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Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Pivot

April 25, 2016

This week was just one big long miracle.
Hermana Carter is from Saratoga Springs, Utah! if everyone from Utah is like her, i´m totally moving there! I feel like we´re like the same person, except she is more christlike. we have a ton in common.

First of all with three it is wayy too much fun! and we´re all gringas. our lider de distrito said "So its like EFY" and honestly, it kind of is! hahah. my companions are super great. super funny. super loving. super heroes! We did the trust fall in the table of the pension and they actually caught me.and it worked out so well that we decided to do it in the Zone Meeting too. 
We went to the pension of the other Hermanitas and taped pass along card all over their door! and called them at night. they loved it! which is good because they have been struggling a bit with being happy!

With three of us here we started doing something we call "the pivot" where we split up because you always have to be able to see and hear your companion but with three we can be a little bit more spread out and so the person in the middle their job is to pray for the other two companions who are talking to the people. ITS SUPER EFFECTIVE. we were able to talk to a less active hermana, and get an appointment with a new family at the same time! 

Also we are writing a song to get more references (DON´T TELL NICOLE but its to the tune one direction song)

Marina (15) who already finished the book of mormon came to church, and she totally loved it! she is coming to new beginnings this saturday and said the closing prayer in YW. also she took a picture of the theme and said she was going to memorize it for next week.

We were walking to an appointment and I just thought, lets go to Martin´s house right now because he lived super close. Right when we got there he was just about the smoke!! Wow, it was super inspired! poor guy. its not easy to break an addiction. especially when he went from smoking two packs a day along with other drugs, and stopped everything in 5 days. But his son is 9, and we have been talking to him about baptism. and we just found out that the mom is an inactive member who also lives in Tigre! WOW. Lautaro(el hijo) went to the temple saturday.

We have been thinking a lot about personal revelacion lately. So many times we feel like its almost imposible to get an answer to questions that we have, or other times we don´t even bother to ask God to confirm to us basic truths, if Joseph Smith was a profet, or if we´re doing things good. Sometimes we think it is hard to interpret the Spirit, and I know I have felt lost at times even after asking God. But I love that it says in PMG ch 4 that God loves us and wants to communicate with us, and He will help us as we ask, knock, search for personal revelacion. Its very special to have callings, because we learn so much about this process "how to recieve personal revelation, and how the spirit works" which are important lessons to learn in this life.We do not ask enough! Take advantage of this great gift and talk with the heavens! they talk back!

I love being a missionary. I love my Savior. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me a loving family that has helped me so much learn correct principles. I owe everything to you guys!


my cute companions in the flood

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