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Monday, August 31, 2015

Asking Questions

This week was so much fun! for district meeting they asked us to come up with a game to play. we were teaching about how asking questions we can learn more about the investigators and find out their needs. so we watched a video from the district.and everytime the missionaries asked a question we had to standup and say "Pregunta PODER!" do 5 jumpingjacks, hop on one foot to the other end of the room, make a basket in the trashcan, and write on the chalkboard what the question was. the elders LOVED IT.they got really competitive and by the time they finished doing all the obstacle stuff they forgot what the question was. it was so funny and I thought only on the mission they would go along with my crazy ideas. and we baked a cake that we called "pregunta pan". oh also the prize was cheez wiz that came from the birthday package, so thanks! everyone is like wowwww you´re so creative! how do you come up with these ideas. hahah but hearing about the star wars party, now I know where I get it from.

We had divisiones this week with the sister training leaders. and they are in a trio so I was with two of them. and they are both really short from peru y honduras. first of all they are always laughing. about really little things. and it was so funny, I felt like I was walking around with the minions hahah, they´re so cute! and they taught me so much about charity. they were ALWAYS doing little acts of service for me, for each other, for the people in the streets. and so positive, you just feel so good to be around them. they listen to everything you say and laugh about it (kind of like Jordan) and they made breakfast, pay for the bus (which we get rembursed for, but a really nice gesture that is free haha), they gave me a case for my scriptures from Peru. and they LOVE their investigators. it inspired me so much to do more. so often in the mission its tiring! but charity is a force so powerful that it gives extra energy to put together a star wars party, or help your son finish his eagle scout, or go to the temple with the ward. Because you love them and it makes everything worth it :)

PMG says when we have charity we want be obedient to God´s commandments, to serve others and really have sincere desire to help. We avoid criticizing or negative thought of others. Its true because when you have charity you´re not thinking  "augh this person. why do they have so many problems?" you´re thinking OH i see a problem! how can I help them? 

We always always invite people to read scriptures, pray and go to church. but this week I felt like I wasn´t asking it OF them. I was asking FOR them. God gave us these things to make us happy! and I know if they do it their lives can be that much more full!

I absolutely love the mission. It is a dream to be here. God has been so merciful with me all of my life, And I love how having a focus on spiritual things in life has really opened my eyes! 

Okay, I have a challenge for you all. Pray for missionary experiences. for yourselves. We have extended a challenge to the members and seen so many miracles. one member said he had no one in mind but when he was studying his scriptures BOOM the names started coming and he has a list of about 15 people that he has started to contact and talk about the gospel. some of them agreed to come to church! HAGALO!

Also do little acts of service. de verdad it will increase your charity. two ways to have more charity: SERVICE and PRAY for it.

bueno. son capos. les amo. hasta la proxima semana. 


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