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Friday, November 20, 2015

Will You Be Baptized?

November 16, 2015

Well the work goes on. it is absolutely fantastic. This week especially.

Last monday we went to Congreso because if the Argentines don´t vote they get a ticket, and my companion is Argentine and we had to go take care of that. As we were walking by all the places I walked by everyday in Congreso it was nice. and in the camino we ran into an old investigator that I taught his first lessons. and he said "DO YOU REMEMBER ME?" and I said OF COURSE! and he got baptized and next week is going to receive  the preisthood and has changed so much. He looked so happy, and he was saying how he loves the book of mormon and wants to baptize his neice and nephew. and really he changed so much. 

We were working to reach the goal 1600 baptisms and honestly I was like "VAMOS. STOP WASTING TIME GO GO GO. HEY YOU! WILL YOU BE BAPTIZED?" and I was kind of stressed out. and right that moment we recieved a message from the zone leaders saying that "the whole mission is going to go to the temple tomorrow" WHAAAAT? how crazy. It was just what we needed to be reminded of how spiritual this work is. And that We`re not alone, God is working with us. It was so beautiful. Honestly I learned more that session than any other. And President and his wife were the couple. And they were waiting for us in the Celestial room. and it was so beautiful. And I thought. This is going to happen again someday. Augh. I can`t describe it. God is too merciful.

I love you so much. You have been the best mom anyone could ever ask for. With all the little things cutesy and crafty I do for Hermana Ritchie, one hermana was like WOW. did your trainer do that stuff for you. and I said No, my mom(: you have taught me so much and were always a great example of faith and putting God first. I have to go. but you`re the best mom ever.
happy birthday!

Hermana Haight <3

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