaten on the mission so I couldn´t pass up the opportunity even though I was really scared I would barf. But en realidad, it was not that bad. i´ll send a picture next week. :)

This week was fantastic! we had so many great lessons and people accepting baptismal invitations and investigators in the church and everything! wooo. One investigator, Ricardo, is crazy. hahah he has so much energy all the time and loves to talk!! I admit I had my doubts about him, but the day we had the appointment with him my goal was to have more faith so I gave it a shot. We taught him the restoration and my companion loves to use this one demonstration with her fingers that support the church (profets, apostles, priesthood, and escrituras) and when they are taken away the church fell. The next lesson with Ricardo we asked him some question about jose smith and he said "yes!! of course. because this is the TRUTH. I told this señora today that Joseph is a prophet of God and saw God and Jesus. And she didn´t understand. And I told her that when the church didn´t have the pillars to support it, it fell" and he used the same finger thing and it was so funny! his zeal for the truth. We taught him one time and he was already teaching that one lesson to others because he knew it was true. 

I´ve thought a lot about truth. Because sometimes it seems like there is low demand for religion (from an economic point of view). and when the demand is low the value of a product goes down. or even off the market. But then I thought, like Ricardo said, we are preaching because this is the truth! and it doesn´t matter how popular or unpopular it is. that doesn´t change anything. And I thought of how unpopular Joseph Smith was (I absolutely love Joseph Smith. I LOVE reading our heritage and seeing his example of faith and all he has done for this world, and I love singing Praise to the Man). and even Jesus Christ was unpopular. Can you even imagine. being the person to suffer for the sins and pains of those who are mocking you right in the moment. I know if we endure but a short moment we can be exalted on high for ever, and everything that seemed so hard will look so tiny.  I know that this is the truth. what else matters? It makes me so excited to share it. because the gospel is restored and there is a way we can know what is true!

Thank you so much for your love and support. I can´t wait to see you again and go to Costco with you and clean the house and cook for the missionaries! But I know for now I need to be here and learn so much and grow my testimony. I understand why that one lady said "i don´t know how people gained testimonies that didn´t serve missions."


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