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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Diana got Baptized

February 8, 2016

FAMILY. awww, que lindo el temple. BRIAN IS ALMOST GOING HOME. WOW. how fast the mission. This week, I will pass the one year mark! danggggggg. 

El Presidente de rama is so young. He´s 26 and his wife 25. They´re so so funny. I feel like I´m at BYU when we talk to them. I need to send you a picture. Yesterday we have fast and testimony meeting and there is a convert who is a little tiny bit different. He´s 70 years old, and he said"in the name of jesus Christ Amen...OH I almost forgot! do you know the street Santa Maria? where it turns into the other street Maipu, and there is a bridge. yeah. right there they have lotions, and perfumes, body creams. Bags of them! super cheap for no reason! and....."  (Presidente gets up and thanks him for his testimony)

This week. wow. DIANA GOT BAPTIZED!!!! wow. it was so lindo! She was so happy. Her husband was so happy. I was so happy. and surely God was happy. They are an incredible family. They don't have much of anything (money, clothes, food,). The only exception is faith. They have a whole lot of faith, and really it makes up for the rest. We were a bit worried because the Sacrament Meeting started and they weren´t there yet. and we thought that maybe we needed to explain more about being autosufficient or the importance of church. and then they arrived all sweaty and tired. They told us that didn´t have anything on their sube so they walked. WOW. THEY LIVE IN THE LIMIT farthest point of our area. They walked for two and a half hours in the burning sun, with four kids less than 5 years old. What faith. Never have I seen such great faith, not in all of Buenos Aires.

and there´s more. The father of the family, Fernando, is going to be baptized this Sunday that is coming. and we asked him who he wanted to perform the ordinance. When we first met him he told us that he had a friend that was member of the church but in Lopez Camelo. We asked what if his friend could baptize him! He really liked that idea and asked his friend. but Alfredo is less active and said that he couldn´t. But it had such an impact on him that he started to change! Alfredo went to his ward yesterday, bore his testimony, had an interview with the bishop, and recieved permision to baptize fernando this week!!!!!! aww. God has a perfect plan that we can all help each other reactivate, baptize, serve, and grow together!



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