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Thursday, March 10, 2016

La Familia Segovia

February 1, 2016

This week was so GREATTT GREAT GREAT.
Wow, the family Segovia! they have just grown and changed so much. They are so special. it feels exactly like the Robles family in the videos from the District. We came to the appointment the day we did divisions this week and said that we wanted to talk a little about the law of chastity. We had left the pamphlet with them the day before so they could study and see if they have any questions or whatever. and the Wife said "I don´t agree with this" before we even started the lesson. and I was like ..uh wow. (Diana is super smart. and you would never guess because they are a very humble family, and normally like all the kids are naked and they don´t have running water)  But we said okay we´re going to explain it and see if we can clarify some things and answer your questions and concerns. so we taught and talked and, it breaks my heart, but it came out that she was abused, and lost her first baby when she was 16. She misunderstood and thought that she had to repent for what had happened. I thought ohhh, you poor thing. and told her of course not, God is very just and fair and she had done nothing wrong. With that out of the way they readily accepted to live the law of chastity! and stayed to watch a baptismal service yesterday. WooHoo.

We are missing one full tithe payer to meet the requirements to be a ward here in Tigre!!

Thanks for everything. Love ya!
Hermana Haight

van a bautizar this sunday! 
but need lots of prayers because the dad is still struggling with smoking
They are so special.

divisions with Hermana Vallejos de Chile!

The perfect praying position when you get back to the apartment after a day full of miracles

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