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Friday, July 31, 2015


July 28, 2015

Well first things first:
I AM GOING TO TRAIN A BRAND NEW MISSIONARY!!!!! AHHHHHHHH. HOW EXCITING! I still don´t know who yet, we are going to meet them in a couple hours! but there are four new hermanas coming (two from brasil, one from argentina, and one from Peru) sooo you´ll have to wait until next week to find out who I got! It is going to be so fun!

We finished the BoM challenge this week. The entire mission came to the chapel and we read the last chapter together. I love the book of mormon and while I was reading it I just thought WOW there is so much I am learning that I never saw before! I really think being a missionary helps you have a stronger spirit and learn even faster!

This sunday I got to take the Sacrament from my convert, David. What a beautiful moment.

Hermano Chavez, the little grandpa that I told you about is FANTASTIC. he is honestly one of the biggest tender mercies God has sent me. It is literally impossible to not be happy when you are with him. He is so cute. He really wanted to go to lunch with me and my companion and so he told us we have four options and my companion was saying "yeah, whatever is fine" and he said noope. and pulled out a bag where he wrote the name of every restaurant four times on pieces of paper and put it in the bag and said that we are going to draw to see where we are going to go. I thought it was so cute that he had planned this all out so well. and all three of us had to draw and which ever on appeared more than once we would go there.  HAHAHAHa something that I still laugh about.. He was walking with us and it was really cold that day, hermano chavez said "ay que frio!" and my companion said "here take my gloves" and he said "WOW. HERMANA MUCHAS GRACIAS. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU AND ALWAYS USE THESE GLOVES" hahahaha. she was just offering to let him borrow them, but what can you do. and hna lopez is tiny so they were so small on his hands, and they are that fuzzy sock material. Everything about the situation cracked me up. the next day he told us that he slept with the gloves on. haha.

When we finally went to the lunch with him and pulled out a papers that said "Senorita Misionara Courtney Elizabeth Haight. What are the top three qualities, attributes and virtues that you most admire in your compañera hna Lopez.( I know there are many more than just three)" and there smileyfaces to write each point.  and another for hno chavez. and he gave my compañera one to write about me and him too. It was so sweet and so fun. we all wrote them and read them together. We left that day feeling so good and so happy. He is the mood lifter I need in the perfect moment.

We ate dinner with a family from the US. we had french toast with SYRUP!! and no bake cookies. aHHH the picture won´t send, but they live in the nicest place ever (google porta madero). you can see all the city and it is just gorgeous at night with all the lights and the bridge.

In noche de hogar we talked about how hno de Jared saw the finger of God, and how we too can see the hand of God in our own lives. We can see him guiding us, or putting specific things or people in our lives, or tender mercies. I invite you to read ether ch 3 and think about what brother of Jared did to beable to see God doing this miracle.

Hermana Haight

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