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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hermana Jacques

September 14, 2015

Hermana Jacques is totally crazy. But the good kind of crazy. And we get along fabulously, honestly i´ve never felt so much unity. She is absolutely hilarious and she has gives such life to the missionary work. She is super focused, and an incredible teacher (which is amazing because she only has one transfer in the mission). But together we are so so good at gaining the confidence of the people.

She is BOLD. way bold. super direct. We went to teach a lesson to a recent convert, but it was her birthday and alll of the family was gathered together for cake. It was like our family reunions but they´re not members. and hermana Jacques asked the member if we could talk to all the family and that we had a message for them. WOW. honestly if she wasn´t my companion I would have never done it, but they gathered up all the family (the room was full) and we talked about how it feels so good to see your family after a long time and that God doesn´t want us to make these relationships here on Earth and then end when we die.

For excercise in the mornings it always turns into a dance party. Oh but also I taught her yoga, and we do arm exercises with our scriptures as weights.

The biggest problem that we have is that we don´t know the area. We were trying to get to the stake center and taking the buses, but we don´t know where we´re going or the street names, or what is close by, or how to speak Spanish. And we went to take the bus but the bus driver told us that we were going the wrong way and we should get off at the next stop and take a different bus, and everyone like EVERYONE on the bus was all involved in trying to give us directions. But they told us like three different things. but anyway we finally found out where we wanted to go, and the driver told us "chicas! this is your stop" and someone right by the exit started trying to give us directions again and he asked "where do you want to go?" and Hermana Jacques said "I don´t know. I´m going to see" and got off the bus. and it was so funny.

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