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Friday, July 31, 2015

Scriptures and FHE

July 20, 2015

Our bishop yesterday gave an incredible talk. He said basically how it is his deepest desire that every single of 147 members en the directory would read their scriptures everyday. and monday night every single family would have FHE. and just his sentimientos como obispo. era tan tierno y yo sentía como there are so many people to help and good works to do. how can I ever be so preocupied with my little trails or weaknesses. I should just let those go and go to work helping others!

Last week in my interview with President Ayre he told me about the hermanas serving in Buenos Aires. He said when he got the call to be Mission President he got the feeling that the Lord wanted more sisters in BsAs. At the time there was about 20 total. But he talked to the current mission president at the time and asked about that and he said because they didn´t think it was safe for the sisters. But he told Pres Ayre that if he felt something that he shouldn´t ignore the promptings of the Lord, but should wait a couple months and see if he still thought there should be more sisters. When President Ayre because the President for a couple months he told me "when I started to see all the crime and the robberies, I thought there is no way I am going to bring more daughters down here" But he kept feeling that the Lord wanted more sisters to serve, so he made the change. and he said that "things have totally changed for the better with more sisters and you´re a big part of that"    and I know that God is protecting us everyday. I know that in my setting apart blessing that I am promised that I can have a feeling of security in every situation. that is suffcient for me. And I have never been scared because I always remember that.

Man this week was crazy. First off one time we were walking around a building and I was holding a bag of Lays chips (my companion bought them, ok) and I asked a little boy that was outside what his parents are called (so we could go look for them and baptize them ;))  but I said "papás" for parents. But papas also means potatoes. haha and this little boy said "papitas Lays!"  and I just laughed

David recibió el sacerdocio y es un genio! He asked the bishop What else can I do to help? so the bishop said "okay. you can bring the sacrament bread next week" He is the dream convert of every missionary. When we went to visit him when he was sick he was all bundled up watching documentary of the book of Mormon. haha.

We taught Miguel the law of Chastity, and we knew it was going to be the hardest commandment for him. But HE ACCEPTED TO LIVE IT WOOOO. also he came to church, FHE last week and we helped him move tuesday. so everything is real good.

And just right before I am writing this we had a lesson. We took sometime from Pday to teach this lady named Rosario. AND IT WAS A GREAT LESSON. she is so receptive, listens very well, and is so nice! She said she was going to read the Book of Mormon and pray tonight. So we´re pretty stolked. 

The temple in Buenos Aires is the most beautiful temple I have ever seen (i don´t know if I´m biased, or I´m not used to buildings that are so clean, or what because it was absolutely incredible) 

Reading the Book of Mormon has been amazing. I just love love love it. and Pioneer day is friday, we're going to have an actividad con toda la mision! WOO. 

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