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Thursday, May 12, 2016


April 19, 2016

We just came from the mission house. We recieved the new missionaries for this transfer. Can you belivee it 5 hermanas and one solo elder! But they're all awesome! we taught them a little about the mission. But wow Hermana Ririe is going to be like a great leader! because she is already doing so much stuff and is only in her training. But we are in a trio now, with HERMANA CARTER de Utah! i'm so so excited.
THIS WEEK. first of all Martin was SO EXCITED for his confirmacion that they called him up and he went straight to the pulpit and started to speak, and they had to direct him the chair to sit down and be confirmed hahahaha.He brought his son (9). We had 10 people in Relief Society including us and the president who gave the lesson.
OH, the english classes pay off! a young man started coming to the ingles clases and he came to church too! HE'S MARRIED!!! not just living together (yessssss!) and they have two kids. THEY are super good people. From Peru!!
I never told you guys but there is a less active family that has reactivated in the last couple of weeks. I remember going to their house and they would yell out from their window, NO WE'RE BUSY RIGHT NOW! COME BACK LATER. and honestly I can't remember anything that we did, only that they felt the Spirit that it was time to come back, and we gave them the kick and persistence that they needed and now the dad paid tithing, and blessed the sacrament Sunday. And yesterday we had lunch with their family, and their house has changed so much. it used to be so dark and heavy and despressive. but now its open, colorful, and they're more happy. He is the only one who is coming to church, but I think his son (17) is ready to come back too. OH we ate liver. I thought of grandpa taylor. I don't know how he could do it everyday.
Everything flooded horribly in Tigre! luckily a member from congress gave me a big pink pancho in my first area. So i pulled out! The members make fun of me, but hey i'm dry!
I know the gopel is true and life is so short there isn't time to be discouraged!


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