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Monday, October 5, 2015

Having Order

Wednesday night we were going to do an activity in Mutual for the youth but last minute they canceled on us at (6pm!!) I was like what the heckkkk we already bought the balloons to fill the baptismal font. But ok, Because we had time we called a member who we passed earlier in the week and said she would love to accompany us when we teach. Then we called Gaston. Gaston was a referencia with a very complicated schedule so we hadn´t had a chance to teach him. His wife was member but passed away 5 months ago leaving him to raise Ciro (5) all alone. After his wife passed away he had to change his job to spend more time with Ciro, start cooking, and ironing, and doing everything mom-y by himself! and now that list includes driving Ciro to his appointments with the psychologist for the passing away of Andrea. But we had an opening in our plans so we tried our luck with Gaston. 

I know it was inspiried because he was free! and we had a member to enter his house, and everything about the appointment was so perfect. Gaston is a very humble man who loved his wife dearly. Their house is filled to the max with pictures of them together from wedding, vacations, and with Ciro. He is trying to be so strong for his son but it´s hard for both of them. We shared about how one day they are going to be reunited. and he is going to hold her in his arms and telling her everything that she missed about Ciro growing up and he started to cry. He came to the conference yesterday, and i´ve never seen anyone pay so much attention. His son is crazy and can´t sit still but luckily my companion drew some pictures that he could color in. but he finished coloring everything we prepared for him before the opening prayer and so the rest of the conference we were trying to draw pictures faster than he could color them in. But his dad was glued to the screen. and after he met the counselor of the bishop and a returned missionary and they really got along fantastically. The zone leaders had a baptism in between the conferences and Gaston stayed and watched. He said now he has more desire to be baptized! As we were leaving my companion said to him "you´re wife is so proud of what you are doing" and he began to cry and said "I know she is". WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW QUE BUENO. estamos muy muy felices. Gracias a nuestro Padre Celestial.

I have really been learning to appreciate having order. Before as a young single adult you just do whatever you want whenever you want. (or wait for you mom to do it) But I am starting to learn to appreciate cooking, cleaning, planning things out. God is a god of order and it makes you feel so much more relaxed when you think ahead for the little details.

Ahhh something funny! we were looking for a old investigator and we knocked on the door but there was just a little 4 year old girl in the entryway that was talking to us. we waited a bit to see if Ramon was going to come, but nothing. my companion asked the little 4 yearold girl "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone who has the authority of God?" really really fast in Spanish. and this little girl said "But I don´t speak english!"
Anyway. The mission is awesome. I´m so grateful that God loves us enough to care about our eternal progression than making us happy in the moment.

<3<3Hermana Haight

I did my scripture of the week too!! its about working hard and never stopping Moroni 9:6
 Conference was fabulous. I just leave wanting to be a much better person.

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