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Monday, March 7, 2016

Singing a Solo

January 25, 2016

OKAY you are never going to believe it. but i´m singing a solo in Sacrament Meeting next next sunday (and it actually sounds kind of good), I ate hot dogs for lunch (with mayo), and I killed a cucaracha all by myself without dad (The size of my thumb). The mission really changes a person. Its the best thing anyone can do.

I hope you all are reading the Book of Mormon before Conference. Because I am and it has been AMAZING. just this week I had been searching for an answer. I read 2Ne32 that says the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do. that night when I was saying my prayers a thought came to mind that I should read my patriarchal blessing. and When I read it, it was so clear to me what I needed to do!

We did two divisions this week. and It was great. We have the best missionaries in the world here in Buenos Aires! I learned so much from their examples of diligence and faith and consecration.

Awww, the family that we are teaching!! we taught the word of Wisdom to the dad. and in that lesson he reached in his pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarrettes and handed it to us. He said with God anything is posible. His Faith. is incredible. also ealier this week we asked if he believed the Book of Mormon was true. and he said "No earthly being could write what is on the pages of this book". The spirit was so strong, and I was so impressed that he has these truths engraven in his heart so quickly after hearing them for the first time. 

The Goal for Tigre is to become a ward, and we have really seen that God is hastening His work here. it makes me feel like when Joseph Smith needed to pay for the temple grounds, and Boom they baptized the person that was rich and could pay for it. The Lord provides for the needs. and right now, me and Hermana Vasquez are doing the EXACT same thing here! its so exciting. seeing that God needs more priesthood holders here, and we are finding those that he has prepared.

RELIEF SOCIETY about the talk by P. Utchdorf was so so good. read it de nuevo!

I know this gospel is true! 

divisiones con Hermana OLMOS de Argentina y Gonzales de Peru:)

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