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Monday, August 17, 2015

miguel se bautizó!
dijo que "now I understand why you told me I would feel better when I got baptized"

I had to show hermana ramos LA BOCAAAA


ITS POURINGGGGGGGG and we got lost, and soaked. But we´re misioneras so we´re always happy:)

August 10, 2015

This week has been INCREDIBLE. I have really started to fall in love with the work. I have really started to enjoy testifying to anyone and everyone, and I love talking about the gospel. I love the people here, I just want to help them so bad! Really a new spirit has come into my mission, and now I know why the missionaries always are so happy.

We taught Miguel about diezmo (tithing) and Hermana Ramos explained that when we pay our tithing its like we have 10 oranges and give God one of them. and he takes that orange and makes a delicious juice and gives it to us. It seems like we are giving something but really we are recieving. the windows of heaven will open and pour out a blessing that there will not be room enough to recieve it. He said that he can´t wait to pay his tithing! (que loco) because he knows he will recieve so many blessings. 

The next day we didn´t have an appointment with him but we were close by and decided to stop by. When he answered the door, he had been crying. He just had an argument with the mom of his 2 year old, and he is so sad that they are separated and that he can´t live with his son Benjamin. I know the timing of our visit was inspired because I thought about passing by earlier but decided to wait until later. We shared a scripture about when Alma prayed to God and asked him to comfort his soul! Alma 31:31  Miguel dijo "I´ve never thought about praying when I am sad. I'm going to try it next time"  It feels so good to be able to help lift someone´s spirit, and that is exactly what happens when anyone shares the gospel! Try it! :)

Other miracle: there is a family that we tried to visit SOOOO many times with Hermana Lopez but they NEVER EVER were home. and one day I went with Hermana Ramos and BOOM they let us in!! we chatted and shared something with them, came back the next day and did a noche de hogar with their three kids and grandparents and the mom. Later we came and taught the Restauracion. It was a lesson so powerful. because like I said there has been something realy special and different about this week. and we had already given away all of our extra books of Mormon, but I told them that "this is so important that you read and pray tonight that I am going to let you borrow mine" (with all my markings and tabs) and tomorrow we will bring you your own! It made it that much more special, and they could see that this was really important to me!  The next day we went back and the grandpa of the family said that he read what we marked (moroni´s pro
mise) and two more chapters and that he knew it was the word of God. he said he felt very calm-relaxed. and we invited him to be baptized. he said he is going to pray about his fecha. AND THEY CAME TO CHURCH SUNDAY TOO!!!!! AHHHHHHH. wow. que emocion.

Also we did an activity in RS so that the members could know us better. we cut out colored papers and each of the 4 hermanas represented a color. and we asked questions like "who is the oldest?" "who´s parents aren´t members" "Who can say lettuce tomate onion pickle pepperchini really fast in english?" and the sisters had to raise the color of the missionary they thought it was. THEY LOVED IT. they had so much fun!! one sister said "YOU SHOULD DO THIS EVERYTIME THERE ARE NEW MISSIONARIES" and now our entire calendar of lunch appointments is totally full. usually they only fill up one week at a time, but I really think the game helped :D

Love you. Chao!
Hermana Haight <3

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