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Monday, November 23, 2015

Mosiah 24:13

This week we had a zone meeting, and it required a lot of participation. and Hermana Ritchie doesn´t like to participate. in one workshop there were four missionaries and our zone leader, and she got up in the middle and left, and was like "hermana!!!!!!" and I talked her into coming back. but after the meeting everyone was thanking me so much and telling me to keep it up! and telling me that I have so much patience. but it was weird because I don´t feel like it´s even hard. I didn´t even think that it takes patience or that what I was doing was incredible. God has blessed me so abundantly that it made me think of one of my favorite scriptures 

"I will also ease the burdens which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs" (mosiah 24:13)

I know that this is so true, with whatever it is that we are going through, honestly God makes it so easy when we turn to Him. His yoke is easy and burden is light. He makes it feel like literally nothing.

The hermana entrenadoras came to the apartment this week to talk to Hermana Ritchie about her attitude. because they saw in the practicas that she wasn´t doing so good. But it´s always like that. Hermana Ritchie is very special. and she is very insecure, and can´t read social cues well. She gets really stressed out when she needs to share a scripture. Everything is hard.  For example, everyday we do a practice of putting a baptismal date. and she has already done the practices and one time she even did it in a lesson. and I said "okay hermana! we´re going to do the practice now". and She got really stressed out and had to read the whole section in PME about bautismo, and I had to explain how to do it over again. She has a hard time analyzing, and so setting goals is a struggle. But she directed el area, y asked to say the oracion en every leccion Sabado. 

But really she is progressing. I think that the reunion de zona shocked the hermanas because they didn´t know how things were. But Hermana Ritchie is very special and needs a lot of help. because she is like a little kid. But I know that the mission is going to help her so much develop these skills for all her life. and I have learned so much, and am very grateful to be her companion.

I have always wanted to have a family before the mission, but honestly I don´t like kids that much. they´re ungrateful, illogical, and above all a lot of work. and I saw that and thought augh. But it hit me this week: I don´t really like cooking breakfast everyday, or teaching english for an hour, or letting people use my shoes, or explaining things 50 times. But to do it for Hermana Ritchie, there is something deeper and greater inside of me that gives the patience and energy to keep doing it. And honestly a lot of the time I feel like a real mom. But it has changed my perspective about kids. because I see that love is a powerful motivation to do it. Love for Hermana Ritchie, and what motivates me even more is love for God. and I love it. I love training.

Javier´s mom said he couldn´t be baptized :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
and our district leader asked us if we were going to drop him. we said yes. so we haven´t visited him.
Augh but it makes me so sad. and Sunday he came to church on his own, even though his cousin had her quinceñera until 6am. with suit and tie! The YM president said he wants to visit the mom with us this week, but :( i don´t know. 

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