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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


March 28, 2016


This week was full a miracles. after what happened last week with putting the goal of people in the church we started this week and said we´re going to have 5 investigators. and let me tell you. there are always trials of faith before the miracle.

 first of all. it flooded in Tigre again. and I don´t know why but we got off a bus stop early and we passed by a man, and I kind of felt like talking to him but I thought nahh. and then we tried to cross the street but it was mid-calf deep river (we had boots, but still..) so we decided to turn around and take another street. and we passed by him again and he started talking to us about the weather and the floods. and he and his wife live three blocks from the church. and we told them that we are the missionaries and they said "OH we´ve always seen that church! can we go to it?" "OF COURSE :)" they are like 65years old and they have seen a lot of bad things in the world. we entered into their house and shared the restoration. when we were leaving the wife (Mercedes) said "its true what you girls said". The both of them with their grandaughter came to church! and they all really liked it. they have baptismal date for April 10.

Also MARTIN. Another person super prepared by God to meet us. a year and a half ago he was a drinker, drugger, and lived the worldly life. But he wanted to change so he started going to church. He´s about 40, and kindof evangilist-y but he is SO EXCITED about the gospel. When we came back for the appointment he had the table all set up with chairs, and juice and crackers, with his Book of Mormon and the first thing he said to us "I was reading!! what is says here is very good. It called my attention alot." and he said we´ll see if I go to church tomorrow. so we talked a little bit more about going to church, and he said himself "I commit to going to church tomorrow" and shook both our hands in the middle of the lesson. haha and we didn´t even ask him, he comitted himself. God does all the work here. HE LOVED THE CHURCh and is super excited for the english classes and for his baptism.

we found another family with 5 kids, oh and a girlfriend of a member and there are just a ton a people and FIREEE. But we ended up having 7 people come to church.

I´m so proud of you giving away cards! we´re doing the same exact thing but thousands of miles apart and in different languages! but God is the same.

I know that this Gospel is true. and that Christ will come sooner than we think!
I love my Savior, and I know He loves us!

keep up the good work!

Hannalore Dietrich sent me a letter!

BOWLING with the zone

picnic with RUBEN. hes so funny.

Divisions with ESCOLAR

con la hermana Collado de SPAIN

happy easter with my little companera
here they make chocolate eggs and fill them with candy

okay in the right corner where theres a blue thing. thats a monkey!

the familia acosta.

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