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Monday, March 14, 2016

Saving People

February 15, 2016

augh. its so true about the less actives. because you go to their houses and they cancel the appointments. or aren`t home, or don`t treat you well. I feel like in the mission I have never been treated so badly by people I don`t know, but on the other hand, never in my life have I seen someone stop everything that they`re doing, and offer me something to drink, and bread to eat, and take the pillows off their bed to put on the ground for me to sit just because I knocked on their door. (happened just this week with a little grandpa named Pancho)

Wow. the mission is the best thing ever. There is absolutely nothing better someone could be doing. There is such purpose! WE ARE SAVING PEOPLE HERE. Before the mission I didn`t know anything. But in this year just wow. 

OKAY THIS WEEK. FERNANDO Se bautizó! Saturday, and then sunday was confirmed with his wife! There is a light in Daiana. when I looked over at her in the baptismal service, she just looked so peaceful and I could see the light in her face. Even with four kids running around crazy, there was a inner peace. Fernando was SOOO HAPPY.  And even the baby 8months is so much more smiley.OH and julia (5 años) went to primary and stayed the whole time! 
wow. and the members are too good. The president of rama called us to tell us he was taking food over to their house.
OH YEAH. like tuesday when we visited them diana said she couldn`t believe how fast the blessings were coming. A neighbor gifted them a stove, so now they have a kitchen!

and Rodrigo (15)!!! the son of a recent convert . We went to their house and taught a lesson and he was drawing, He`s very talented artist. He was drawing like graffiti stuff and we said "wow, you`re really good! you should draw the temple!" and he liked the lesson and we came back the other day. and He wanted to show us something, it was a picture he drew of Christ, and it was big too. like bigger than 81/2x11 and it was GOOD. and it was so cute that he was drawing Jesus, and the lesson WAS INCREDIBLE. we were on divisions so I had to tell my companion all about it when she came back! but You could SEE the spirit working in him when we explained the three kingdoms. We explained baptism very clearly. and when I said the words to extend the invitation I COULD FEEL THE POWER. like wow. and he said yes!!! and said the closing prayer in front of his mom, brother, neighbor, and brother`s friend. and the appointment before he refused to say it only in front of us. AND he came to the baptism saturday!

okay and PANCHO. from the moment we met him he was so sweet. and his wife too. they`re going to celebrate their 50th anneversary this year. But Sunday we went to get him to go to church. as we were walking we asked him how he would know if this was the true church. and he said with my thoughts and feelings! and we entered and sat down he said "wow, what peace!" . and after 5 minutes of the first talk about Christ he said "This is the true church" awwwwww.

Valentine's day

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