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Monday, November 2, 2015

President Gonzales

This week was incredible. Thanks for all your prayers. It really really helped us. The companionship has gotten a lot better :)

We had a conference with all the mission!! It was AMAZING AMAZING. President Gonzales! general authority 70 de South America. He and his wife came to speak. It has changed my mission. His wife talked about teaching the pure doctrine of Christ. You don´t have to change anything or try to trick people into it. The Spirit is real and touches the heart. It has made me a much bolder missionary. 

And it was so marvelous. I had an experience that I will never forget, and will probably always cry when I think about it. President Gonzales talked about having the faith to see miracles. He read a quote from Gordon B. Hinckley. I was looking down at my notebook or something, and in that moment wasn`t making eye contact with him. But I heard the voice of Gordon B Hinckley. I was so sure of it, and it took me so much by surprise that I thought they must have had a recording playing because it was in english too. I looked up right away and around the room but there wasn´t anything. I know that the quote from Gordon B Hinckley is true that really "i´m not being unreasonable when I say that we can double the number of baptisms.."  I know that it´s true and I know that`s what God wants from me. That`s why he gave me this experiance so amazing.

I don´t have anymore time because our zone is doing an activity together. but I will send lots of pictures next week! (Gaston came to church this week too!)

and we did Mutual activity with the youth. so fun!!

Hermana Haight

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