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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happy is a Choice

September 21, 2015

WOOHOO. this week was awesome! I am absolutely loving Hermana Da Silva. She is so positive and supportive and we have the same vision which makes everything great!. not to mention she always has jokes. I call her Hermana da chiste. oh, btw she has two last names and she bought two placques that say Jacques, but she lost them both in one day. I don´t know how. so now she is hermana da silva.

We worked really hard this week. a lot of appointments! and also we met with the Presidents of young men and women, and later the bishop. We really want to work with the members a lot.and we had 4 investigators that were set to come to church. We went early Sunday for ward counsel and introduced our idea to do an activity about how to do missionary work as a ward. They agreed and gave us the ok!! and we left to look for our investigators! BUT NO ONE CAME. and we were fasting that day too. and we went to church sad and took the sacrament (which I really needed this week). and I was really thinking about a talk the sister trainer leaders printed out for us about being a consecrated missionary. and the talk says that A consecrated missionary has a smile 24/7. Never is sad because Jesus has overcome the world. Knows that God has a plan, and is here to take whatever it is that God gives them to do. and i thought about that and thought YEAHHH! I looked at my companion and said "We going to go look for more investigators!" so we left sacrament meeting and passed by for some more people that said they would go. but still NO ONE. and we were walking back to church hungry (ayuno) and tired (early meetings) and then A BIRD POOPED ON ME. but you know what. I was happy. I knew that I was doing what the Lord asked of me. Of course I wanted these people to come to church, but I didn´t come to Argentina to do what I want. I came to be an instrument in the hands of God. The gospel is true, and I am choosing to have faith unbreakable! When I think that I am doing the will of God it gives me more motivation to keep going!

But we got back to church and went to YMYW and introduced the competition of who can invite more friends. Then in primary they had us come in and teach how to sing I am a Child of God in english and portugu├ęs. it was so fun, the kids are so cute.

OHHHHHHHHHH i almost forgot the miracle part. hahah. while we were working sunday in the afternoon we got a phone call from a member. He said that he knows someone that wants to take the lessons! The wife of the referal was member and his kids are too, and recently his wife passed away and so he is a lot more prepared and ready to listen. I was soooooo happy. and I felt like everything was worth it!

Anyway. I love you all. Stay firm. Have faith unbreakable! because honestly being happy is a choice. you don´t have to let bad things give you a bad attitude. I know that God loves us so much.

<3<3Hermana Haight

Argentina is great. I decided i´m going to visit Brasil. Hermana Jacques and Ramos live in the same city!

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