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Thursday, October 22, 2015


October, 20, 2015

THIS WEEK WAS AMAZING. wowowowowowow. Sunday was incredible. How great that you too had a good sunday. Wow. the release!! but you have Kim to keep you busy!

but wow. Our investigator gaston (19 años, futuro misionero de verdad!!) has been reading a lot of the book of Mormon. He was a referencia from a member of otro barrio. But he had a lot of doubts. he wasn´t so sure about the fecha bautismal for 1 nov. and he didn´t accept another appoint until saturday, so we were doubting too. but Saturday we had an amazing lesson about the plan de salvacion. He never knew his father, and we asked him "why did God let you grow up without a father?" and he said "I always ask myself that". it was a question very inspired! and we said we´re going to teach the plan de salv. and we want you to think about that question. and after he was able to understand that trials help us grow and be humble and that God never gives us what we 
can´t handle, but gives us what we need to reach the celestial kingdom. In his closing prayer he said "bless the hermanas because the message they carry is the most important thing in this world". He came to church Sunday and really got along with all the members. The bishop normally plays the piano and when he found out that Gaston plays too, he said WOW, we really need you! and I know this helped Gaston feel part of the ward and useful, and he loves playing the piano and wanted to learn the hymns. AND AFTER there was a baptismal service that he stayed and watched. He loved it. he said "I almost want to be baptized today!"

We hadn´t seen the other gaston this whole week because he went on vacation. but yesterday we ran into him in the street and he said "i´m reading the Book of Mormon and yesterday I went to church with my mother-in-law during vacation. and I want to be baptized before the end of this year" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo.

Greimy didn´t come to church Sunday!!!! nooooo. her aunt doesn´t like the church and has been saying stuff to her about tithing and Joseph Smith to make her doubt. and Saturday she went out with her Aunt until 3am and didn´t wake up for church. Her baptism is this sunday, but she really needs your prayers!

Javier! un chico de 16 años. and he has been progressing so much. He wanted to hear the voice of the Lord and so I looked up all the scriptures that talk about the voice of the Lord and a question for every scripture. He loved it! and he drew a chart for hermanas and Javier, and he gets a point if he reads the boM and we get a point if he doesn´t. and he came up with the idea himself!! hahaha. He wants to be baptized. But we talked to his mom and she said not until he´s 18. but he came to church after that and stayed for the baptismal service and someone sang (oh how lovely was the morning... to the tune of come thou fount) it was so beautiful. and Javier said "hermana I felt something very strong in my heart when she was singing." and he said "I feel like I am coming closer to God everyday!"  man. I love this kid so much. I want him to be baptized so bad. and he´s ready. but His mom won´t give permission. We have fasted and prayed and talked to her, and she really really likes us. but says he shouldn´t take a decision really fast and later change his mind. Please pray for him.

Diego also has a baptismal date for this sunday. And we recieved another reference from a member who is so excited she said "Baptize him!! My first convert!!!"  Oh, and also someone else brought a friend to church!! YEAHHH.

Also! I am going to train. I think its because God wants me to keep learning the basics because I didn´t learn enough when I was in training. But there is one from spain, mexico, 2 from the states, 2 argentines. We´ll see!

I love Argentina. I love the mission. I love my Savior. and this Gospel is true. Makes people happier than any other thing!

Pray for our investigators! and Share the gospel!!
<3<3Hermana Haight

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