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Monday, July 6, 2015

fannnnnnTASTIC week

Well, As you can see this week was fannnnnnTASTIC. Started out with Noche de Hogar. In the house of menos activos and we invited some members and investigators. The Dad of the family taught the lesson. And honestly, it was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had on the mission. Everyone went around to introduce themselves but it turned into everyone saying their conversion story. EVERY SINGLE PERSON THERE WAS A CONVERT except me and my companion, so they had AMAZING stories.They all shared how their lives are so different and happier now and it is such a testimony builder to hear so many other stories that I just feel like this is so real! the gospel really can change lives! because here are 10 examples. I shared that for me my missionaries were my parents because they were the ones who taught me everything about the gospel (and organized my baptism). 

Tuesday WOW fantastic también. there is this cute little old man that told us that he can go do visits with us on Tuesday. okay great! so we called him up. My companion asked him how long he has been a member and he said "420 months" and we said ...what?  "35 years but its more sweet when you count it by the months" and he IS SO PASSIONATE about the gospel. He LOVES everything about the gospel. He treats the missionaries like we are literally angels of God and not humans. And he is always so grateful and so excited and has so much faith. We went to an appointment that honestly I thought she wasn´t going to be there BUT SHE WAS. and as we were talking to her I thought "wow, Hermano Chavez is SOOO excited that God gave this tender mercy to have the opportunity to teach and bear testimony". The lesson was so POWERFUL. Carmen felt the spirit so much! There is nothing more beautiful than kneeling in a one room house in Argentina and hearing the words "Padre Celestial" coming for the first time from someone who is starting to turn to God and change their lives. Oh, just typing this makes me want to cry! Carmen said Thank thee for my family....las hermanas... other things. and "the only thing I am giong to ask, is that I can be closer to you. -started crying- I have been so far away for so long." wow. What a miracle. She has been reading the Libro de Mormon.

AYYYYYY y los bautismos también. It was so lindo. David shared his testimony and feelings after the ordinance with everyone. He shared how he didn´t have peace in his life before. and now he feels like 1500 Kilos have just been lifted off his shoulders. He shared how he met the missionaries, and how after the prayer he could sleep again. and how he prayed to know if baptism was correct and then found out that two of his sons are members! He said that he went to the Jehovah Witnesses and felt better, but nothing like here and that "I don´t have any doubts that this is the true Church" and WOW i´m telling you, that sentence hit so hard. lleno del Espiritu Santo. I was so impressed. I know he is going to be such a great bishop one day. :)

Missionary work is incredible. There is nothing like getting to bear your testimony everyday! The Lord has people that are sooooo prepared and ready and just waiting!! I love the plan of salvation. I am so grateful for the restauracion.

Thank you for your letters. and great examples. 
Hermana Haight

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