Hermana Courtney Haight is currently serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

Friday, July 3, 2015

Goodies and Goodness

June 29, 2015

I had a little bit of stomach problems. and was up all night Thursday. Here´s a photo of the last meal I ate before throwing up! but it was so delicious...

se llama facturas! son riquísimos. better than donuts! Especially the churros with dulce de leche inside!

Correlation meeting

(working hard or hardly working?)

Our ward mission leader gave me the updates on the Warriors. He is such a sweet man. He is a convert of about 1 year. and he is always so nervous and shy everytime he has to conduct the baptismal services, but HE DOES AN AWESOME JOB  EVERYTIME. The past two meetings he made apple pie for us!!

The senior missionaries in our ward. They are so nice to invite us over. and they fixed SO MANY VEGETABLES. it was incredible! AND DESSERT was to die for. Blueberry cake with lemon stuff and yogurty goodness. AHHH i haven´t had anything like it here in Argentina!

ahahha, we had dinner with senior missionaries and my companion really wanted to see how her weight has changed in the mission. One is in kilos and otro in lbs. In case your wondering I think I weigh about the same :)

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