Hermana Courtney Haight is currently serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I am going to start training a new missionary next week. It´s very humbling to be chosen as a trainer. and honestly I LOVE it. The new missionaries are so fun and learn so fast, and have such faith.

This week has been probably the best week of my entire mission. We have a goal to baptize 1600 in the year 2015. And this past weekend we fasted as a mission to reach the goal. and there were so many miracles. 5 investigators that we weren't expecting and had never met before came to the church. Gracias a los miembros! the members brought their friends which makes them so much more receptive when they have a friend that is bringing them the gospel. 

But we saw the power of God manifested. 
We had an investigator Greimy. and she is wayyyyyyyy prepared to hear the gospel. her brother and his wife are members. and she just came to Argentina last monday from Peru. and she left her one year old baby with her mom there so she could come here to work and study. But she misses them so much! She's incredible, accepts EVERYTHING. reads Book of Mormon and she is really smart, understands the leccions very well. and is a great miracle. and Sunday we went by her house to bring her to church. BUT NO ONE ANSWERed. and we thought, no no nonononononono! and we rang the door bell 150 times. and we said a prayer and rang again. nothing. we woke her neighbors up and asked if they could go get her but they didn't help us at all. and Finally we went to church. I thought I´m not going to church without bringing someone (and i invited a Jehovas Witness but nothing) after we took the sacrament, we decided to go to her house again. (we called too but her phone was off). I thought man! she's sleeping! and we rang the door bell. and her mother-in-law answered and told us that she left. we said "Where did she go?!" "to church"     "..huh?"

and we found out that she went to another building! and the missionaries of that ward called us and told us that our investigator was confused and came to their ward. hahaha. phewwwwww.

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