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Monday, July 13, 2015

Tearing it up in Congreso

Okay, want to hear the weird things first? We were walking in between appointments And I saw a youth walking alone and he was crying. and I told my companion "we´re going to go talk to him because he´s sad!" but man he was booking it! we finally chased him down after two blocks, and talked with him, asked what was wrong, told him that God loved him. Then we were wrapping it up and he said (sobbingly) THANK YOU SO MUCH. and group hugged us both. and then kissed us.(but here everyone kisses to salud a person so it wasn´t that crazy. but we´re missionaries.) and it was like AHHHHHHHHHHHH WHATS HAPPENING NOOOOOOOOOOO. and the member that was with us had his eyes HUGE. but it happened so fast and we couldn´t escape and he was crying. ay ay ay. I don´t know.

Also, there is one member who LOVES california. All he talks about is the United States (specifically Cali) and how he is going to go there someday and he practices english. He was waiting for his mission call and he said, 
"I´m going to serve in the ward of your dad!!! my calling is going to say, ´California, where hna haight lives´ and when you come back from the mission you´ll be the member that helps us." jaja. But he got the call, and will be serving Argentina further south. But i´m sure it will be great there too!

They treat us so good here. The members are incredible. We visited Julio and he bought pizza for us and he asked his daughter "where is the best pizza?". It´s not like a whatever thing. People are always looking for the best. We had lunch yesterday with a family and they bought special soda that is only made in Peru and is really expensive here so that we could try it. Also, Luis (I don´t know if you remember him) bought me and my companion bracelets. and they are really nice too. A cute little grandma told us to reserve August 14 on the lunch calendar because its my birthday. HOW SWEET. (..i hope I don´t get transfered)Congreso is the best!

OHHHHH one more thing, this lady (she reminded me a lot of nancy) and her two kids were visiting. They lived in Utah for a couple years but Brasil before that and speak spanish. and I sat next to her in R.S. and we had so much fun laughing at how different things are here. There was one senora that always wanted to talk and the teacher said "Someone besides Sandra!" and a while later sandra started to comment and the teacher said "...Sandra..." and did the zip-the-lip motion. We started laughing and said "this would never happen in Utah. everything is so politically correct" hahahah

Wow but this week everything is really booming. We met this one guy, Miguel and I just know he is going to be baptized! He came to the activity and LOVED it. he stayed from 2pm until 6pm he told us. He also read the pamphlet we gave him and had good questions. He is very receptive and liked the plan of salvation.

We had interviews with Mission President. he said "WOW you guys are totally tearing it up in Congreso!" The bishop said he is going to ordain Julio, Juankarlo, y David to the priesthood next sunday and he is really excited to have more priesthood holders.

President Ayre is just a man that commands the Spirit. Seriously. It is so powerful. and he told me that he was talking with Elder Holland and said "he <elder holland> told me he is living below his priviledges of the Spirit and is missing out on so many promptings and revelation he could have. I was like don´t tell me that, you´re elder Holland! What does that mean I´m doing?"  and I thought "don´t tell me that. your President Ayre!!"  Wow. I know there is so much more I could do if my Mission President is so great and he feels like there is more.

We get to go to the temple this Wednesday! woo. it is going to be interesting in Spanish!

Everything is just so great. I don´t even know why missions have transfers. I could stay here with Hermana Lopez forever!

Les amo!
Hermana Haight

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