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Sunday, May 8, 2016


April 4, 2016

Dear mom.

This week was awesome! Martin is progresing a ton! he bought a white shirt to go to church. and is stopping smoking and the drugs. He is so cute, like a 40 year old little kid. He saw our scriptures and said "Hermanas can i ask a question?" Yes martin. "Can I mark my book of mormon with colors like that?" of course!!
Mercedes is doing well she loves God so much and wants to be baptized because she feels like God has given her so much and its the least she can do. they loved the conference. But her husband Jorge is a little bit more difficult. He keeps saying  "One has to be SUPER prepared to be baptized. I take these things seriously!" and doesn't listen to what we say so much. But he LOVED conference too.
If all goes well Mercedes and Martin will be baptized this Sunday.
We challenged the jovenes, to share the gospel more, Post on facebook a quote about the conference, una foto, or something, and to pray that someone who needs the gospel will like the post. This will help them know who, because a lot of people think that they don't have anyone to share the gospel with, but have 1000 nonmember friends on facebook! that's actually how we found martin!
Tenemos otro chico who came the conference (he's 17) and his sister is member less active. this poor little family. their dad committed suicide three years ago. and in their house everyone yells at each other and tells each that they're useless, and I just think, that is not the plan God has for his children. But Ramon really really liked the conference. He wants to come to church next week.

we went FISHING for p day!

my companion caught a snake!

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