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Monday, August 31, 2015


August 24, 2015

This has been the best week of my entire mission. WOW. milagros! we found so many people!!!!

A part member family-- the dad (david) was baptized when he was 8, but its been 19 years since he has been to church. His wife and two kids (14, 9) aren´t members! We had been trying to call them and pass by for a while with my other companion but never could get in. BUT a less active girl just moved into the same building! We went to do a FHE con ella and stopped by and knocked on their door. (in Buenos Aires there are buildings and you have to like ring the door bell and talk to them through a buzzer thing if you want to visit someone, which makes it a bit difficult because you have to have a good reason for them to come down and open the door for you) BUT WE WERE ALREADY IN booya! So we talked to them and set an apptmt. We called our convert DAvid because he is from salta (provincia in argentina) and so is the family. and IT WAS INCREDIBLE. they both are named David, both are 43 years old, both from salta, and both had death in the family, both went to Jehova´s Witnesses. THERE WERE SO MANY SIMILARITIES i have no doubt that it was inspired and he was the perfect member for the visit.

Dominicano-- We were looking for a name and address that we had and rang the bell, and talked with the mom who told us that her son wasn´t there. My companion asked if the mom could come down to the door. And that never happens that people come to the door to talk to us when they don´t know who we are. but she said YES! and invited us into her home too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 WOWOWOW huuuuge miracle. we talked to her and then her son came home and we talked with Edgar. They both have sooo much faith. We gave him a book of Mormon and told him to read and pray if its true. The next day he told us that he did it. And in the night he heard a voice that said "Keep reading this book. You will learn a lot of  and recieve guidance for you life" and he said that he felt as if someone were next to him when he was reading. but wow. what an experiance! now he reads the BoM twice everyday and he came to church! 

Jesus-- We were visiting Miguel and I heard his cousin, and said "Miguel invite your cousin to come meet us!!" and he said nahhh, he doesn´t want to. next time i´ll tell him. and we said COMeON!! really quick we just want to say hi.   entonces ok. and he came out and we said "sit down we just want to know a little about you" we talked about soccer, his job, random things lots of jokes and won his confidence! booya. then we started to talk about how he is so young (21) and what is he going to do with his life, and BOOM the gospel. he started to become really interested. We gave him a verse to read and while we were talking he read the entire page and was very interested! He said he wanted to go to the church and we gave him a book of Mormon. WOW!!

This week we have really been focusing on the needs of the people we are teaching. I have grown to love them so much more! And I really feel like this charity has drawn more people, and they are more open to our message! it´s funny because now that I just typed that, its almost word for word from my setting apart blessing. It is so beautiful to see these promises being fulfilled. My teacher in the MTC said "God saves a special kind of joy for those who share the gospel. Search for it" and I feel like I have really been feeling this special spirit, because I am always so dang happy! it is more rewarding to teach a lesson than when we made it to CCS in waterpolo, or when I got a 4.0, or when I got a car or the best date I ever went on (honestly I don´t which was best). But this is a joy that just fills you up. There is nothing in the world I would rather be doing in my life. Nothing can compare with a mission. Especially when I have been feeling like such a powerful instrument in the hands of the Lord to help so many people!

okay, one more miracle --- yesterday we were searching for someone and a man who lived next door passed by and we started to talk to him. and my charity was swelling and I really felt for him as he explained his problems. He said that he had been angry with God. He couldn´t understand why these things had happened in his life. and I told him how much God loved him, and had a special plan for him. He looked me in the eyes (he was at the point of tears) and asked "If I go to church will I be able to understand why?" and in this moment, I felt so much God´s love for him that I wanted to cry and I said Yes. We taught him how to pray and he did. and He said he felt a lot better and we are going to visit him today. but Holy Canoli. that was something special.

I love being a missionary. I love Congreso. I love the members here. I love the Gospel. I know I am preparing the world for the second coming of Christ, and there is no greater work than this!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Haight <3

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